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Lee Soon-jae est un Acteur Sud coréen né le 10 octobre 1935 à Hoeryong

Lee Soon-jae

Lee Soon-jae
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Nationalité Coree du sud
Naissance 10 octobre 1935 (86 ans) à Hoeryong

Lee Soon-jae (born October 10, 1935) is a South Korean actor. He has had a prolific career on the small and big screen spanning nearly six decades.


Lee was born in Hoeryong, North Hamgyeong, now part of North Korea. When he was 4 years old, his family moved to Seoul where Lee's grandparents were living. Lee's grandfather ran a small real estate business, while his father produced and sold soaps. Lee was raised in the neighborhood of Ahyeon-dong, and graduated from Seoul High School and Seoul National University. Lee also served as a member of National Assembly of South Korea.

Le plus souvent avec

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(2 films)
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Intimate Strangers, 1h55
Réalisé par Lee Jae-gyu
Origine Coree du sud
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie dramatique
Acteurs Yoo Hae-jin, Jo Jin-woong, Lee Seo-jin, Yeom Jeong-a, Kim Ji-soo, Ra Mi-ran
Rôle Young-bae's father (voice)
Note68% 3.400233.400233.400233.400233.40023
Seok-ho et Ye-jin, un couple marié, invitent leurs amis proches pour une pendaison de crémaillère et finissent par jouer à un jeu dans lequel ils doivent partager tous les messages et appels de leurs téléphones portables. Bien que cela commence gentiment, de plus en plus de vérités cachées et dérangeantes font surface, ce qui les rend de plus en plus étrangers entre eux.
Romantic Heaven, 1h57
Réalisé par Jang Jin
Genres Drame, Fantasy, Romance
Acteurs Kim Su-ro, Kim Dong-wook, Kim Ji-won, Lee Soon-jae, Sim Eun-kyeong, Yoo Sun
Rôle old man (God)
Note57% 2.8810952.8810952.8810952.8810952.881095
Three seemingly disconnected people cross paths at a hospital: Part one, "Mom," focuses on the character of Mimi, whose mother is battling cancer, and needs a bone marrow transplant if she is to have any hope of surviving. With great difficulty, doctors identify a potential donor, but then the man goes into flight after being accused of murder. Hoping to find him, Mimi becomes acquainted with the police detectives assigned to his case. Part two, "Wife," concerns a lawyer named Min-gyu who has recently lost his spouse. Amidst his grief, he is distracted by the fact that he can't find a bag that she had brought with her to the hospital, and which contained her personal diary. In the meantime, he is visited by an ex-convict who has a score to settle. Part three, "Girl," focuses on Ji-wook, a taxi driver whose grandfather is on the verge of death. One day his grandmother tells him that for all of his life, her husband has been unable to forget a young woman he met in his youth. It is in part four, "Romantic Heaven," that the various threads are brought together and ultimately resolved. As fate would have it, their counterparts are gazing down upon their loved ones from heaven, dealing with their own version of remorse and regret.
Late Blossom, 1h58
Réalisé par Choo Chang-min
Genres Drame, Romance
Thèmes Le suicide
Acteurs Lee Soon-jae, Kim Soo-mi, Song Jae-ho, Song Ji-hyo, Oh Dal-soo, Kim Hyung-jun
Rôle Kim Man-seok
Note72% 3.631253.631253.631253.631253.63125
Man-seok et Lee-pun se sont rencontrés un jour de neige. Ils sont toujours amoureux et leur amour les fait encore rire. Dans un autre couple, Goon-bong aime la façon que Soon, sa femme, a de lui demander "Qu'as-tu fait aujourd'hui ?" quand il revient à la maison. Goon-bong et Soon, n'ont aimé qu'une seule personne de toute leur vie…
굿모닝 프레지던트, 2h12
Réalisé par Jang Jin
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie romantique
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Jang Dong-gun, Lee Soon-jae, Han Chae-young, Go Doo-shim, Park Hae-il, Jang Young-nam
Rôle Kim Jung-ho
Note58% 2.914212.914212.914212.914212.91421
The first president depicted in the movie is Kim Jeong-ho, an elderly president at the end of his term. He is a respected leader whose great legacy is bringing democracy to the nation and serving the working class throughout his political life. But Kim is at a moral crossroads when he becomes the unlikely winner of a ₩24 billion lottery jackpot just before retiring. The huge amount of money would guarantee a comfortable life in his old age. However, he remembers announcing to his constituents, smiling before cameras, that if he were to win the lottery, he would donate it to charity. He agonizes in silence, wondering whether to keep it for himself or to make good on his words.
Forbidden Quest, 2h19
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Romance
Thèmes Sexualité, Erotique
Acteurs Han Suk-kyu, Lee Beom-soo, Kim Min-jung, Oh Dal-soo, Ahn Nae-sang, Kim Roi-ha
Rôle Yun-seo's father
Note62% 3.143933.143933.143933.143933.14393
Un érudit de la dynastie Joseon enquête pour le roi sur des répliques illégales de grandes peintures, avec a l'aide du ministre de la justice, il commence à écrire des romans érotiques et devient l'amant de la concubine favorite du roi...
My girl and I, 1h35
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Cha Tae-hyun, Song Hye-kyo, Song Chang-eui, Kim Hae-sook, Kim Yoon-seok, Moon Jung-hee
Rôle Kim Man-Geum
Note70% 3.545553.545553.545553.545553.54555
C'est l'histoire de Su-Eun une jolie et très intelligente étudiante qui sauve un de ces camarades de classe Su Ho.Su Ho ne sait pas que c'est elle qui l'a sauvé, au contraire il croit que ce sont ses camarades.Pendant le sauvetage Su Eun a perdu son bippeur,ce bippeur aura un rôle crucial dans la relation entre ces deux-la.Mais que nous réserve la suite de cette relation ????
사람의 아들, 1h50
Genres Drame
Acteurs Hah Myung-joong, Lee Soon-jae, Choi Bool-am, Do Kum-bong

