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Kuldip Kaur est une Actrice Indienne née le 1 janvier 1927

Kuldip Kaur

Kuldip Kaur
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Nom de naissance Kuldip Kaur
Nationalité Inde
Naissance 1 janvier 1927
Mort 3 février 1960 (à 33 ans)

Kuldip Kaur (1927–1960) was an Indian film actress who worked in Hindi and Punjabi films. Known for her roles in a negative character, she was cited as Indian cinema's "most polished vamps" and actor Pran's "opposite number". She started her acting career with the first Punjabi film produced in India following Partition, Chaman, also called The Garden in 1948.

Acclaimed as a "vamp" of "exceptional talent" and the "first female villain" in Indian cinema, she has been compared to artists like Shashikala and Bindu. Active from 1948-1960, she acted in over 100 films, most of them in Hindi and some in Punjabi. She died in 1960 from tetanus.


Kuldip Kaur was born into a prosperous Sikh family in 1927 in Lahore, Punjab, British India. Her family were landowners in Attari, Amritsar District, in Punjab. She was married to Mohinder Singh Siddhu, a grandson of the military Commander of Ranjit Singh's army, General Sham Singh Attariwala. Married at the age of fourteen, she became a mother at the age of sixteen.

She defied convention to join films while still in Lahore. She left Lahore in 1947 while communal violence was raging. She was described as a brave lady by Saadat Hasan Manto in his chapter on Kuldip Kaur, titled "Kuldip Kaur: The Punjabi firecracker" in his book initially titled: Stars from Another Sky: The Bombay Film World of the 1940s. Kaur returned to Lahore in spite of the violence, to pick up Pran's car. His car had been left behind when Pran and she left for Bombay to escape the communal rioting in Lahore following partition of India. She drove the car back alone from Lahore to Bombay, via Delhi.

Le plus souvent avec

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I. S. Johar
(2 films)
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Meena Kumari
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Sahara (1958)

Acteurs Meena Kumari, Daisy Irani, Manoj Kumar, Kuldip Kaur, Leela Mishra, Sundar
Note57% 2.857222.857222.857222.857222.85722
Orphaned Leela (Meena Kumari) lives with her cruel aunt, Rangilibai (Leela Mishra); cousin, Kaushalya (Kammo); and uncle Vikram Singh (Badri Prasad). When Rangilibai arranges Kaushalya's marriage to Chhote Thakur (M. Rajan), the son of a wealthy landlord, Leela agrees to go with her as a maid as part of her dowry. But things change when the landlord rejects Kaushalya and decides to marry Leela. After marriage, Leela is accused of having a lover and is thrown out of home by her husband, who later understands his mistake as he was misled by his sister. Leela goes to Rangilibai's house, but she firmly refuses to accept her. Alone and desperate, Leela meets a distant relative named Gaman Singh (Kanhaiyalal). He takes her in to live with him and his wife, Swarupbai (Kuldip Kaur). When Leela refuses Swarupbai's demand to beg for alms, the latter blinds her with special eye-drops. Having lost her vision, a blinded Leela is led daily through the streets and is forced to sit near the steps of a temple singing and begging for alms. Soon Leela develops a loving mother-son relationship with another begger of Swarupbai, a boy named Panna (Daisy Irani). This relationship carries the narrative forward.
Miss Coca Cola
Genres Romance
Acteurs Shammi Kapoor, Geeta Bali, Kamal Kapoor, Helen Khan, Johnny Walker, Kuldip Kaur

Ganga (Geeta Bali is a comes from a poor family and lives with her father, sister Madhu, and brother Pappu. When her father is unable to pay the Rs. 1000 dowry money to the bridegroom at Ganga's wedding, the marriage is called off by the groom's family. Desperate, Ganga's father resorts to stealing the money from a man who is subsequently killed. The blame for the murder falls on Ganga's father who is arrested. The three siblings try to eke out a living by doing odd jobs. Pappu meets with an accident when he gets hit by Kamal's (Shammi Kapoor) car. Kamal helps the family and Ganga starts working as a night club dancer and goes by the name, Miss Coca Cola. Kamal and Ganga fall in love and together they try to find the real killer. Eventually they succeed and Ganga's father is freed.
Anarkali (1953)

