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Ilavarasu est un Acteur, Producteur et Directeur de la Photographie Indien né le 1 janvier 1964


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Nationalité Inde
Naissance 1 janvier 1964 (56 ans)

Ilavarasu is an Indian cinematographer-turned-actor, who works in the Tamil film industry. He started his career as a cinematographer and worked for 13 films, winning a Tamil Nadu State Film Award for one of them. He, however, became better known as an actor, after he debuted and appeared in pivotal roles in Bharathiraja's and Cheran's films. He first appeared in a minuscule role in Bharathiraja's 1987 film Vedham Pudhidhu, and has since starred in over 50 Tamil films mostly in supporting roles.

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(24 films)
(20 films)
(19 films)
S. Manivannan
S. Manivannan
(16 films)
M. S. Bhaskar
M. S. Bhaskar
(17 films)
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Killadi (2015)

Genres Drame, Action
Acteurs Bharath, Meera Chopra, Vivek, Roja, Ilavarasu, Avinash
Note43% 2.196992.196992.196992.196992.19699
Dharani (Bharath), an intrepid college student, drops Anjali (Nila), who is running away from home to escape a marriage with her rowdy uncle Bhavani (Vincent Asokan), at the bus stand but Bhavani and her arrogant mother Angayarkanni (Roja) mistake him for her lover. Now, Dharani and his family become their targets but they hardly realize that he is more than a match for them.
Rajathandhiram, 2h15
Genres Drame, Thriller, Comédie, Policier, Romance
Thèmes Hold up
Acteurs Veera, Regina Cassandra, Aadukalam Naren, Ilavarasu, Darbuka Siva, Srihari
Rôle Sethu Madhavan
Note76% 3.8415053.8415053.8415053.8415053.841505
Arjun (Veera Bahu) and his two friends make a living out of conning people for a few thousands and are quite good at it. When Arjun falls for a girl, Michelle (Regina Cassandra), he agrees to Deva’s (Ajai Prasath) plan of stepping up to nail a big con job so that he can help her from financial stress. The con job sets off a chain of events that lead to a riveting cat-and-mouse game with a heist at its fulcrum.
En Vazhi Thani Vazhi, 2h10
Réalisé par Shaji Kailas
Genres Action
Acteurs R. K., Poonam Kaur, Meenakshi Dixit, Radha Ravi, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rajiv Krishna
Note49% 2.4868952.4868952.4868952.4868952.486895
En Vazhi Thani Vazhi is the story of a police officer who takes on corrupt system and criminals.
Papanasam (2015)
, 3h1
Réalisé par Jeethu Joseph
Genres Drame, Thriller, Policier
Acteurs Kamal Haasan, Gautami, Asha Sarath, Kalabhavan Mani, Niveda Thomas, Anant Mahadevan
Rôle Constable Shanmugam
Note83% 4.1954154.1954154.1954154.1954154.195415
Jusqu'où irez-vous pour sauver votre famille ? Soyambulingam, un autodidacte vit paisiblement dans un petit village. Il gère son entreprise dans le plus grand bonheur, jusqu'au jour où une lourde charge pèse sur lui et sa famille. Arrivera-t-il à déjouer la machine judiciaire ?
36 Vayadhinile, 1h55
Réalisé par Rosshan Andrrews
Origine Inde
Genres Drame
Acteurs Jyothika, Rashin Rahman, Abhirami, Nassar, Ilavarasu, Delhi Ganesh
Rôle Vegetable merchant
Note69% 3.49183.49183.49183.49183.4918
Vasanthi mène une vie effacée auprès de Tamizhselvan, son mari, et Mithila, leur fille. Tamizhselvan a l'opportunité d'émigrer en Irlande, mais Vasanthi ne parvient pas à trouver un travail lui permettant de l'accompagner. Elle se prépare donc à voir partir son mari et sa fille alors qu'elle vit par ailleurs un épisode particulièrement humiliant. Mais ces événements sont aussi l'occasion de prendre un nouveau départ.
ஒரு கன்னியும் மூணு களவாணிகளும்
Réalisé par Chimbu Deven
Genres Comédie, Comédie romantique, Romance
Acteurs Arulnithi, Bindu Madhavi, Nassar, Ashrita Shetty, M. S. Bhaskar, Bagavathi Perumal
Note61% 3.053473.053473.053473.053473.05347
Three friends Tamil, Malar and Esakki, who are planning to kidnap Isabella, Tamil's girlfriend, who is being forced by her rich father to marry against her wishes. Chakkaravarthy enter the scene with an Main Villain.
வீரம், 2h35
Réalisé par Siva
Genres Comédie, Action, Romance
Acteurs Ajith Kumar, Tamannaah Bhatia, Santhanam, Bala, Abhinaya, Vidharth
Rôle Azhagappan
Note64% 3.2482553.2482553.2482553.2482553.248255
