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Krishna est un Acteur, Réalisateur, Scénariste et Producteur Indien né le 31 mai 1943 à Burripalem (Inde)


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Nom de naissance Siva Rama Krishna Ghattamaneni
Nationalité Inde
Naissance 31 mai 1943 (77 ans) à Burripalem (Inde)
Récompenses Padma Bhushan, Filmfare Awards South, Nandi Awards

Krishna Ghattamaneni (Born Siva Rama Krishna Ghattamaneni), popularly known as Superstar Krishna, is an Indian film actor, writer, editor, director and producer known for his works in Telugu cinema.
He has acted in more than 350 films as one of the leading actors in a career spanning over five decades.
In 2008, he received an honorary doctorate from Andhra University.
In 2009, the Government of India honoured him with the Padma Bhushan for his contributions to Indian Cinema.
He was elected as a Member of Parliament for the Congress party in 1989. In 1997, he received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award – South.

In the early years of his film career, he starred in films like Saakshi, which won critical acclaim at the Tashkent Film Festival in 1968. In 1972, he starred in Pandanti Kapuram, which garnered the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu for that year. He has played roles across different genres including mythological, drama, social, cowboy, western classic, folklore, action and historical.

He is credited with producing many technological firsts in the Telugu film industry, like the first Eastman color film, Eenadu (1982), the first Cinemascope film (Alluri Seetharama Raju), the first 70mm film (Simhasanam), the first DTS film (Telugu Veera Levara) (1988) and introducing cowboy and James Bond styles to the Telugu screen.

He has directed 17 feature films and produced many films under Padmalaya Film Studio, a production house owned by him.
Krishna collaborated with several ace directors of the time, like Adurthi Subba Rao, V. Madhusudhana Rao, K. Viswanath, Bapu, Dasari Narayana Rao and K. Raghavendra Rao.
He also has the record for number of pairings with the same actress for more than 48 films with Vijayanirmala and 47 films with Jayaprada.
In December 2012, at the age of 69, Krishna announced his retirement from movies and politics.


Krishna was born on May 31, 1943 in Burripalem village, Tenali mandal, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh to Ghattamaneni Ragavaiah Chowdary and Ghattamaneni nagarathnamma , he has two younger brothers (Adiseshagiri rao and Hanumantha rao) and two younger sisters ( Lakshmi tulasi and Mangamma).
Both his brothers and sister's husband (Uppalapati suryanarayana babu) produced many movies.

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Sukumarudu (2013)

