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Igor Ledogorov est un Acteur Néo-Zélandais né le 9 mai 1932 à Moscou (Russie)

Igor Ledogorov

Igor Ledogorov
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Nom de naissance Igor Vadimovich Ledogorov
Nationalité Nouvelle zelande
Naissance 9 mai 1932 à Moscou (Russie)
Mort 10 février 2005 (à 72 ans)

Igor Vadimovich Ledogorov (Russian: Игорь Вадимович Ледогоров ; 9 May 1932 – 10 February 2005) was a Russian actor.


Igor Ledogorov was born on 9 May 1932 at Moscow. Since the beginning of The Great Patriotic War he and his family was in evacuation in Tashkent. Here he first came into contact with the world of cinema, the crowd participated in the famous picture director Leonid Lukov Two Soldiers.

In 1958, he graduated from Tashkent Polytechnic Institute, where he was a party to the collective dramatic, artistic director was Honored Artist of the RSFSR Nikolay Khlibko. Also in Tashkent e entered the Theatre and Art Institute. Alexander Ostrovsky, graduated in 1964.

The first significant work was the role of the actor Nikolay Bauman in eponymous historical-biographical film directed by Semen Tumanov.

On 1967 to 1969 and Ledogorov played Leningrad Theater Lenin Komsomol. Then, having become acquainted with Igor Vladimirov, he moved to Тheater Lensoviet. There he spent three years playing in productions of Warsaw Melody (from Alisa Freindlich), The Road to Calvary, The Forty-First.

In 1971 Igor Ledogorov came to DATS. On the stage of this theater he performed until 1997 and, until his departure abroad.

In 1997 from the actor after his son Vadim emigrated to New Zealand.

Ledogorov died on 10 February 2005 in Hamilton. He was buried in Cambridge (Hautapu) Public Cemetery.

Source : Wikidata

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Hong ying tao, 2h
Genres Drame, Guerre
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Igor Ledogorov, Natalia Kratchkovskaïa
Note68% 3.4425553.4425553.4425553.4425553.442555
The film begins in the early summer of 1941, at the Ivanov International School in Moscow. Luo Xiaoman and Chuchu were two new students who had come to Russia after the brutal White Terror in China killed their parents (as Chuchu described in front of her class how her father, a communist revolutionary, being executed in front of her by the Kuomintang). Chuchu and Luo quickly learned to fit in with the other international students and they also learned to speak Russian fluently.
À travers les ronces vers les étoiles, 2h28
Genres Science-fiction, Aventure
Thèmes L'espace, La musique, Adaptation d'une œuvre littéraire de science-fiction, Le futur, Musique, Space opera, Extraterrestre
Acteurs Alexander Lazarev, Aleksandr Yakovlevich Mikhailov, Igor Ledogorov, Gleb Strizhenov
Rôle Ambassador Rakan
Note59% 2.996812.996812.996812.996812.99681
In the 23rd century a reconnaissance starship discovers a dead alien spaceship of unknown origin in deep space. The crew are found to be humanoid bodies, made by an advanced cloning process. One humanoid woman appears to be alive but has memory loss and is brought back to Earth. Scientist Sergei Lebedev settles her in his own house and names her Niya.
Teens in the Universe, 1h24
Genres Science-fiction, Comédie, Aventure
Acteurs Innokenti Smoktounovski, Vasili Merkuryev, Alexander Lenkov, Natalya Fateyeva, Igor Ledogorov, Nikolaï Pogodine
Rôle Agapit's father
Note67% 3.385963.385963.385963.385963.38596
Après un voyage écourté, une expédition interstellaire composée de jeunes adolescents rejoint prématurément son objectif : Alpha Cassiopée. Ceux qui ne devait atteindre la planète qu'à l'âge adulte découvrent qu'une race intelligente de robot a prit le contrôle de la planète, réduisant l'humanité en place à des "légumes", les privant de toutes émotions telle que l'amour. Les enfants vont tenter de les libérer du joug de leur oppresseur...
Ot zari do zari, 1h42
Acteurs Nikolai Pastukhov, Igor Ledogorov, Janna Prokhorenko, Lyubov Sokolova

Ordinary village house where an old Russian oven peacefully coexists with a gas stove. On the walls of honor, pennant drummer communist labor, photos. Here lives the operator zernotoka one of the Ural collective farms Fedor Roznov. Now here comes Rozhnova in-law, who had just returned, as they say, from places not so remote. He got there because of his wife's eldest daughter Rozhnova Hope. Jealous of it to one person, gave vent to his hands, well ... Hope is not home - she lives in the city and found there seemed to be their happiness, and the yard runs her six-year-old son Sergei. In-law and father in law to be a difficult conversation.
La neige chaude, 1h45
Genres Drame, Guerre
Thèmes Politique, Politique
Acteurs Yuriy Nazarov, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Vadim Semyonovich Spiridonov, Boris Tokarev, Igor Ledogorov, Aleksandr Kavalerov
Rôle Osin
Note70% 3.542083.542083.542083.542083.54208
En décembre 1942, à Stalingrad, au cours de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, les soldats d'une batterie anti-char de l'Armée rouge font face à l'assaut des divisions blindées du général allemand von Manstein qui tente de briser l'encerclement de la 6e armée. Cette tentative est connue sous le nom d'Opération Wintergewitter (Tempête d'hiver).