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Ken Metcalfe est un Acteur et Scénariste

Ken Metcalfe

Ken Metcalfe
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Ken Metcalfe is an actor who has acted in over 44 movies. Many of his films have been set in the Philippines.

He is also a writer who has written for the following films, Dynamite Wong and TNT Jackson 1974, Bamboo Gods And Iron Men 1974, T.N.T. Jackson 1975, Firecracker aka The Naked Fist and Warriors of the Apocalypse. He has also been involved in casting for Apocalypse Now and Hamburger Hill .

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Eddie Romero
(6 films)
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Vic Díaz
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John Ashley
(4 films)
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Filmographie de Ken Metcalfe (16 films)

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Dans les bras de l'enfer, 1h30
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Guerre, Action, Aventure
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs David Carradine, Mako Iwamatsu, Steve James, Ken Metcalfe, Pen Medina, James Gaines
Rôle Gen. Weaver
Note50% 2.5215452.5215452.5215452.5215452.521545
A la fin de la guerre du Vietnam, le colonel James Cooper doit récupérer des prisonniers de guerre.
L'implacable ninja, 1h41
Réalisé par Menahem Golan
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Thriller, Art martial, Action, Policier, Wuxiapian
Thèmes Sport, Arts martiaux
Acteurs Franco Nero, Susan George, Sho Kosugi, Christopher George, Will Hare, Derek Webster
Rôle Elliot
Note52% 2.605192.605192.605192.605192.60519
Après avoir terminé sa formation de ninja au Japon, Cole (Franco Nero), un soldat vétéran de l'Angola rend visite à son ancien frère d'armes Frank Landers (Alex Courtney) et fait connaissance avec l'épouse de celui-ci, Mary Ann Landers (Susan George). Les Landers possèdent une ferme aux Philippines, et sont fréquemment harcelés par un homme d'affaires du nom de Charles Venarius (Christopher George), qui souhaite acquérir leur propriété. À leur insu, les terres des Landers cachent d'importantes nappes de pétrole. Cole, grâce à ses talents de ninja, n'a guère de difficulté à repousser les attaques répétées des sbires de Venarius. Mais ce dernier finit par faire appel à Hasegawa (Sho Kosugi), un autre ninja, rival de Cole. L'intrigue se corse lorsque Cole a une aventure avec Mary Ann, la femme de son ami Frank.
Up from the Depths, 1h15
Réalisé par Charles B. Griffith
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Horreur
Acteurs Sam Bottoms, Virgil Frye, R. Lee Ermey, Ken Metcalfe
Note28% 1.448391.448391.448391.448391.44839
The staff and vacationers at a first-class resort on the island of Maui are beginning to mysteriously disappear. A biologist believes that an underwater earthquake has caused a giant and very hungry dormant prehistoric fish to be released from his slumber. Voraciously the fish helps himself to a tourist buffet. Now it's open season for the local fishermen to find the creature and kill it.
Sudden Death, 1h29
Réalisé par Eddie Romero
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Action
Acteurs Robert Conrad, Don Stroud, John Ashley, Felton Perry, Vic Díaz, Bill Raymond
Note59% 2.965062.965062.965062.965062.96506
When Ed Neilson's entire family is viciously murdered, he pleads with retired CIA operative Duke Smith (Robert Conrad) to investigate. He refuses, but relents after Neilson too meets an explosive death.
Cover Girl Models
Réalisé par Cirio H. Santiago
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Action
Acteurs Lindsay Bloom, Mary Woronov, Vic Díaz, Tony Ferrer, Joonee Gamboa, Ken Metcalfe
Note48% 2.403132.403132.403132.403132.40313
Three fashion models travel from Los Angeles to Hong Kong for a shoot. Barbara accidentally comes in possession of some microfilm and is chased by secret service agents. Claire tries to get a role in a film. Mandy tries to make it as a model and falls for their photographer.
Bamboo Gods and Iron Men, 1h36
Origine Hong kong
Genres Drame, Comédie, Action, Aventure, Policier
Acteurs James Iglehart, Shirley Washington, Ken Metcalfe, Chiquito, Eddie García, Marissa Delgado
Note51% 2.594522.594522.594522.594522.59452
