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Leonid Filatov est un Acteur, Réalisateur et Ecrivain Russe né le 24 décembre 1946 à Kazan (Russie)

Leonid Filatov

Leonid Filatov
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Nationalité Russie
Naissance 24 décembre 1946 à Kazan (Russie)
Mort 26 octobre 2003 (à 56 ans) à Moscou (Russie)

Leonid Alekseyevich Filatov (Russian: Леони́д Алексе́евич Фила́тов; [lʲɪɐˈnʲit əlʲɪˈksʲejɪvʲɪtɕ fʲɪˈlatəf]; 24 December 1946 – 26 October 2003) was a Soviet and Russian actor, director, poet, pamphleteer, who shot to fame while a member of troupe at Taganka Theatre under director Yury Lyubimov. Despite severe illness that haunted him in the 1990s, he received many awards, including the Russian Federation State Prize and People's Artist of Russia in 1996.


Filatov was born on 24 December 1946, in Kazan. His father was Aleksey Yeremeyevich Filatov (1910 - 1980s), his mother - Klavdia Nikolaevna Filatova (b. 1924). The family frequently moved around, because father was a radio operator and spent much time in field expeditions. When the boy was seven years old his parents divorced, and Leonid moved along with his mother to Ashkhabad to join his mother's relatives. While a schoolboy, he had his first publications made in the Ashkhabad press.

In 1965, after finishing school he arrived in Moscow, and tried to become a film director, but failed the entrance exam at the State Institute of Cinematography - VGIK . However, LeonidFilatov was persistent, so on one of his classmate's advice he took entrance exams to the actor's department of the Shchukins’s Theatrical school. In 1965 he was admitted to the course of B.K. Lvova and L.N. Shikhmatov, and graduated from Schchukin Theatrical school as an actor in 1969.

In 1969 Filatov became an actor with the troupe of Moscow Taganka Theatre. His first main role was a lead in the play "What is to be done?" His career developed with the roles he played in "Master and Margarita", "Cherry Orchard", "House on the Embankment", "Fasten Belts", "Pugachev", "Antiworlds", "Comrade, believe", a role of Horatio in "Hamlet", Kul'chitskiy in "Fallen and Living", Federtsioni in the "Live of Galileo", "Players -21" - work with (Sergey Yursky’s creative association of artists.

From 1985 through 1987, while "Taganka" was under Anatoly Efros, Leonid Filatov at that time worked at the Sovremennik Theatre, then he returned to "Taganka". In 1993 Filatov joined Nikolai Gubenko, Natalya Sayko, Nina Shatskaya and other actors in founding a creative association named "Cooperation of the actors of Taganka" (Russian: "Содружествo актеров Таганки").

Author of several plays, such as "Artist from the Sherwood Forest" and "Sukiny deti" among his other works.

From 1970 Filatov worked in cinema. His most important roles were in such films as City of the first love, Ekipazh (aka.. "Crew"), Golos (aka.. "The Voice"), Women joke in earnest, Rooks, Success, Chicherin, Forgotten melody for the flute, City Zero, Charitable ball.

In 1990 he directed the film Sukiny deti (known in Russian as Сукины дети, the unofficial English title being Sons of Bitches), based on his own scenario, and also played a supporting role. It was entered into the 17th Moscow International Film Festival.

Since 1970 Filatov was writing songs in the co-authorship with Vladimir Kachan.

Leonid Filatov was married to the actress of the "cooperation of the actors of Taganka" Nina Shatskaya. The couple had a son and granddaughters.