Réalisé par G. Ashok
Acteurs Aadi, Nisha Aggarwal, Krishna, Sharada, Chandra Mohan, Rao Ramesh
Note53% 2.6982652.6982652.6982652.6982652.698265
Sukumarudu is a romantic family entertainer movie in which, Aadi and Nisha Aggarwal playing the main lead roles along with Krishna, Chandra Mohan and Sharada will play prominent roles in the film.
Banking Hours 10 to 4, 1h53
Réalisé par K. Madhu
Genres Thriller
Acteurs Jishnu, Anoop Menon, Kaillash, Ashokan, Mithun Ramesh, Shankar Panicker
Rôle Roy Mathew,the Bank Manager
Note50% 2.52942.52942.52942.52942.5294
Banking Hours 10 to 4 is a suspense thriller happening in a bank as a person is killed inside the bank premises and the suspense is revealed within the banking hours of 10 to 4. Anoop Menon plays the role of an investigation officer.
Cinema Company, 2h32
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie romantique
Thèmes Film traitant du cinéma
Acteurs Sanjeev, Lalu Alex, Baburaj, Sanam Shetty, Sruthi Hariharan, Swasika
Rôle Johnny, a media-man and Reena's life partner
Note61% 3.0553953.0553953.0553953.0553953.055395
As Paul Cheriyan (Basil) prepares to leave for his office, he sees several people coming into his building. He asks a watchman about it, and learns that a boy has died in an accident, to which his friends bore witness. Paul goes to where the dead boy's friends are mourning and cursing themselves, and then returns to his apartment, where he starts thinking about his own friends and where they might be now.
Anandhapurathu Veedu
Acteurs Nandha Durairaj, Chaya Singh, Pan Parag Ravi Aryan, Krishna, Y. G. Mahendran, Krishna (TV actor)
Rôle Jeeva
Note61% 3.072563.072563.072563.072563.07256
15 years after an accident in which Bala's parents both died, Bala returns with wife, Revathi, and son, Anand, to his hometown. They decide to stay a couple of nights in the massive house that he grew up in. As he spends a few days in the house and recalls his memories, Anand- who has a disability to speak- sees movement around the house. But he cannot tell anyone what he witnesses. Soon Revathi who suffers from claustrophobia, deduces poltergeist activity in the house and so tells Bala that they have to go back to Chennai. Anand enjoys being in the presence of the ghosts and doesn't find any problem. Problems come up between the couple that they had never thought of when they had love marriage. Soon Revathi discovers that they did not come on holiday but in fact, came to escape some rowdies that Bala owes money to. This is when Bala's classmate and business partner, Jeeva, arrives to stay with them. His company had borrowed 40 lakhs from a rowdy and over the months it had increased to 50 lakhs but he is unable to pay back any money as his agent, who was supposed to give him 2 crores, runs away and is nowhere to be found. With the help of ghosts, Bala and his family find a way to escape from being kept under house arrest. Bala's partner who has been jealous of him had the money the whole time to pay the rowdies.
Kanthaswamy, 3h10
Réalisé par Susi Ganeshan
Origine Inde
Genres Drame, Science-fiction, Thriller, Comédie, Action, Aventure, Musical, Policier, Romance
Thèmes La musique, Sexualité, Homosexualité, Transsexuels et transgenres, Super-héros, Musique, LGBT, LGBT, Travestissement au cinéma
Acteurs Vikram, Shriya Saran, Ilavarasu, Prabhu, Krishna, Ashish Vidyarthi
Rôle Krishna Rao
Note50% 2.506562.506562.506562.506562.50656
Kanthaswamy est non seulement inspecteur à la brigade financière de la police fédérale indienne, mais aussi un justicier qui, déguisé en coq, vole les riches malhonnêtes pour donner aux pauvres qui en font la demande au temple du dieu Murugan. Dans le cadre de ses fonctions, il arrête un homme d'affaires véreux qui feint la paralysie pour échapper aux poursuites. Sa fille, Subbulakshmi, révoltée par l'attitude inflexible de Kanthaswamy, entreprend de piéger le policier en le séduisant. Par ailleurs, l'inspecteur général Parandhaman mène une enquête interne, convaincu que le justicier est un membre de la police.
Baladur (2008)

Genres Comédie
Acteurs Krishna, Ravi Teja, Anushka Shetty, Chandra Mohan, Pradeep Rawat, Sunil
Rôle Ramakrishna
Note40% 2.0296052.0296052.0296052.0296052.029605
Chanti (Ravi Teja) respects his uncle Rama Krishna (Ghattamaneni Sivarama Krishna) more than his father Purshrotam (Chandra Mohan). Rama Krishna has enmity with Umapathi (Pradeep Rawat) because of something that happened 20 years ago. Later, Chanti is kicked out of their house because of some misunderstandings and now Umapathi is ready to put Rama Krishna down. How Chanti secretly helps Rama Krishna in bringing the enemy down and reunites with his family forms the rest of the story.
Réalisé par K.S.Ravikumar
Genres Drame, Action, Romance
Acteurs Silambarasan, Jyothika, Prakash Raj, Five Star Krishna, Nagesh, Easwari Rao
Note49% 2.4810252.4810252.4810252.4810252.481025
The movie begins with the engagement of Saravana's sister (Tharika). The house is full of joy and laughter, awaiting the return of Saravana from college. However, when Saravana (Silambarasan) returns, the family members are shocked. He has brought home a distraught and frightened girl, whom he introduces as his friend, Sadhana (Jyothika).
தாஸ், 2h45
Genres Drame, Action
Acteurs Jayam Ravi, Renuka Menon, Vadivelu, Adithya Menon, Monica (a) M. G. Rahima, Krishna
Note41% 2.092732.092732.092732.092732.09273
The film begins in a small village in Tirunelveli district where a few upper caste men hold a chariot festival. Antony (Jayam Ravi) along with his friends pull the chariot in to their slum and they naturally incur the wrath of a local leader Annachi (Shanmuga Rajan). Meanwhile his daughter Rajeswari (Renuka Menon) falls in love with Daas. Her sister Punitha (Monica) elopes to marry a lower caste boy Guna (Abhinay), a classmate of Daas.
Réalisé par Jayanth C. Paranjee
Genres Action, Aventure, Western
Acteurs Mahesh Babu, Bipasha Basu, Lisa Ray, Rahul Dev, Tanikella Bharani, Krishna
Note67% 3.395183.395183.395183.395183.39518
The film starts with Shaka (Rahul Dev) killing his own brother for information, which is also known to another man, Veeru Dada. In the encounter, Veeru Dada (Ashok Kumar) jumps off into a river from a cliff. After 18 years, we have Veeru Dada with a leg cut off giving info to Raja (Mahesh Babu), a mischievous thief who robs banks in style. Raja gives Veeru Dada a share of 50% for all his tip offs. Raja becomes more daring as the price tag on his head increases by thousands.
Vamsi (2000)

