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Koel Mallick est une Actrice Indienne née le 28 avril 1982 à Calcutta (Inde)

Koel Mallick

Koel Mallick
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Nom de naissance Rukmini Mallick
Nationalité Inde
Naissance 28 avril 1982 (39 ans) à Calcutta (Inde)

Koel Mallick (born Rukmini Mallick on 28 April 1982) is an Indian film actress who appears in Bengali films.


Mallick married Nispal Singh (Rane) on 1 February 2013. They had been in a relationship for seven years before that, but both of them had decided to keep their relationship away from the glamour world of Tollywood.

Le plus souvent avec

Jeet Gannguli
Jeet Gannguli
(24 films)
N.K. Salil
N.K. Salil
(17 films)
(16 films)
(13 films)
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Herogiri (2015)
, 2h31
Réalisé par Rabi Kinagi Adhikari
Genres Comédie, Action, Romance
Acteurs Dev, Koel Mallick, Sayantika Banerjee, Mithun Chakraborty, Kharaj Mukherjee, Bharat Kaul
Rôle Maria
Note44% 2.2329652.2329652.2329652.2329652.232965
Shuvo (Dev) works as a collection agent of ICICI in Kolkata and leads a happy life along with his friends and his father Dibakar Burman (Mithun Chakraborty) who wishes to see Shuvo married to a girl soon. Once Shuvo rushes to a Hospital where his friend is admitted as he tried to commit suicide by drinking nail polish solution and asks the reason for it. Then he describes about the traits of Maria (Koel Mallick) and her uncle (Kharaj Mukherjee). The duo have a habit of cheating gullible young men including his friend and Shuvo decides to teach them a lesson.
Arundhati (2014)

Réalisé par Sujit Mondal
Genres Fantasy
Acteurs Koel Mallick, Indraneil Sengupta, Arunoday Banerjee - Rahul
Rôle Arundhati/Mishti
Note50% 2.54712.54712.54712.54712.5471
The story of the film revolves around a warrior queen of the 19th century, named Arundhati, chiefly characterized by power, dignity and grace. She is reincarnated as Mishti in her next life.
Highway (2014)

Acteurs Koel Mallick, Parambrata Chatterjee, Silajit Majumder, Gaurav Chakrabarty, Deepankar De, Sabitri Chatterjee
Rôle Sohini Dasgupta

The story of the film revolves around the life of two people, who come across each other on a highway, which takes a very significant position in their life, being the witness of all their ups and downs. Their love story takes various twists and turns.
Chaar (2014)

Réalisé par Sandip Ray
Acteurs Saswata Chatterjee, Abir Chatterjee, Koel Mallick, Paran Bandopadhyay, Sreelekha Mitra, Sudipta Chakraborty
Rôle Monika Nandi

Chaar film contains four short stories by different writers: "Bateswarer Abodan" by Parasuram, "Porikkha" by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, "Kagtarua" by Satyajit Ray and "Dui Bondhu" by Satyajit Ray.
Rangbaaz (2013)
, 2h15
Genres Drame, Action, Romance
Acteurs Dev, Koel Mallick, Rahul Dev, Rajatava Dutta, Kharaj Mukherjee, Biswajit Chatterjee
Rôle Madhurima aka Madhu
Note45% 2.284162.284162.284162.284162.28416
An auto driver(Kushal Chakraborty), sees Lucky Bhai (Rahul Dev) murder a journalist. The auto driver manages to capture Lucky Bhai & his henchman, and hold them until the Police arrive. Afterwards, the auto driver returns home to his wife and son, Raj. Unfortunately, Lucky Bhai & his henchmen break into their house that night. The auto driver is killed and his wife is severely injured. Raj survives uninjured. Raj's mother is in a critical condition but he & his uncle don't have enough money to pay for her operation. The local mafia leader's son has committed murder and offers Raj a deal. In order to pay for his mother's surgery, Raj has to go to prison the crime.
100% Love
100% Love (2012)

Réalisé par Rabi Kinagi Adhikari
Acteurs Jeet, Koel Mallick, Sujoy Ghosh, Biswajit Chakraborty, Biswanath Basu
Rôle Anuradha (as Koyel Mullick)

