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Jisshu Sengupta est un Acteur Indien né le 15 mars 1977 à Calcutta (Inde)

Jisshu Sengupta

Jisshu Sengupta
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Nom de naissance Biswaroop Sengupta
Nationalité Inde
Naissance 15 mars 1977 (44 ans) à Calcutta (Inde)

Jisshu Sengupta, popularly known as Jisshu, is an Indian actor and television presenter. Though his real name is Biswaroop Sengupta, he is more famous as Jisshu, his pet name. He is the son of Ujjwal Sengupta, also an actor in Bengali films. His mother, Mukta Sengupta, was a homemaker and a wedding planner. Jisshu has an elder sister, Satarupa (Rai) Sengupta, who was previously married (now divorced) to Anindya Bose, the lead singer for the Bengali band Sahar. Initially, Jisshu was a cricketer, who represented Bengal in some sub junior games. But he was more keen to make a career in the Bengali film industry. He got his first break in a mega serial, Mahaprabhu, as the lead character, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He is a popular figure in contemporary Bengali television. He has recently (June 2011) made a comeback on Bengali television, with the megaserial Aparajito, which is being produced by his own company, Blue Water pictures, and is possibly the very first serial based on a male protagonist.

Jisshu has worked with renowned directors like Shyam Benegal (in Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero), Rituparno Ghosh (in The Last Lear (in which the co-actor was Amitabh Bachchan), Shob Charitro Kalponik, Chitrangada: The Crowning Wish and Abohoman), Aparna Sen (in Arshinagar) and with Gautam Ghose in Abar Aranye. He has also appeared in Bollywood films like Barfi!, Mardaani and Piku.

Jisshu is captain of the Bengal Tigers T20 team in the Indian Celebrity Cricket League. His half century in the match against the Kerala Strikers was well appreciated. Jisshu is also an anchor on Bengali television.


Jisshu's wife Nilanjana Sharma, whom he married in 2004, is the elder daughter of Anjana Bhowmick, another Bengali film actress in the Bengali film industry; her debut Bengali film was Swapner Feriwala (2002), directed by Subrata Sen.

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Ek Nadir Galpo
Réalisé par Samir Chanda
Genres Drame
Acteurs Mithun Chakraborty, Shweta Basu Prasad, Aanjjan Srivastav, Jisshu Sengupta

Ekk Nadir Galpo is taken from adaptation of short stories of Sunil Gangopadhay. Although initially set to be release on cinema, it went to film festival worldwide. The film has yet to be release officially.
Room No. 103
Réalisé par Aniket Chattopadhyay
Genres Drame, Thriller
Acteurs Soumitra Chatterjee, Anjana Basu, Kanchana Moitra, Jisshu Sengupta, Rajesh Sharma, Priyanka Sarkar
Note56% 2.8022.8022.8022.8022.802
The story of the film revolves around a hotel name Raat Din. Rudra Chatterjee is the manager of the hotel for 33 years. In these 33 years in the hotel he has gathered many experiences. He is narrating four stories in this film.
Nirbaak (2015)

