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Jeff Burr est un Acteur, Réalisateur, Scénariste et Producteur Américain né le 1963 à Aurora (Etats-Unis)

Jeff Burr

Jeff Burr
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Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 1963 (60 ans) à Aurora (Etats-Unis)

Jeff Burr est un acteur, producteur, réalisateur et scénariste américain né en 1963 à Aurora, dans l'Ohio (États-Unis).

Le plus souvent avec

Charles Band
Charles Band
(7 films)
Joe Unger
Joe Unger
(6 films)
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Live Evil
Live Evil (2009)
, 1h37
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Action, Horreur
Thèmes Fantômes, Vampire
Acteurs Tim Thomerson, Ken Foree, Tiffany Shepis, Lee Perkins, Jenny Hendrix, Jeff Burr
Rôle Bathroom Trucker
Note40% 2.03552.03552.03552.03552.0355
Vampires are finding their own undead bodies being mutated by the pollution of the host's blood, tainted with hard drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol, diabetes, anti-depressants, and cigarettes: substances that change the blood and makes it undrinkable for vampires. The scarcity of good blood has incited an underground civil war between various groups of vampires. A clique of 4 vampires, led by Benedict (Mark Hengst), struggle to find sustenance by seeking victims with untainted blood. The group is being stalked by a samurai sword-wielding vampire-killing Priest (Tim Thomerson), who leaves a note on the bodies of slain vampires in the form of a playing card inscribed with the words "Live Evil". In order to survive both their race's own fierce infighting and the biological pollution found in human blood, the group desperately seeks out Max (Ken Foree), a "blood pusher" who steals from hospital blood banks to offer the freshest and purest blood around. But they may not have time to enjoy it, because the vengeful Priest is hot on their trail.
Sutures (2009)
, 1h23
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Thriller, Horreur
Thèmes Maladie, Psychologie, Folie
Acteurs Christopher John Thomason, Allison Lange, Jeff Burr, Jason London, Andrew Prine, B.J.Britt
Rôle Dr. Sanger
Note41% 2.0630852.0630852.0630852.0630852.063085
Une bande de jeunes croisent la route d'un chirurgien qui a tendance à opérer des patients bien portants. Ils découvrent qu'il fait partie d'une organisation qui fait du trafic d'organes...
The Mangler Reborn, 1h24
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Horreur
Acteurs Aimee Brooks, Jeff Burr, Reggie Bannister, Juliana Dever
Rôle Lawnmowing Man
Note31% 1.5865851.5865851.5865851.5865851.586585
Hadley est un réparateur qui découvre des morceaux de la presseuse de The Mangler et la reconstruit. La presseuse prend possession de son esprit et Hadley enlève plusieurs femmes pour nourrir la machine. Deux cambrioleurs pénètrent une nuit chez Hadley.
Zombiegeddon, 1h22
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie horrifique, Horreur
Thèmes Maladie, Zombie, Épidémie, Comédie horrifique, Film catastrophe
Acteurs Felissa Rose, Edwin Neal, Linnea Quigley, Tom Savini, Uwe Boll, Joe Estevez
Rôle Phil (voice)
Note31% 1.5839251.5839251.5839251.5839251.583925
Two bad cops (played by Ari Bavel and Paul Darrigo) find themselves engaged in a battle against evil Hellspawn.
Maniac Trasher, 1h32
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Thriller, Horreur
Thèmes Maladie, La prison, Psychologie, Tueur en série, Folie
Acteurs Paulina Porizkova, Larry Drake, Judd Nelson, Jürgen Prochnow, Jeff Burr
Rôle Fergusson (uncredited)
Note41% 2.064722.064722.064722.064722.06472
Après une longue traque dans les égouts dans lesquels il s'abrite, Trasher, un homme fou et sinistre, est fait prisonnier dans un asile sous la surveillance du Dr Maggie Belham. Mais il finit par s'évader et c'est la panique dans toute la ville...
Witchouse II: Blood Coven, 1h15
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Horreur
Acteurs Andrew Prine, Jeff Burr, Ted Newsom
Rôle Guy on Sidewalk
Note46% 2.3393352.3393352.3393352.3393352.339335
A supposedly haunted house in Covington County is being plowed over to make way for a shopping mall when four, unmarked graves are unearthed. A professor and her students are called in to identify the bodies. Unfortunately, these are the remains of Lilith LeFay and her Blood Coven. During an experiment, the professor mingles her blood with DNA fragments from Lilith's remains leading to her possession. One by one, the students transform into members of the coven to wreak havoc on the town that betrayed and killed them over 300 years ago.
La Ville fantôme, 1h35
Réalisé par Jeff Burr
Genres Horreur, Western
Acteurs Jim Metzler, Belinda Montgomery, Jimmy Herman, Jeff Burr
Rôle oncle Jack
Note47% 2.3866352.3866352.3866352.3866352.386635
Mike un adolescent de seize ans et ses deux frères et sœurs âgés d’une dizaine d’années décident de partir à la recherche de leurs parents après qu’ils n'ont pas donné signe de vie pendant plusieurs jours.


The Telling
Réalisé par Jeff Burr
Genres Thriller, Horreur
Acteurs Najarra Townsend, Rebekah Kochan, John D'Aquino, Diane Salinger, Christine Nguyen, Sara Jean Underwood
Note33% 1.6671651.6671651.6671651.6671651.667165
The Telling is a horror anthology film. In the prologue, Brianna (Najarra Townsend), after being harshly rejected from a sorority, is found dead at a party from overdosing on prescription drugs and alcohol. Scrawled in lipstick on a nearby mirror are the words "You made me do this."
Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy, 1h30
Réalisé par Jeff Burr
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Horreur
Thèmes Sport, Mise en scène d'un robot
Acteurs Mil Máscaras, Willard E. Pugh, Richard Lynch, P. J. Soles
Note69% 3.486763.486763.486763.486763.48676
An Aztec mummy is resurrected in a ceremony in which the blood of a human sacrifice is dripped onto the mummified remains. The mummy possesses a scepter with a jewel that can be used to control people’s minds for purposes of world conquest. Mil Máscaras learns of the mummy’s plans and is determined to thwart him.
Devil's Den
Réalisé par Jeff Burr
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Thriller, Action, Horreur
Thèmes Religion, Diable
Acteurs Kelly Hu, Devon Sawa, Ken Foree, Dawn Olivieri, Jacki R. Chan
Note46% 2.3105352.3105352.3105352.3105352.310535
A group of pleasure-seeking young adults enter a strip club and discover that it is a satanic establishment that requires them to check their souls at the door. In order to make it through the night alive, they have to battle with a horde of blood-drinking she-demons whose power is drawn directly from the lord of the underworld.
Straight Into Darkness, 1h35
Réalisé par Jeff Burr
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Guerre, Action, Aventure
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Scott MacDonald, Linda Thorson, James LeGros, Daniel Roebuck, David Warner
Note50% 2.5052952.5052952.5052952.5052952.505295
When two American GIs desert their platoon in the final days of World War II, they find themselves struggling against all odds to stay alive. Their journey brings them together with a band of orphans who are expertly trained killing machines to try to defeat a Nazi battalion.Produced by Mark Hanna and Chuck Williams. Directed by Jeff Burr.