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Kazue Ito est une Actrice Japonaise née le 7 décembre 1966 à Seya-ku (Japon)

Kazue Ito

Kazue Ito
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Nom de naissance Kazue Ito (伊藤 和枝)
Nationalité Japon
Naissance 7 décembre 1966 (53 ans) à Seya-ku (Japon)

Kazue Ito (伊藤 かずえ(伊藤 和枝), Itō Kazue), née le 7 décembre 1966, est une actrice japonaise de Seya-ku, Yokohama, préfecture de Kanagawa.


Kazue Ito a participé à École secondaire Kibogaoka et a fait ses débuts d'actrice en 1978 comme un talent Horipro et a également exprimé Shura dans le anime Rurouni Kenshin. Elle joue aussi un chanteur, y compris chansons sur le thème ouverture et se terminant de la série tokusatsu Morimori Bokkun. Ito est surtout connu pour son interprétation de Miki Masaki (真咲 美希, Masaki Miki) dans la série télévisée Super Sentai 2007 Juken Sentai Gekiranger. Elle a également dépeint la mère de Mako Shiraishi dans la série télévisée 2009 Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

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炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャー VS ゲキレンジャー, 57minutes
Genres Science-fiction, Action, Aventure
Thèmes Sport, Arts martiaux, Super-héros
Acteurs Yasuhisa Furuhara, Hidenori Tokuyama, Rina Aizawa, Yumi Sugimoto, Masahiro Usui, Sotaro
Note56% 2.8111352.8111352.8111352.8111352.811135
The story begins when Geki Red battles Nunchaku Banki after returning from his trip around the world for Natsume's birthday, with Geki Yellow and Geki Blue arriving to provide backup. After sending the Gekirangers into another dimension, the Go-ongers arrive before the Savage Machine Beast departs after his quarry. After clearing a misunderstanding with Geki Violet and Geki Chopper, the two bring them to SCRTC to see Master Xia Fu, with Hant revealing he met Miki at one of his past jobs at the Kyoryuya Curry Shop. After taking Xia Fu to the site, realizing the Gaiark are after Dōkokugan, he opens the path for them to follow as the Gekirangers are overwhelmed by Nunchaku Banki, who demands the sealed Long from Jyan. After the Gekirangers' reunion and meeting the Go-ongers, they take out the Ugats and overwhelm Nunchaku Banki. In retaliation, he steals the Engine Souls as the Pollution Ministers arrive with the mastermind of their scheme, Meka, who reveals himself as the last of Rinjū Hall's fighters. Using the Engine Souls as his hostages, Meka tricks Jyan in giving up the Dōkokugan to save the Engine Souls before sending the Rangers back to their world. As Meka pounds the Dōkokugan into an Engine Soul that is implanted into Nunchaku Banki, the Gekirangers attempt to teach the Go-ongers the ways of the Gekijūken style. Nunchaku Banki arrives to test his new-found power with Meka overseeing it to take in the suffering. The Go-on Wings arrive to take the two trouble makers out of the city before fighting them with what they learned from Gorie.
電影版 獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー ネイネイ!ホウホウ!香港大決戦, 33minutes
Genres Science-fiction, Fantasy, Action, Aventure
Thèmes Sport, Arts martiaux, Super-héros
Acteurs Hiroki Suzuki, Hirofumi Araki (荒木 宏文), Takagi Manpei, Yuka Hirata, Ichirō Nagai, Yinling (垠凌)

While in the middle of fighting, the Gekirangers and Mere are teleported to Hong Kong, along with Rio and various other martial artists around the world. Just as Rio and Jyan were about to fight, they meet the mysterious Lao Fan before seeing others brought to the island as well. They all then meet Miranda, the secretary to Yang, a media mogul who brought them all together for the Kenkonitteki Martial Arts Tournament (乾坤一擲武術会, Kenkonitteki Bujutsukai) to prove who's the strongest of them all. The first round of fighting leaves the Gekirangers, their Rinjūken rivals, Lao, Barnard Koyama, and Big the Goto as the winners. At the banquet hall, Ran, Retu, Rio, and Mere meet Yang Lo himself while Jyan follow Lao Fan and learns she's actually a member of the Hong Kong police who is investigating Yang, who founded Mechung Fu and used his tournament to gather strongest fighters as part of his plan to rule the world, finding the ideal Ki he needs: from the Jūken users. Geki Blue, Geki Yellow, Rio, and Mere attempt to fight off Miranda as Yang takes his leave, finding Jyan and Lao in his base of operations before they restrained him. However, the Ki Miranda collected before she died transfers to Yang's computer, transforming Yang into a cyborg Beastman before he starts absorbing more Ki to become a supreme being. The Gekirangers battle Yang Lo, refusing to give up in spite of him being stronger than them. Evading his defeat, Yan activates his giant robot Mechannon to terrorize the city. When GekiTohja proves no match for Mechannon, Rio and Mere take offense to Yang's comments on the Jūken style and are forced to help the Gekirangers by summoning RinLion and RinChameleon to combine with GekiTohja to form GekiRinTohja to destroy Mechannon, killing Yang in the process. Once the fight is over, in spite of the Gekirangers' amazement at the power of the united Jūken schools, Rio takes his leave with Mere telling them that nothing changed between them. The next day, Lao thanks the Gekirangers as they were about to leave for Japan when Miki, Natsume, and Xia Fu arrive for a vacation in Hong Kong.
PicNic (1996)
, 1h8
Réalisé par Shunji Iwai
Origine Japon
Genres Drame, Fantasy
Acteurs Chara, Tadanobu Asano, Fujiko Yamamoto, Kazue Ito, Keiichi Suzuki
Rôle Docteur
Note70% 3.5433253.5433253.5433253.5433253.543325
Deux fous, Satoru et Tsumuji, décident de grimper sur le mur de l'asile pour voir le monde extérieur, sans pour autant s'échapper. La jeune Coco, que ses parents viennent tout juste de faire interner, les suit et décide d'aller voir plus loin. Tous trois décident ainsi de parcourir le monde, toujours juchés sur un mur.