Réalisé par Srijit Mukherji
Genres Drame
Acteurs Sushmita Sen, Anjan Dutt, Jisshu Sengupta, Ritwick Chakraborty, Biswajit Chakraborty
Rôle Rahul
Note64% 3.247513.247513.247513.247513.24751
'Nirbaak' (meaning speechless) depicts the stories of affection, lust, jealousy, love and separation of four entities (a human being, a tree, a dog and a dead body). In all these stories though there is one common bonding 'Sushmita Sen'.
Rajkahini (2015)
, 2h40
Réalisé par Srijit Mukherji
Genres Drame, Historique
Acteurs Rituparna Sengupta, Jisshu Sengupta, Saswata Chatterjee, Abir Chatterjee, Kaushik Sen, Sudipta Chakraborty
Rôle Kabir
Note72% 3.64623.64623.64623.64623.6462
In August 1947, the British passed a bill regarding the partition of Bengal. Delving into the grim history of the Partition, Mukherjee's movie Rajkahini is weaved around a border between the two nations that runs through a brothel housing 11 women.
PIKU (2015)
, 2h2
Réalisé par Shoojit Sircar
Genres Drame, Comédie
Thèmes Transport, Road movie
Acteurs Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Irrfan Khan, Moushumi, Moushumi Chatterjee, Jisshu Sengupta
Rôle Syed Afroz
Note75% 3.798413.798413.798413.798413.79841
Une comédie excentrique à propos de la relation entre un père vieillissant et sa jeune fille, vivant dans une ville cosmopolite.
জাতিস্মর, 2h30
Réalisé par Srijit Mukherji
Acteurs Prosenjit Chatterjee, Jisshu Sengupta, Swastika Mukherjee, Abir Chatterjee, Arunoday Banerjee - Rahul, Riya Sen
Rôle Rohit Mehta
Note79% 3.9939953.9939953.9939953.9939953.993995
In the present timeline, Rohit Mehta (Jisshu Sengupta), a Gujarati born and brought up in Calcutta, falls in love with Mahamaya (Swastika Mukherjee) and tries to woo her. Since he can just barely utter a few Bengali words (and that too in the wrong places), Mahamaya throws him a hurdle to cross - if he can write a song with correct Bengali lyrics and sing it without any accent or mistake, she would think of a possible relationship. Rohit accepts the challenge and goes to Portugal to study colonial history.
Obhishopto Nighty
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Paoli Dam, Indraneil Sengupta, Jisshu Sengupta, Parambrata Chatterjee, Tanusree Chakraborty, Arunoday Banerjee - Rahul
Note54% 2.7089852.7089852.7089852.7089852.708985
The story of the film revolves around a cursed nightie which changes hands in a logical manner, not magically. The original owner of the nightie had experienced unfulfilled love, which ultimately led to a curse on it.
Ek Phali Rodh, 1h47
Réalisé par Atanu Ghosh
Acteurs Dhritiman Chatterjee, Ritwick Chakraborty, Aparajita Ghosh Das, Tota Roy Choudhury, Jisshu Sengupta, Arunima Ghosh
Rôle Joy
Note66% 3.3267353.3267353.3267353.3267353.326735
Dr. Somshankar Roy, a social scientist, engages Swagato and Anwesha to create 'mock' crisis on the streets. The aim was to observe reactions of people to different forms of crisis happening around them, and to analyse and derive conclusions about human behaviour from them. But all theories and deductions go astray when they come face to face with a real crisis in their own lives and cannot decipher whether the crisis is MOCK or REAL.
Mardaani (2014)
, 1h51
Réalisé par Pradeep Sarkar
Genres Drame, Thriller, Action, Policier
Thèmes Sexualité, Le viol, Prostitution
Acteurs Rani Mukherjee, Jisshu Sengupta, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Mona Ambegaonkar, Avneet Kaur
Rôle Dr. Bikram Roy
Note72% 3.6474653.6474653.6474653.6474653.647465
Rencontrez Shivani Shivaji Roy, inspecteur principal, Service de la criminalité, police de Mumbai, alors qu'elle entreprend d'affronter le cerveau derrière la mafia du trafic d'enfants, qui commet l'erreur d'enlever et de passer en contrebande une adolescente qui est commes sa fille. Menant une guerre qui est très personnelle et dans une chasse obsessionnelle pour la fille, Shivani tombe dans le monde de la débauche, des désirs cruels et de l'exploitation et sur une affaire qui changera sa vie à jamais. Ce qui suit est un jeu de chat et de souris entre un flic intrépide et un jeune et impitoyable roi de la mafia.
Golemale Pirit Koro Na
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Jisshu Sengupta, Payel Sarkar, Ritwick Chakraborty, Sudipa Basu, Manasi Sinha, Kharaj Mukherjee
Rôle Gobindo
Note56% 2.822042.822042.822042.822042.82204