A detective searching for the cause of a young man's death uncovers a melodramatic story involving prostitutes and religion.
영자의 전성시대, 1h43
Genres Drame
Thèmes Sexualité, Prostitution
Acteurs Song Jae-ho, Choi Bool-am, Do Kum-bong, Lee Soon-jae
Note64% 3.2252153.2252153.2252153.2252153.225215
After returning from the Vietnam War, Chang-su (Song Jae-ho), who works as a scrubber at a public bath, runs into Yeong-ja (Yeom Bok-sun) in a police station. Three years previously, Chang-su was a laborer at an iron foundry. He met Yeong-ja at his boss's house, where she worked as a housemaid. He fell in love with the innocent and kindhearted Yeong-ja, and proposed to her before leaving for Vietnam. However, while he was gone, Yeong-ja was sexually assaulted by the boss's scoundrel son, and then kicked out of the house.
Toji (1974)

Acteurs Kim Ji-mee, Lee Soon-jae, Heo Jang-kang, Do Kum-bong

Based on a novel, the film chronicles the lives of a wealthy land-owning family during the rule of Gojong.
Bun-rye's Story, 1h42
Acteurs Yoon Jeong-hee, Lee Soon-jae, Heo Jang-kang, Ju Jeung-ryu, Ahn In-Sook

Bun-rye, the eldest daughter in a poor family, is violated by Yong-pal, who is a married man, and out of desperation she becomes a concubine of Young-cheol, a gambler who is impotent. Kong Jo-shi is in love with Bun-rye, though she still has feelings for Yong-pal. After losing his money, Young-cheol takes out his anger on Bun-rye and throws her out of his house. In retaliation, Jo-shi kills Young-cheol, and Bun-rye is driven to madness.
미녀 홍낭자
Réalisé par Kim Ki-young
Genres Drame, Horreur
Thèmes Fantômes
Acteurs Lee Soon-jae, Moon Hee

A man whose fiancee and her family have died, reluctantly marries another woman. When the ghost of his fiancee visits him, he is tempted to join her in matrimony.
Guests Who Arrived by the Last Train, 1h44
Genres Drame
Thèmes Transport, Le train
Acteurs Lee Soon-jae, Moon Hee, Nam Jeong-im, Ahn In-Sook
Note60% 3.0225653.0225653.0225653.0225653.022565
A literary drama about a young man dying of lung cancer and his circle of friends.
Yongary, monstre des abysses, 1h20
Réalisé par Kim Ki-duk
Origine Coree du sud
Genres Science-fiction, Horreur
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Dinosaure, Magie, La préhistoire, Animaux préhistoriques, Monstre géant, Arme nucléaire, Film catastrophe
Acteurs Nam Jeong-im, Lee Soon-jae, Ju Jeung-ryu
Rôle Yoo Kwang-nam
Note39% 1.9720851.9720851.9720851.9720851.972085
Les tremblements de terre en Corée du Centre s'avèrent être le travail de Yongary, un reptile préhistorique qui se nourrit d'essence. Il émerge alors et détruit Séoul.