James Iglehart plays African-American prize fighter Cal Jefferson who is on a honeymoon holiday in Hong Kong with his new wife played by Shirley Washington. Cal comes across a drowning Chinese man whom he jumps in the sea to save. This now revived and very grateful mute man turns out to be someone they cannot get rid of. They finally get rid of him or so it seems. They purchase an item in Hong Kong which becomes the center of a gang's attention. The gang led by Kenneth Metcalfe will stop at nothing to retrieve the item. They leave Hong Kong for Manila, the Philippines and find themselves being attacked with the mute Chinese man coming to their assistance.
TNT Jackson, 1h8
Réalisé par Cirio H. Santiago
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Thriller, Action
Acteurs Chiquito, Stan Shaw, Max Alvarado, Ken Metcalfe, Leo Martinez, Joonee Gamboa
Rôle Sid
Note47% 2.366562.366562.366562.366562.36656
The film is about Diana Jackson (aka TNT), who learns her brother is missing. She suspects a powerful gangster and his friends are behind the disappearance. Determined to get at the truth, she goes to Hong Kong, and along with a friend named Joe, wages war on the criminal gang she's out to nail.
The Woman Hunt, 1h21
Réalisé par Eddie Romero
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Horreur
Acteurs John Ashley, Pat Woodell, Sid Haig, Ken Metcalfe, Eddie García, Alona Alegre
Note51% 2.558852.558852.558852.558852.55885
Some mercenaries Tony (John Ashley), Silas (Sid Haig) and Karp (Ken Metcalf) have been kidnapping women and taking them to an island where a wealthy man named Spyros (Eddie Garcia) assembles a group to hunt the women. Tony begins to question what he is doing and helps McGee (Pat Woodell), Billie (Charlene Jones) and Lori (Laurie Rose) escape. Karp and Silas have a falling out and Karp kills Silas. Spyros' head of security, Magda (Lisa Todd) goes after the escapees but is killed in a trap. Billie and Lori are killed during the hunt and Tony kills Spyros. He and McGee escape to safety.
Savage! (1973)
, 1h21
Réalisé par Cirio H. Santiago
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Action, Aventure
Acteurs James Iglehart, Carol Speed, Vic Díaz, Eddie Gutierrez, Ken Metcalfe
Note63% 3.188713.188713.188713.188713.18871
Une aventure à petit budget avec l'ancienne star de baseball James Iglehart dans le rôle de Savage, qui est kidnappé par des rebelles sud-américains. Après un certain temps, il voit leur position et est rejoint par une équipe de commandos féminins dans la lutte contre les responsables du gouvernement répressif.
Fly Me
Fly Me (1973)
, 1h11
Réalisé par Cirio H. Santiago
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Action
Thèmes Transport, Aviation
Acteurs Lenore Kasdorf, Richard Young, Naomi Stevens, Dick Miller, Ken Metcalfe, Vic Díaz
Rôle Donald
Note52% 2.6391152.6391152.6391152.6391152.639115
Three young flight attendants fly from Los Angeles, California to Hong Kong. Toby's mother has followed her on the plane and Toby tries to lose her so she can romance a doctor, David. Andrea's lover Donald has gone missing. Shelley is smuggling drugs and is kidnapped by a white slave ring.
The Twilight People
Réalisé par Eddie Romero
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Horreur
Acteurs John Ashley, Pam Grier, Pat Woodell, Jan Merlin, Eddie García, Ken Metcalfe
Note39% 1.984421.984421.984421.984421.98442
While diving, Matt Farrell (Ashley) is kidnapped by Neva Gordon (Pat Woodell) and Steinman (Jan Merlin) and taken to an island where Neva's father Dr. Gordon (Charles Macauly) is experimenting, trying to make a "Super Race" by combining humans and animals. His creations are Ayesa the panther-woman (Grier), Kuzma the antelope-man (Ken Metcalfe), Darmo the bat-man (Tony Gonsalvez), Primo the ape-man (Kim Ramos), Lupa the wolf-woman (Mona Morena) and Doro the boar-man (who is shot down by Steinman while trying to flee early in the film). Dr. Gordon wants Farrell to be one of his upcoming experiments but Neva begins to doubt her fathers' work after a botched experiment on another test subject, Juan Pereira (Eddie Garcia). She decides to help Farrell and the animal people escape. As Steinman and his men hunt them down, Ayesa turns completely savage and is killed. A fierce gun-battle begins, and Farrell kills Steinman. Most of the other animal people are also killed, except Darmo, who is now able to fly and returns to the compound to attack Steinman's men. Dr. Gordon tries to escape, but is confronted and killed by the tree-woman who used to be his wife. At the end, Farrell and Neva watch as Darmo flies off.