Two guys called Gouranga (Ritwick Chakraborty) and Gobindo (Jisshu Sengupta) meet in a nightclub and strike up a friendship and their cell phones get exchanged . When Gobinda comes to return the phone to Gouranga, he discovers that Gouranga has a cousin called Banya (Payel Sarkar) who is obsessed with Salman Khan and with the name called Prem and desires a boyfriend called Prem. So, he becomes Prem to impress her. Gouranga also lands up at Gobinda’s house and discovers that he has got a sister called Rai (Sumita) who desires a boyfriend called Prem and so he too becomes Prem too impress her. Just when the confusion had started, there was a complete chaos. Banya lands up at Gobindo’s place and discovers he is not Prem. Her dominating mother (Sudipa Basu) lands up there with her helping hand, Kandarpo (Kanchan Mullick), who is the would-be-suitor for Banya. Just when he reveals facts like Gobindo being an adopted son, it turns out to be much more than that and finally it is seen that Gobindo and Gouranga are brothers and so Banya is their cousin and therefore Gobindo can’t be with Banya anymore.
Barfi! (2012)
, 2h31
Réalisé par Anurag Basu
Origine Inde
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Comédie romantique, Aventure, Romance
Thèmes Maladie, La musique, Musique, Folie, Le handicap, Bollywood, L'autisme, Personne sourde ou muette
Acteurs Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Saurabh Shukla, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ileana D'Cruz, Roopa Ganguly
Rôle Ranjit Sengupta
Note80% 4.0489654.0489654.0489654.0489654.048965
L'action se déroule à Darjeeling. Murphy, surnommé Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor), est un jeune sourd-muet réputé pour ses farces. Le film relate ses relations avec la belle Shruti (Ileana D'Cruz), et Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra), une jeune autiste. L'irruption de ces deux jeunes femmes déclenche une série d’événements qui met la vie du trio sens dessus dessous.
Chitrangada, 2h15
Réalisé par Rituparno Gosh
Genres Drame
Thèmes Sexualité, Homosexualité, LGBT, LGBT
Acteurs Jisshu Sengupta, Rituparno Gosh, Anjan Dutt, Raima Sen, Deepankar De
Rôle Partho Majumdar
Note63% 3.1953553.1953553.1953553.1953553.195355
Rudra Chatterjee has spent his life going against social convention. As a young man he defied his father's wishes, and became a choreographer instead of an engineer. As he prepares with his team to stage Tagore's Chitrangada, he meets Partho, Jisshu Sengupta who is a drug-addict percussionist introduced to the team by the main dancer Kasturi Raima Sen. Soon, Rudra develops a chemistry with Partho and they are deep into a passionate love affair. During the course of their relationship, they decide to adopt a child. But there is one problem: same-sex couples are not permitted to adopt children. So Rudra decides to go through a gender change treatment to embrace the womanhood he longs for. But will this surgery change his life and fulfill all his long-cherished dreams? The story ends with the line 'Be What You Wish To Be'. The movie comes out with the message that it's your wish to choose your gender. The movie was a great success with the first class acting of Rituparno Ghosh and other casting crew. The movie exhibits the struggles and day-to-day life of a gay choreographer and his father and mother. It becomes an inspiration to a million for the acceptance of all people in the society and it also becomes an inspiration to the people who can relate themselves with Rudra. Hence the tagline of the film 'The Crowning Wish' is justified with this message. It is a must watch specially for the adult and young adults.
নৌকাডুবি, 2h6
Réalisé par Rituparno Gosh
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Prosenjit Chatterjee, Jisshu Sengupta, Raima Sen, Riya Sen, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Laboni Sarkar
Rôle Rameshchandra Chowdhury
Note75% 3.789153.789153.789153.789153.78915
A tender romance blossoming in early Kolkata between law student Ramesh and his friend's sister Hemnalini, is nipped suddenly when his father sends an urgent and mysterious summons from his village home. There, the dutiful son is peremptorily ordered to marry Susheela, daughter of a hapless widow. Ramesh refuses, confesses that his heart belongs to another. But the widow's fervent plea softens him ultimately. And he concedes, albeit with a heavy heart. The wedding takes place with due ceremony; and Ramesh sets out with his bride on a river boat journey back to Kolkata.