Vinayagam (Ajith) is a brave person living in a village called Oddanchatram, who lives with his four brothers Murugan (Bala), Shanmugam (Vidharth), Kumaran (Suhail) and Senthil (Munish). The elder brother loves the younger ones to the core, and sacrifices his happiness for their good. They are often caught in fights and they are proud of it. Advocate Bail Perumal (Santhanam), who bails them out whenever legal issues arise because of their brawls. Vinayagam hates the idea of marriage as he feels that his wife might create disharmony among brothers. Though the four younger brothers say that they don't want to either fall in love or get married, when Vinayagam is not around, they all have their secret lovers. Now, in order to get the green light for their love stories, they learn through his brother's childhood friend Collector Subbu (Ramesh Kanna) that Vinayakam, in school, was in love with a girl named Koppuram Devi (fondly called Kopu) and his brothers hatch a plan to find her and reintroduce her to Vinayakam, so he can fall for her all over again. But she's married now and has kids. So the brothers conspire to do the most logical thing, which is to find another woman named Koppuram Devi (fondly called Kopu), because, you see, Vinayakam was not in love with that girl so much as her name, and when he meets another (completely random) girl with that name, he is sure to lose his heart to her, just because she bears that name. Though initially reluctant later Vinayakam himself falls in love with her. He clashes with a goon called Vanangamudi (Pradeep Rawat) to take care of market in the village. Vanangamudi tries to kill Vinayagam's brothers while Vinayagam kidnaps Vanangamudi's son (Amit Kumar Tiwari) after clashing, Vinayagam orders Vanangamudi to leave this village.
Lingaa (2014)
, 2h58
Réalisé par K.S.Ravikumar
Genres Drame, Comédie, Action
Acteurs Rajinikanth, Anushka Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha, Vadivelu, Santhanam, Karunakaran
Rôle Samipillai
Note55% 2.799292.799292.799292.799292.79929
De l’Inde pré-indépendante à nos jours, un riche propriétaire se dresse, aux côtés des villageois opprimés, contre l’Administration anglaise, puis l’Etat indien, pour la construction et la sauvegarde d’un barrage, dans l’Etat du Tamil Nadu.
Sathuranga Vettai
Genres Thriller, Comédie, Policier
Thèmes Hold up
Acteurs Natarajan Subramaniam, Ponvannan, Ilavarasu
Rôle Chettiyar
Note79% 3.9920653.9920653.9920653.9920653.992065
The protagonist in the film, Gandhi Babu (Natraj) is a skilled conman. He dreams up ingenious scams and executes them perfectly. He sells ignorant people ordinary snakes claiming that they are exotic and will fetch crores in the international market. He promotes a non-existent 'multi-level marketing' company with its controversial chain referral schemes promising a BMW car within the year. And the climax has him pulling off 'the rice pulling scam', one of the most high-profile scams of recent times. About 40 minutes into the film Gandhi Babu is arrested and multiple cases filed against him. But the money he has scammed over the years comes to his rescue and he is released. He is not in the least remorseful and continues to manipulate everyone. He believes that if a person is foolish or greedy enough to be duped, then the person is to be blamed. He argues that every election voters are conned by the candidates who promise them the moon, but never come through. Banu (Ishara Nair) is from a poor family. She comes to work for him and falls for his charms. Despite having a soft corner for her, money is Gandhi Babu's first priority and he abandons her. Some of his friends betray him and is beaten to pulp. Banu looks after him for some time and they get married. She becomes pregnant. Towards the end of the film, a group of people whom he had tricked, capture him. They threaten him to settle their lump sum of money. He performs a final heist to hand over the money to them. The passage of money results in a tussle. Babu kills each one of them and returns to his wife and child with the money. Finally, the look on her face makes him realise the value of life and leaves the money to the police custody.
Thillu Mullu, 2h20
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Shiva, Isha Talwar, Prakash Raj, Kovai Sarala, Soori, Sathyan
Rôle Pasupathy's Uncle
Note43% 2.15752.15752.15752.15752.1575
Pasupathy (Shiva) is a go lucky guy who wanders without any purpose. He is living with his younger sister Kavitha (Monisha) and house maid Senthamarai (Kovai Sarala) who is a part-time liquor seller in black market. Pasupathy's sister is in love with his close friend Mano (Soori) which Pasupathy is not aware. His friend indirectly tries to convey that matter to him to which he does not understand. Pasupathy has a maternal uncle (Ilavarasu) who is a lawyer and their care taker since their parents died. Pasupathy loses his house to a bank on a surety crisis which involved his father. Hence he is compelled to settle in job. Pasupathy's uncle applies for an opening in his friend's mineral water company 'Classique' for marketing head post. He gives many instructions about the owner Sivagurunathan (Prakash Raj) who is an ardent devotee of Lord Murugan and who is against recommendations. Pasupathy manages to get job by dressing in a simple Gandhian manner, faking as a Murugan devotee and tells he follows very valuable principles written in the book of Sivagurnathan himself which attracts Sivagurunathan.