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Laxmikant Berde est un Acteur Indien né le 3 novembre 1954

Laxmikant Berde

Laxmikant Berde
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Nationalité Inde
Naissance 3 novembre 1954
Mort 16 décembre 2004 (à 50 ans) à Bombay (Inde)

Lakshmikant Berde (Marathi: लक्ष्मीकांत बेर्डे) (3 November 1954 – 16 December 2004;Mumbai) was an Indian actor who appeared in Marathi and Hindi movies. Known for his highly energetic slapstick performances, he has been described as one of the best comedian stars in Marathi movies.

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Zapatlela 2, 2h55
Réalisé par Mahesh Kothare
Genres Comédie, Comédie horrifique, Horreur
Thèmes Comédie horrifique
Acteurs Adinath Kothare, Sonali Kulkarni, Sonalee Kulkarni, Sai Tamhankar, Laxmikant Berde, Makarand Madhukar Anaspure
Note56% 2.829792.829792.829792.829792.82979
The film opens within the mansion of Baba Chamatkar (Raghvendra Kadkol). Kubdya Khavis has secured the doll containing the soul of gangster Tatya Vinchu (shown in prequel Zapatlela) and orders Baba Chamatkar to revive Tatya Vinchu again. However, Baba refuses to commit the same mistake again. Infuriated, Kubdya tries to kill him using a trishul (a weapon which looks like a trident). However, Baba uses the same weapon to kill him. A drop of Kubdya's blood is accidentally transferred towards the doll, which resuscitates Tatya Vinchu. Tatya confronts Baba Chamatkar and forces him to tell how to migrate to a human form. Baba resists in the beginning and then falls unconscious. Tatya finds a book named 'Om Fat Swaha' and discovers that, to migrate to a human form, the victim (Tatya) must make use of the Mrutyunjaya Mantra on the person to whom he has confessed his true name. But now that the person (Lakshya, portrayed by Laxmikant Berde in Zapatlela) is dead, the same mantra can be used on his son. Tatya vows to find Lakshya's son and migrate into his body.
Qatal E Aam, 2h17
Genres Action
Acteurs Mithun Chakraborty, Gulshan Grover, Shakti Kapoor, Laxmikant Berde, Ashok Saraf, Mushtaq Khan

Qatal-E-Aam is a revenge movie starring Mithun Chakraborty, along with Vinita Verma, Ashok Saraf, Gulshan Grover and Shakti Kapoor. Mithun Chakraborty plays Ranvir Singh Rana, a former Jailor, who is on a mission to capture dacoit Bageera, who has escaped from prison - Dead or Alive.
Insan (2005)

Réalisé par Krishna Vamsi
Genres Drame, Guerre, Action, Policier
Thèmes Le terrorisme
Acteurs Akshay Kumar, Tusshar Kapoor, Esha Deol, Ajay Devgn, Koena Mitra, Lara Dutta
Rôle Laxman
Note47% 2.35782.35782.35782.35782.3578
The story revolves around Akshay Kumar as an auto riksha driver Amjad Khan, Ajay Devgan as police DCP Ajit Rathod, Tusshar Kapoor as Avinash and they are fighting against corruption in politics, dealing with the Muslim society and fighting terrorism and also bringing order to the society.
Hatya: The Murder
Genres Drame, Fantasy, Action, Policier
Acteurs Akshay Kumar, Navin Nischol, Laxmikant Berde, Reema Lagoo, Varsha Usgaonkar, Dinyar Contractor
Rôle Bhandari
Note41% 2.0694152.0694152.0694152.0694152.069415
Ravi Lal (Akshay Kumar) lives a wealthy lifestyle with his father Ratanlal (Navin Nischol) his mother Seema (Reema Lagoo) and with his sister. Meanwhile, Ravi has fallen in love with Kavita (Varsha Usgaonkar) and they get married. Ratan Lal is killed by businessman Murugan (Rajendra Gupta) after turning down the offer of land and plot. His son Ravi when witnesses his father's killing is injured badly by Murugan's men and gets hospitalized. Soon Kavita notices that Ravi has changed. Now he is more quiet and brooding. Kavita suspects him that Ravi has Having affair. But she don't know that he is finally killed. But his body is taken to the shape-changing venomous snake. Now Ravi has magical powers of a strong venomous snake and sets out for revenge to kill Murugan.
Meri Biwi Ka Jawab Nahin, 2h30
Genres Comédie, Action, Romance
Acteurs Akshay Kumar, Sridevi, Gulshan Grover, Anupam Kher, Johnny Lever, Laxmikant Berde
Rôle Inspector Prakash
Note39% 1.9672651.9672651.9672651.9672651.967265
This is a story of a beautiful village girl called Durga (Sridevi) married with her childhood sweetheart Ajay (Akshay Kumar). Ajay is a policeman who worked in the city and bring his wife to live with him.
Tauba Tauba, 2h1
Réalisé par T L V Prasad
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Amin Gazi, Aamir Khan, Antara Biswas (Mona Lisa), Ayub Khan, Payal Rohatgi, Laxmikant Berde
Rôle Mr. Gomes
Note30% 1.5070051.5070051.5070051.5070051.507005
Tauba Tauba, a small budget Hindi movie, tells the tale of 15-year-old Sunny (Amin Gazi), a motherless child of a business tycoon, Mohan Shanbagh (Ayub Khan). Sunny is obsessed with sex, this is partially due to Sunny's environment. His sex-crazed principal, Mr. Gomes (Laxmikant Berde), goes around bedding all the teachers and at home his Casanova Father is involved in love games with secretary Sophia (Rashi Tyagi), who from time to time also teases Sunny with her sexuality. All these factors expose Sunny to sex at his young age, so when Sunny sees 25-year-old Payal (Payal Rohatgi), it's not long before he is smitten.
Pachadlela (2003)