Genres Historique, Romance
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Pradeep Kumar, Bina Rai, Noor Jehan, Kuldip Kaur, Sulochana, Manmohan Krishna Chadha
Note73% 3.6551353.6551353.6551353.6551353.655135
Shahenshah Jalaudin Akbar is the grandson of Babur, and the son of Humayun. He is known to have ruled over Hindustan with a humane and just heart. He knew in order to garner the support of the Hindus, he must treat them sensitively, allow them to worship freely, and in order to maintain this peace, he married Jodabai, a Hindu Rajput, the sister of Raja Man Singh. Through this marriage they became the proud parents of Shehzada Salim. Akbar first met Nadira in the Anar garden, while she was awaiting the arrival of her lover. So pleased he was with her that he wanted to reward her, but she only asked for an Anar, so he ended up bestowing her with the name of 'Anarkali'. He met her the second time when she was able to revive Salim, who was seriously wounded in a war in Kabul. Once again Akbar was pleased with her, wanted to reward her, but again she turned him down. The third time she ended up annoying Akbar when she sang and danced in his court under the influence of alcohol, and he has her imprisoned. The very foundations of Akbar's palace will be shaken to the roots, and his manner of meting out justice will be put to the extreme test, when he finds out that Salim is in love with Anarkali and wants to marry her.
Baaz (1953)
, 2h30
Réalisé par Guru Dutt
Origine Inde
Genres Drame, Action, Aventure, Historique, Musical
Thèmes La musique, Musique
Acteurs Geeta Bali, Guru Dutt, K. N. Singh (Krishan Niranjan Singh), Johnny Walker, Kuldip Kaur, Sulochana
Rôle Rosita
Note68% 3.4428653.4428653.4428653.4428653.442865
The 16th century, the Malabar Coast. General Barbosa (KN Singh) signs a treaty with the queen (Sulochana) of a small state giving the Portuguese right to trade in exchange for military protection. With the help of the queen's nephew Jaswant (Ramsingh), he begins to meddle in the administration as well. He arrests merchant Ramzan Ali and his friend Narayan Das. Das' daughter Nisha (Geeta Bali) tries to save her father but is caught by Barbosa and both are sold to a cruel Portuguese pirate Cabral. Cabral kills Narayan Das. Nisha rouses her fellow slaves to revolt against Cabral and once Cabral is killed Nisha becomes a pirate queen pillaging all Portuguese ships in sight. One such ship includes heir to the throne Prince Ravi (Guru Dutt), a Portuguese woman Rosita (Kuldip Kaur) and a court astrologer (Johnny Walker). Nisha spares their lives as Ravi had saved her life earlier. They inevitably fall in love. Ravi joins the mutineers without revealing his identity. Back on shore, Ravi learns Jaswant is to be crowned king. Ravi is arrested and sentenced to death. Nisha saves him and they join forces with other local chiefs to defeat Barbosa.
Baiju Bawra
Réalisé par Vijay Bhatt
Genres Drame, Musical, Romance
Thèmes La musique, Lié à la musique classique, Musique, Politique
Acteurs Meena Kumari, Bharat Bhushan, Surendra, Kuldip Kaur, Bipin Gupta, Manmohan Krishna Chadha
Rôle Daku Roopmati
Note72% 3.627613.627613.627613.627613.62761
Tansen is known to be the greatest classical vocalist ever to have existed in India, and was one of the nine jewels (Navaratnas) of Emperor Akbar's court. Nobody could sing in the city unless he or she could sing better than Tansen. If this was not the case, he or she was executed. Baiju Bawra is the story of an unknown singer, Baiju, who is on a mission to defeat Tansen in a musical duel to avenge the death of his father.
Afsana (1951)
, 2h34
Réalisé par Baldev Raj Chopra
Thèmes La famille
Acteurs Ashok Kumar, Pran Krishan Sikand, Jeevan, Kuldip Kaur, Tabassum, Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jaffery
Rôle Leela
Note74% 3.7028853.7028853.7028853.7028853.702885
Ratan and Chaman (Ashok Kumar) are twin brothers who love the same girl, Meera. During a fair, all three are separated. While Chaman and Meera are found, Ratan is untraceable. Years later, Chaman is no longer attracted to Meera, but in a dancing girl named Rasily, while Meera awaits word of her childhood sweetheart Ratan, who she feels is still alive. Then the unexpected happens, Chaman gets into a fight with another man, killing him, and is on the run from the police. Misunderstandings are clarified, and the law declares this to be an accidental death, and as a result Chaman returns. But this is not the same Chaman any more.
Kaneez (1949)

Acteurs Kuldip Kaur

Sabira is the daughter of a wealthy, Akbar, who is cheated by his manager, Hamid, and forced into a mental home. Sabira marries Hamid's son, Akhtar but the marriage is destroyed by a woman called, Darling, who is after Akhtar for his money. Sabira is forced to become a servant in her own house but she recovers her place as the mistress as Darling is exposed and Akhtar realized her worth for him.
Ek Thi Ladki, 2h44
Acteurs I. S. Johar, Meena Shorey, Motilal, Kuldip Kaur, Agha

The movie is based on Meena (Meena Shorey) who is running away from two men, who are blackmailing her for a crime she did not commit. Along the way she meets Ranjeet (Motilal), who is engaged to be married to the daughter of his boss but falls in love with Meena.