Rahul (Jeet) is from a middle-class family. He makes several bids to obtain employment, but all were in vain due to his poor language skills and inadequate educational qualifications. As his friends start to all settle down in life, he continues to struggle to secure employment. Rahul has two good friends, Abhi (Sujoy) and Kartik (Biswanath Basu). His father (Supriyo Dutta), who is a teacher, always chides him for being an irresponsible person. This just adds to his woes.
Jaaneman (2012)

Acteurs Soham Chakraborty, Koel Mallick, Ashish Vidyarthi
Rôle Riya

Deba (Soham Chakraborty) is a carefree jobless and orphan guy. He is forced by his group of friends to search for a job though he is not at all interested in getting a job. One day, the spots a young woman Riya (Koel Mallick) in a shopping mall for the first time and immediately falls in love with the young woman but fails to find her out in the mall. Later, Deba is asked to go to the station to pick up one of his friend's guest in that friend's car. Deba goes to the station unwillingly but finds Riya there. He finds Riya with her uncle and Riya's uncle asks Deba to drop Riya and him in Cooch Bihar. Deba immediately does so for Riya and forgets to pick up the guests. In the way to Cooch Bihar, Riya's uncle gets down from the car to buy a bottle of water and in the meantime Riya tells Deba to leave her uncle in the road and take her to the airport. Deba escapes with Riya the way Riya had said but unfortunately Riya misses the flight. She comes back in Deba's car and tells him to take her back to the station but again fails to get a train. She then tells Deba to take her to Kolkata but she fails to tell Deba the address and where in Kolkata she wants to go to. In the way, Deba starts to talk to Riya and makes friends with her but Deba does not let Riya know that he is in love with her. Deba finds out from Riya what kind of a guy she prefers to be with and everything else. Deba and Riya eat in a restaurant together and also have a funny interaction with the car. Later, Deba saves Riya from goons sent by Riya's father and in the way to Kolkata Deba tells Riya about his own life- that one notorious mafia in the town, Sridhar (Ashish Vidyarthi) is after him because of certain reasons. In the way Deba meets some goons sent by Sridhar but makes a plan and escapes from them. But when Riya meets some goons sent by her father to catch her, the same plan is not successful. But anyhow Riya and Deba escapes from there. They decide to stay in a safe place with Deba's friends for some time. They stay in the house for sometime and in that time Deba finds out the address of Riya's maternal grandmother's house in Kolkata- where Riya wants to go to. Deba securely takes Riya in her grandma's house where everybody takes Riya inside and gives her love and affection. Deba now decides to leave Riya as she is very happy now and Deba thinks that maybe Riya is not in love with him. Heatrbroken, Deba leaves the house. But after some time, he again spots Riya in the streets and asks her why she is here. Riya lies to Deba that her grandmother has sent her for shopping but Deba understands that she is lieng and again takes her in the car and asks her what the matter is. Riya now tells Deba her life story- Riya's parents had a love marriage but after Riya's birth, her father gets into a relationship with another woman and starts ill treating Riya's mother and later beats her mother up. After her mother's death, Riya's father decides to get Riya married to his girlfriend's brother who is a bad guy. Riya is against this so she ran away from her uncle in Deba's car. And in her grandma's house, though her grandma gave her love she was not liked by the other members of her family so she left the house. meanwhile in the way, Deba and Riya is attacked by the goons sent by Riya's father and Sridhar. Deba is beaten black and blue and Riya is forcefully taken inside a car but Deba manages to kill Sridhar and also save Riya from the goons. Deba brings Riya back to his friends where his friends tell Riya that Deba is in love with her. although Deba says it is a joke, Riya understands the truth and Deba and Riya have a romantic hug.
Paglu 2
Paglu 2 (2012)

