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Linnéa Hillberg est une Actrice Suédoise née le 26 octobre 1890 à Stockholm (Suede)

Linnéa Hillberg

Linnéa Hillberg
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Nom de naissance Linnéa Paulina Nilsson
Nationalité Suede
Naissance 26 octobre 1890 à Stockholm (Suede)
Mort 3 juillet 1977 (à 86 ans)

Linnéa Paulina Hillberg, née Nilsson (October 26, 1892 – July 3, 1977) was a Swedish actress.

Born in Uddevalla on the Swedish west coast, Linnéa Hillberg made her stage debut in 1913. Early on she acted (1914-18) with the Karin Swanström Theatre Company and 1920-27 she was part of Ernst Eklund's Komediteatern (The Comedy Theatre). In between and during this time she appeared in a number of early Swedish silent films. She worked at Lorensbergsteatern in Gothenburg 1927-34 and at several private theatre's in Stockholm, including Vasateatern during Gösta Ekman's management. Also worked at the Royal Dramatic Theatre for som years (1938–41) but later in the forties became part of the Norrköping-Linköping City Theatre, together with her husband. Made on stage critically acclaimed appearances in a number of classic parts; as Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare's Macbeth and Queen Gertrude in Hamlet, as both Mrs. Alving and Regina in Ibsen's Ghosts (different stagings) and as Gina Ekdahl in The Wild Duck; as Laura in Strindberg's The Father and as Claire Zachanassian in Dürrenmatt's The Visit. She toured extentively with Riksteatern for years in the 1950s and was from 1960 part of the first ensemble at Stockholm City Theatre.

During her career she worked sporadically in films and makes notable appearances in Norrtullsligan (1923), Pensionat Paradiset (1937), Adolf klarar skivan (1938), Med folket för fosterlandet (1938), Lågor i dunklet (1942) (directed by Hasse Ekman), Kungsgatan (1943), Flickan och djävulen (1944), Maria på Kvarngården (1945), Kvinna utan ansikte (Woman Without a Face) (1947) (script by Ingmar Bergman), Giftas (1955), Sången om den eldröda blomman (1956) and Korridoren (1973).

Shw was married to the actor Torsten Hillberg from 1919 until his death in 1954.

Le plus souvent avec

Hasse Ekman
Hasse Ekman
(4 films)
Thor Modéen
Thor Modéen
(3 films)
John Botvid
John Botvid
(3 films)
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La Femme sans visage, 1h42
Réalisé par Gustaf Molander
Genres Drame
Acteurs Alf Kjellin, Anita Björk, Gunn Wållgren, Stig Olin, Olof Winnerstrand, Linnéa Hillberg
Rôle Mrs. Grande
Note64% 3.233983.233983.233983.233983.23398
Un homme marié entame une liaison passionnée et tumultueuse avec une femme qu'il rencontre chez un fleuriste, plongeant leur vie dans le chaos et le désespoir.
Lågor i dunklet, 1h34
Réalisé par Hasse Ekman
Genres Drame
Acteurs Edvin Adolphson, Inga Tidblad, Stig Järrel, Hugo Björne, Linnéa Hillberg, Hasse Ekman
Rôle Magda Bergfelt
Note63% 3.1879253.1879253.1879253.1879253.187925
Rolf Nordmark and Eva Berg both work as teachers at Ringsala boarding school. Rolf has long been in love with Eva, but when the semester begins again in the fall, he learns that she is to leave her job and marry a newly hired teacher at the school, Birger Sjögren.
Första divisionen, 1h32
Réalisé par Hasse Ekman
Genres Drame, Guerre
Thèmes Transport, Aviation
Acteurs Lars Hanson, Gunnar Sjöberg, Stig Järrel, Hasse Ekman, Irma Christenson, Emil Fjellström
Rôle Mrs. Bråde, Gunnars mother
Note54% 2.735752.735752.735752.735752.73575
After a period of hospitalization, caused by an aircraft accident, second lieutenant Gunnar Bråde returns to his old division. During an exercise a bomb hits his planes propeller and he is forced to jump out with a parachute over the target area. This is not observed by all pilots, who continues to drop their bombs...
Swing it, magistern!, 1h32
Réalisé par Schamyl Bauman
Genres Comédie, Musical
Thèmes Le thème de l'éducation, Musique
Acteurs Adolf Jahr, Alice Babs, Thor Modéen, John Botvid, Georg Funkquist, Linnéa Hillberg
Rôle Mrs Danell
Note61% 3.05083.05083.05083.05083.0508
Young student Inga Danell secretly performs at nightclubs as Linda Loy.
À l’auberge du paradis, 1h19
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Thor Modéen, Lili Ziedner, Julia Cæsar, John Botvid, Linnéa Hillberg, Carl-Gunnar Wingård
Rôle Klingenhjelm
Note58% 2.907232.907232.907232.907232.90723
Les résidents d'un gîte attendent avec impatience l'arrivée d'un célèbre chanteur d'opéra argentin, mais font erreur sur la personne.