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Jesper Langberg est un Acteur Danois né le 20 octobre 1940

Jesper Langberg

Jesper Langberg
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Nationalité Danemark
Naissance 20 octobre 1940
Mort 29 juin 2019 (à 78 ans)

Jesper Langberg (born 20 October 1940) is a Danish film actor. He has appeared in over 50 films since 1965. He was born in Frederiksberg, Denmark. He is the son of actor Sigurd Langberg and younger brother of actor Ebbe Langberg.

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Filmographie de Jesper Langberg (19 films)

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La Candidate, 1h30
Origine Danemark
Genres Thriller
Acteurs Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Ulf Pilgaard, Laura Christensen, Tuva Novotny, David Dencik, Kim Bodnia
Rôle Jørgen Hammel
Note61% 3.097293.097293.097293.097293.09729
Rouage d'un système judiciaire sans scrupule, un avocat est un jour accusé de meurtre. Il décide de se défendre seul en se lançant à la poursuite du groupe de corbeaux ligué contre lui.
Le Fil de la vie
Origine Danemark
Genres Drame, Science-fiction, Fantasy, Aventure, Animation, Romance
Acteurs James McAvoy, Catherine McCormack, Julian Glover, Iben Hjejle, Jonas Karlsson, Derek Jacobi
Rôle Nezo (voice)
Note68% 3.44793.44793.44793.44793.4479
À la suite de la mort de l'empereur d'Hebalon, le jeune prince Hal part espionner les Zerith, leurs ennemis de toujours, pour découvrir la vérité et venger son père. Durant son périple, il va rencontrer l'amour et en apprendre plus sur son peuple.
Kongekabale, 1h47
Réalisé par Nikolaj Arcel
Genres Drame, Thriller
Thèmes Film sur un écrivain, Journalisme
Acteurs Anders W. Berthelsen, Nicolas Bro, Søren Pilmark, Lars Mikkelsen, Ulf Pilgaard, Helle Fagralid
Rôle Aksel Bruun
Note72% 3.64543.64543.64543.64543.6454
Eleven days before the parliamentary election, the Centre Party's main candidate, who is about to become the next Danish Prime Minister and his wife have a car accident. His situation is critical and nobody knows if he will survive. Even his wife, who is also hospitalised, is not informed. The next day, Torp is assigned to cover the election. Quickly, he is drawn into the internal power struggle in the Centre Party where two very different politicians, Erik Dreyer and Lone Kjeldsen, show interest in gaining power and potentially becoming the next Prime Minister. Torp, the son of a previous justice minister, writes his first front-page story after a tip-off from the Centre Party press coordinator, Peter Schou. The story turns out to be "planted spin" in order to damage Lone Kjeldsen (Nastja Arcel) to allow the advantage to Dreyer who benefits from her lost credibility.
Olsen-banden går amok
Réalisé par Erik Balling
Origine Danemark
Genres Comédie, Policier
Thèmes Hold up
Acteurs Ove Sprogøe, Morten Grunwald, Poul Arne Bundgaard, Kirsten Walther, Peter Steen, Preben Kaas
Rôle Police Assistant
Note69% 3.493553.493553.493553.493553.49355
Film starts with a robbery scene, Egon is about to open Franz Jäger safe in local cinema with his two partners, out of sudden comes Benny's brother Harry which is dynamite specialist. He is also alcohol addict and was drinking before the action and because of his clumsy moves he turns on the alarm, police comes and Egon is caught. After 8 months in prison Egon comes out with brand new plan to rob mobster which has warehouse with frozen food as a cover-up for his illegal business. Unfortunately for Egon, Benny and Kjeld have no longer interest in thievery as they both found jobs in a local shop and Ben is engaged to the store's manager. Harry feels guilty for the last action and helps Egon to make criminals from Ben and Kjeld again. He succeeds and his ingenious plan as usually works almost flawlessly so they're getting the money, but with Ben and Kjeld as a partners he can be certain that they won't be wealthy for a long time.