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Jay Brazeau est un Acteur Canadien né le 22 décembre 1953 à Winnipeg (Canada)

Jay Brazeau

Jay Brazeau
Jay Brazeau a participé à 90 films (en tant qu'acteur, réalisateur ou scénariste).
Parmis ceux là, 1 ont bien marchés suivant le box office France et Monde.

Voici les meilleurs films classés par le nombre d'entrées :


Le P'tit Chaos, 10minutes
Réalisé par Richard Condie
Origine Canada
Genres Comédie, Animation
Thèmes Arme nucléaire
Acteurs Jay Brazeau
Note71% 3.593993.593993.593993.593993.59399
A married couple gets into an argument while playing Scrabble. Their cat has just chewed through the power cable for their television, so they don't notice that a nuclear war has begun. The husband complains about his wife's habit of shaking her eyes, while she points out he has the bad habit of sawing the furniture from watching the TV show "Sawing for Teens" (the show is interrupted so that the warning can be given). They barely notice that there is panic in the streets. In the end, they reconcile after the husband plays a love song on a concertina. Afterwards, just as they start to open the door, they are vaporized by a nuclear bomb and instantly arrive in Heaven. Still unaware of what has happened, they comment on what a beautiful day it is and return to finish their Scrabble game.