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Три сестры, 1h46
Réalisé par Sergueï Soloviov
Genres Drame
Thèmes La famille, Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre
Acteurs Kseniya Kachalina, Elena Korikova, Otto Sander, Vitaliy Versace, Leonid Filatov
Rôle Vershinin (voice)
Note49% 2.473682.473682.473682.473682.47368
In a small Russian town at the turn of the century, three sisters (Olga, Irina, and Masha) and their brother Andrei live but dream daily of their return to their former home in Moscow, where life is charming and stimulating meaningful. But for now they exist in a malaise of dissatisfaction. Soldiers from the local military post provide them some companionship and society, but nothing can suffice to replace Moscow in their hopes. Andrei marries a provincial girl, Natasha, and begins to settle into a life of much less meaning than he had hoped. Natasha begins to run the family her way. Masha, though married, yearns for the sophisticated life and begins a dalliance with Vershinin, an army officer with a sick and suicidal wife. Even Irina, the freshest, most optimistic of the sisters, begins to waver in her dreams until, finally, tragedy strikes.
Ville Zéro, 1h43
Réalisé par Karen Shakhnazarov
Origine Russie
Genres Drame, Science-fiction, Comédie, Comédie dramatique
Acteurs Leonid Filatov, Oleg Basilashvili, Vladimir Valentinovich Menshov, Armen Djigarkhanian, Yevgeniy Yevstigneyev
Rôle Aleksei Varakin
Note73% 3.691613.691613.691613.691613.69161
Alexeï Mikhaïlovitch Varakine est envoyé par une entreprise de Moscou pour demander à une usine située en province de changer une pièce dans les climatiseurs qu'elle fabrique. Arrivé sur place, Varakine est plongé dans une ambiance absurde et cauchemardesque. La secrétaire du directeur est nue à son bureau, le directeur lui-même semble ne pas connaître sa propre usine et l'ingénieur en chef susceptible de traiter la demande de Varakine est mort depuis huit mois.
Tchoujaïa Belaïa i Riaboï, 1h40
Réalisé par Sergueï Soloviov
Origine Russie
Genres Drame
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Mise en scène d'un oiseau
Acteurs Lioudmila Savelieva, Sergueï Bodrov, Sergueï Garmach, Talgat Temenov, Leonid Filatov
Rôle (voice)
Note69% 3.4593053.4593053.4593053.4593053.459305
L'histoire du film se passe à l'automne 1946 dans une petite ville provinciale de l'ouest du Kazakhstan soviétique. Ivan Naïdenov, un jeune garçon préadolescent, surnommé Sedoï (c'est-à-dire: le Grisonnant, à cause d'une mèche de cheveux blanche) est un colombophile passionné, au point qu'un jour il capture au risque de sa vie et par inconscience de gamin une colombe blanche arrivée ici on ne sait d'où. Les autres éleveurs amateurs de pigeons de la ville ont tôt fait d'apprendre la nouvelle et certains décident de s'en emparer. Une nuit donc des voleurs viennent prendre la Blanche, ainsi qu'est surnommée la colombe d'Ivan. Celui-ci se met en quête de la retrouver et découvre qu'elle est chez Kolia (dit le Tzigane), une « autorité » chez les colombophiles. Le jeune garçon grâce à sa malice parvient à reprendre son bien, mais comprend que l'oiseau est condamné et le remet en liberté.
Голос (1982)
, 1h27
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Leonid Filatov, Petr Chelokhonov, Elena Safonova, Mikhaïl Glouzski, Tatiana Dogileva, Nina Usatova
Rôle Director
Note62% 3.1423453.1423453.1423453.1423453.142345
Actress Yulia Martynova (played by Natalia Sayko) is starring in a new film, but in the middle of the film production she is suddenly hospitalized with a serious illness. Film director (played by Leonid Filatov) is emotionally involved, he becomes frustrated, but the actress comes back from her hospital bed to the studio to continue her work in post-production. Yulia cannot imagine her character speaking with a voice of another actress, so she is dealing with her condition, taking drugs to overcome her pain, in order to contribute her original voice to the film. Cast and crew members are helping the star to overcome, and her original voice brings new depth and meaning to the film, after her death.
Air Crew
Air Crew (1979)
, 2h4
Réalisé par Alexandre Mitta
Origine Russie
Genres Drame, Thriller, Action, Romance
Thèmes La fin du monde, Transport, Aviation, Film catastrophe, Film de catastrophe aérienne
Acteurs Leonid Filatov, Aleksandra Yakovleva, Ekaterina Vassilieva, Komaki Kurihara
Rôle Igor Skvortsov, Flight Engineer
Note73% 3.6924853.6924853.6924853.6924853.692485
L'action se déroule en URSS à la fin des années 1970. Les héros du film - équipage de l'avion Tu-154 de la compagnie Aeroflot, effectuent des vols internationaux.