Réalisé par Sujit Mondal
Genres Drame, Comédie, Action, Romance
Acteurs Dev, Koel Mallick, Tota Roy Choudhury, Rajatava Dutta, Rimjhim Mitra, Biswanath Basu
Rôle Riya
Note40% 2.0433352.0433352.0433352.0433352.043335
Dev (Dev) is a high school drop out from and a worthless village lad. He is hell bent on getting married. But the girl he wants to marry rejects him stating that he doesn't have college education. Dev, who is clever and street-smart decides to go to Kolkata for further education. While travelling in the train, he bashes up a bunch of rowdies teasing college girls. At the college in Kolkata, he meets Riya (Koel Mallick) and falls in love with her. A city gangster, Rudra, (Tota Roy Chowdhury) is in love with her and blackmails her to marry him. He beats anyone moving closely with Riya. Meanwhile, henchmen of the dreaded chieftain Dubai Keshto (Rajatava Dutta), from Dubai, are looking for Dev in the city.
হেমলক সোসাইটি
Réalisé par Srijit Mukherji
Genres Drame, Musical
Thèmes Musique
Acteurs Parambrata Chatterjee, Koel Mallick, Soumitra Chatterjee, Deepankar De, Roopa Ganguly, Jeet
Rôle Meghna
Note74% 3.746433.746433.746433.746433.74643
The movie is a strong insight into psychological dilemma about the primal existence of life. It reiterates the fact that you can 'shock someone by letting her know that death is impending and inescapable.’ It is a dark comedy which successfully evokes an awareness of life. The comic element is used dexterously to bring out the fear of death. The protagonist Meghna (Koel Mallick), misses her mother, hums the songs of her favorite Sidhartha Roy numbers, blames the new lady in her father’s life, shaken by the dejection by her fiancé. Yet, as an escape route from the world of pain and suffering she goes to her father doctor to get prescribed sleeping pills. Ananda Kar (Parambrata) as the name suggests ‘make merry’ refrains her from ending her life. He comes with an unusual proposal of imparting her technical know how about committing suicide. He adds 'the training will save you from embarrassment if suicide becomes a vain attempt'. Ananda Kar is the founder of the Hemlock Society, that teaches aspirants how to successfully commit suicide. The names of the professors are also significant of the tricks they will teach to execute the end. The society is a film studio. Meghna assembles with all other suicide aspirants being addressed by the over-enthusiastic professors, trainlet, jhulan, dhamani, raktim, shikha, all specialists in different suicide methods. Meghna goes with him, leaving a goodbye message for her parents at her apartment door. Dr. Basu comes in search of his daughter, finds the note and shatters in grievance. Dr. Basu and Niharika start their search for Meghna and almost leave no stone unturned. Meanwhile at Hemlock Society, Meghna encounters with miscellaneous experiences related to humans lives and death. The three day workshop at the society makes her understand the importance of life and what difference her loss would mean to her near and dear ones. The metamorphosis of Meghna occurs when she realizes the miseries of other inmates and considers herself lucky. On the final day, Meghna confesses to Ananda that she wants to live and a vital reason which worked behind her changing of mind is that she had fallen in love with Ananda. Ananda informs her that he is suffering from 'Lymphocytopenia' a medical condition for which he would survive only for two more years. Meghna leaves Hemlock Society, sobbing and returns to her father. The very thought that someone near the cradle of death can ‘drink life to the lees’ in spite of complain and regret, surprises her. She learns from Ananda, that Hemlock society is an institute that refrains people from ending their life by making them aware of the importance of life. Six months later, Meghna reconciles with Ananda while he is on a nursing home bed, after having a blood-transfusion. The film ends with a witty note where Meghna’s fiancé (Saheb Chatterjee), now a dejected soul and undoubtedly suicide aspirant, being taken to 'Hemlock Society'.
Paglu (2011)
, 2h23
Genres Drame, Comédie, Romance
Acteurs Dev, Koel Mallick, Rajatava Dutta
Rôle Rimi
Note34% 1.7324451.7324451.7324451.7324451.732445
The movie begins with Paglu (Dev),a college student, meeting Rimi (Koel Mallick)– a girl who comes down from the U.S. to take admission in 'Princeton' College. She becomes a matter of contention between Dev and his rival in college, Ronnie whom Dev defeats in a challenge and wins over Rimi.
Dui Prithibi
Réalisé par Raj Chakraborty
Genres Drame, Romance
Thèmes Transport, Road movie
Acteurs Jeet, Dev, Koel Mallick, Barkha Bisht Sengupta, Kharaj Mukherjee, Manoj Mitra
Rôle Nandini
Note61% 3.099253.099253.099253.099253.09925
Rahul Roy, (Jeet) as called by his friends and family, is the son of a multi-millionaire called Arup Roy (B.D.Mukherjee). He is born and brought up in comfort and luxury and for him life is just a game and he is accustomed to lavish lifestyle. He is portrayed to be a happy go lucky character and quite popular with the female kind. He comes across Nandini (Koel Mallick), a young & charming doctor. Rahul challenges his friends that he would make her fall in love within few days. Rahul invites Nandini for coffee after a dance programme and proposes to her.
Mon Je Kore Uru Uru, 2h15
Acteurs Koel Mallick, Hiran Chatterjee, Biswajit Chakraborty, N.K. Salil, Laboni Sarkar
Rôle Diya