Réalisé par B Gopal
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Mahesh Babu, Namrata Shirodkar, Krishna, Brahmanandam, Mayuri Kango, N.Krishna
Rôle Arjun
Note48% 2.421582.421582.421582.421582.42158
Vamsi (Mahesh Babu) is a fashion designer who gets an opportunity to participate a designer's contest held in Australia. Vamsi has a colleague called Sneha (Mayuri Kango) who is selected to model his creations in the fashion contest. Since Vamsi has to study the culture of Australia to design the best outfit, he is asked to tour Australia extensively for a month. Shilpa (Namrata Shirodkar) is the daughter of an industrialist Aakineedu Prasad (Nassar), who is studying in Australia. She decides to take a vacation after exams by touring the Australian country. Vamsi meets Shilpa in the tour and they slowly fall in love.
Raja Kumarudu
Réalisé par K. Raghavendra Rao
Acteurs Mahesh Babu, Preity Zinta, Prakash Raj, Mink Brar, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Sumalatha
Note66% 3.3486753.3486753.3486753.3486753.348675
Raj Kumar (Mahesh Babu) goes on holiday in Khandala and stays with his uncle Dhanunjay (Prakash Raj). He comes across Rani (Preity Zinta) and falls for her. However, he ends up teasing her and she begins to despise him. She is determined to avoid him, but he won't leave her alone. Raj Kumar saves Rani from some thugs, and she is impressed by his heroism. After spending some time together she begins to like him and eventually love him.
Subhakankshalu, 2h34
Réalisé par Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie romantique
Thèmes La famille
Acteurs Jagapati Babu, Ravali, Raasi, Krishna, Kaikala Satyanarayana, Nagesh
Note71% 3.558933.558933.558933.558933.55893
The film begins with story between two families, Christians and Hindus: Stephen (Nagesh) and Seetaramaiah (Satyanarayana) have been best friends since college and so have their respective sons, Moses (Anand Raj) and Balaramaiah (Devan). Moses' younger brother, Robert (Maharshi Raghava) and Balaramaiah's younger sister, Janaki (Rajitha) fall in love with each other. Against their families' wishes, they elope. Ever since then, the tie war is going between two families.
Osey Ramulamma, 2h38
Réalisé par Dasari Narayana Rao
Genres Action, Policier
Acteurs Gangasani Rami Reddy, Dasari Narayana Rao, Telangana Shakuntala, Ramki, Suthivelu, Krishna
Rôle CBI officer Krishna
Note70% 3.544733.544733.544733.544733.54473
Ramulamma (Vijayashanti), the main protagonist, is raped by a landlord when she is young. She rebels against the system and kills him taking the help of Komranna (Dasari Narayana Rao).