Réalisé par Mahesh Kothare
Genres Comédie, Horreur
Acteurs Bharat Jadhav, Shreyas Talpade, Laxmikant Berde, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Abhiram Bhadkamkar, Vijay Chavan
Note71% 3.585993.585993.585993.585993.58599
The movie begins with three friends Sameer (Shreyas Talpade), Ravi (Abhiram Bhadkamkar) and Bharat (Bharat Jadhav) who arrive in a Osadwadi, a small village. They are working in a bank and have been transferred to this village branch. Any new transferees that arrive are routinely made to stay in a wada, till they find alternate arrangements. The wada was incidentally mortgaged to the bank and hence any new transferees that arrive are routinely made to stay in this wada till they can find alternate arrangements. Many transferee's had left the job and left the village due to strange things happening in the wada.
Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, 2h52
Réalisé par K.S. Adiyaman
Origine Inde
Genres Drame, Romance
Thèmes La musique, Musique, Bollywood
Acteurs Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Atul Agnihotri, Suman Ranganathan, Aishwarya Rai
Rôle Hasmukh
Note54% 2.701712.701712.701712.701712.70171
Gopal épouse son amie d’enfance Radha. Il est passionnément amoureux et possessif. Son seul désir est de rester en tête à tête avec sa femme.
Pyaar Diwana Hota Hai, 2h41
Acteurs Govinda, Rani Mukherjee, Apurva Agnihotri, Om Puri, Smita Jaykar, Deepak Tijori
Note39% 1.9912051.9912051.9912051.9912051.991205
Sunder (Govinda) comes from his village to the big city. He is naive, easily influenced, and illiterate. His attempts to influence girls are mocked, and he is ignored and made fun of by his roommates.
Chhupa Rustam : A Musical Thriller
Genres Thriller, Romance
Thèmes La musique, Musique, Bollywood
Acteurs Sanjay Kapoor, Manisha Koirala, Mamta Kulkarni, Satyen Kappu, Tinnu Anand, Raj Babbar
Note48% 2.425542.425542.425542.425542.42554
"Chhuppa Rustam" is an action and suspense film with Sanjay Kapoor in a double role. One Sanjay (Nirmal) is an industrialist and the other (Raja) is a small time thief. The thief is in love with Manisha Koirala (Nisha) while the other Sanjay is in love with Mamta Kulkarni (Sandhia). Industrialist Sanjay's father is dead and he runs a huge tea plantation. Raj Babbar, the Commissioner of Police, notices the two Sanjay's and plans to place the thief at the industrialist's house and sell the property and take the money. The industrialist Sanjay finds out that his father was murdered. He sets out to look for the killer. The killer sets a trap for him. In the meantime, the thief takes his place. One Sanjay is killed and the other claims to be the industrialist. Which Sanjay survives is the mystery which is revealed in the end.
Beti No. 1
Beti No. 1 (2000)

Réalisé par Rama Rao Tatineni
Genres Drame, Comédie, Romance
Acteurs Govinda, Rambha, Ashok Saraf, Aruna Irani, Prem Chopra, Laxmikant Berde
Rôle Laxman D. Bhatnagar
Note38% 1.909861.909861.909861.909861.90986
The story of Beti No.1 deals with how our society has given women a very inferior position. It is the story of Durga Devi (Aruna Irani) who has three sons, Ram (Ashok Saraf), Laxman (Laxmikant Berde) and Bharat (Govinda). Durga Devi has said that she will bequeath all her wealth to her first grandson however her first two sons, Ram and Laxman who are both married have so far only produced daughters, due to this both the wives and their daughters are shunned from the family.
Sabse Bada Beiman, 2h5
Acteurs Mithun Chakraborty, Gajendra Chauhan, Mohan Joshi, Mushtaq Khan, Harish Patel, Saadhika

Mithun Chakraborty drives an auto to take care of his younger brother Manish's education and turns into a masked looter in the night. Manik Bedi is an honest cop in the day but corrupt by night to arrange marriage of his sister Amita Nangia off. How both Mithun and Manik, turn from sabse bada be-imaan to sabse bada imaandar is the Climax
Jaanam Samjha Karo, 2h28
Origine Inde
Genres Drame, Comédie romantique, Romance
Thèmes La musique, Musique, Bollywood
Acteurs Salman Khan, Urmila Matondkar, Jaspal Bhatti, Shammi Kapoor, Monica Bedi, Shakti Kapoor
Note48% 2.40562.40562.40562.40562.4056
Chandni, jeune chanteuse et danseuse dans une boîte de nuit pour subvenir aux besoins de sa famille, vit avec ses trois tantes.
Aai Thor Tujhe Upkar
Acteurs Ashok Saraf, Laxmikant Berde, Mohan Joshi

Motherhood is the biggest blessing in a woman's life, but in today's materialistic world, it’s become a curse for aged women. This is the heart-rending tale of Sharada Inamdar who is coerced to pay a grave price for motherhood.