Rahul (হিরণ) belongs to a middle-class family. He is a young lazy guy. He is insulted by his father( Supriyo Dutta) all the time for being a jobless and lazy guy and always pampered by his mother( Laboni sarkar) who is always at her son's side and she helps her son in doing other things without letting his father know. The film starts with Rahul's father scolding Rahul for getting up late in the morning and his mother saving him. Rahul has a group of friends who are just like him. They form a bachelor's club called 'Mon Je Kore Uru Uru'.
Bolo Na Tumi Aamar
Réalisé par Sujit Mondal
Genres Romance
Acteurs Dev, Koel Mallick, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Tota Roy Choudhury, Bharat Kaul
Rôle Madhurima Chatterjee

Abhishek meets Madhurima, a medical student in North Bengal. After they return to Kolkata, they keep on bumping into each other. Abhishek works as a pizza delivery boy. Madhurima’s marriage is fixed with Soumyadeep Sen, a cop, as her father saw her with Abishek on her scooter. Since it was Abhishek's fault, he wants to help Madhurima and so he goes and tells Soumyadeep that he loves Madhurima. Soumyadeep being a very ‘nice guy’ calls off the marriage. Meanwhile Madhurima's father fixes her marriage with another guy so Soumyadeep whisks them away and gets them married off. They stay in a huge flat belonging to Soumyadeep. A line is drawn in the house so they don’t cross the line as they stay separately. Slowly they become friends and more indulged in their relation. After Madhurima's exam she got her result and saw that she failed in one subject. Thinking it to be Abhishek's fault, she insults him on his birthday and asks for divorce and also asks him to leave the flat. After some days Madhurima requires 2Lakhs (50,000 at first) immediately as fees to appear for her exams. It is Abhishek who doubles up as a stuntman, signs a contract and quietly goes and pays the money without informing Madhurima as he started loving her. When the results come out, Madhurima becomes the all India topper. She longs to meet Abhishek whom she had asked to leave the house and comes to know he is in hospital as he had injured himself while performing a dangerous stunt. On her way to meet him, Madhurima is taken into custody on some false charges by a cop Inspector Rudra who wanted to take revenge against her father, a retired cop. Abhishek lands up there after getting a call from Madhurima who had managed to call him another person’s phone. He starts beating up the cops, but he gets beaten up himself black and blue .He again somehow manages to get up and again starts bashing up the cops and nearly kills Rudra. Soumyadeep appears there and prevents him from doing so and asks Madhurima’s father to accept them who does so readily.
Jackpot (2009)
, 2h
Réalisé par Kaushik Ganguly
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Koel Mallick, Hiran Chatterjee, Arunoday Banerjee - Rahul, Sohini Paul, Biswajit Chakraborty, Dev
Rôle Koyel
Note54% 2.7369352.7369352.7369352.7369352.736935
The film is about a reality show organized by Star Ananda, where the two finalists, Arka (Hiran Chatterjee) from the hills and Dodo (Rahul Banerjee) from Sundarbans Sajnekhali, are given two tasks to fulfill. Dodo is given the duty of a police constable at Bhawanipur police station while Arka is given the duty of a driver. They are given three days and two nights to battle out and the prize is fixed at Rs. 1 Crore. The one who makes fewer mistakes wins the jackpot.