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I. S. Johar est un Acteur, Réalisateur, Scénariste, Producteur et Playback Singer Indien né le 16 février 1920 à Talagang (Pakistan)

I. S. Johar

I. S. Johar
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Nom de naissance Inderjeet Singh Johar
Nationalité Inde
Naissance 16 février 1920 à Talagang (Pakistan)
Mort 10 mars 1984 (à 64 ans) à Bombay (Inde)
Récompenses Filmfare Awards

Inderjeet Singh Johar, né le 16 février 1920 à Talagang (Pendjab ; alors Raj britannique) et mort le 10 mars 1984 à Bombay (Maharashtra), est un acteur, réalisateur, scénariste et producteur indien, connu comme I. S. Johar (hindi : आई॰ एस॰ जौहर).


Actif principalement au cinéma à Bollywood, I. S. Johar joue dans plus de cent films (majoritairement indiens), le premier sorti en 1949, le dernier en 1984 (année de sa mort, à 64 ans). Il est également réalisateur (quatorze films, 1952-1978), scénariste (quinze films, 1949-1978) et producteur (cinq films, 1960-1978), cumulant parfois plusieurs fonctions.

En France, il est connu comme acteur dans quelques productions internationales, dont Aux frontières des Indes de J. Lee Thompson (film britannique, 1959, avec Kenneth More et Lauren Bacall), Lawrence d'Arabie de David Lean (film britannique, 1962, avec Peter O'Toole et Alec Guinness), Le Mystère du temple hindou de Mario Camerini (film franco-germano-italien, 1963, avec Paul Guers et Senta Berger) et Mort sur le Nil de John Guillermin (film britannique, 1978, avec Peter Ustinov et David Niven).

À la télévision, I. S. Johar apparaît dans la série américaine Maya (deux épisodes, 1967), inspirée du film américain Maya de John Berry (1966, avec Clint Walker et Jay North), auquel il participe également.

En 1959, il obtient une nomination au British Academy Film Award du meilleur acteur (qu'il ne gagne pas), pour son rôle dans le film américano-britannique Harry Black et le tigre d'Hugo Fregonese (1958, avec Stewart Granger et Barbara Rush).

Et en 1971, il gagne le Filmfare Award du meilleur acteur dans un film comique, pour son triple rôle dans Johny Mera Naam de Vijay Anand (1970, avec Dev Anand et Hema Malini).

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Priyatama (1978)

Réalisé par Basu Chatterjee
Acteurs Jeetendra, Neetu Kapoor, Rakesh Roshan, Utpal Dutt, Asha Sachdev, I. S. Johar
Note64% 3.209793.209793.209793.209793.20979
Jeetu and Dolly are in love and would like to get married. After seeking Dolly's dad's blessings, they do get married and move in together. They live harmoniously for quite some time, until misunderstandings occur, minor molehills soon become mountains, and they threaten to separate from each other. That done, each goes to their respective lawyers to negotiate a divorce. When Dolly's dad finds out about this, he decides to pay them a visit. Alarmed that he will disapprove of their move to separate, both pretend to live together and show him that they are still in love. But truth has the nasty habit of showing up uninvited, and it will not be long before acrimony breaks out in his presence.
Mort sur le Nil, 2h20
Réalisé par John Guillermin
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Thriller, Policier
Thèmes Afrique post-coloniale
Acteurs Peter Ustinov, Simon MacCorkindale, Lois Chiles, Mia Farrow, Bette Davis, George Kennedy
Rôle M. Sharburi, manager du Karnac
Note72% 3.648173.648173.648173.648173.64817
Le détective belge Hercule Poirot et son ami, le colonel anglais John Race, en vacances en Égypte, participent à une croisière touristique sur le Nil. Lorsque Linnet Ridgeway, riche héritière, y est assassinée, le directeur du bateau charge Poirot et Race de mener l'enquête. La situation est complexe car, hormis Poirot et Race, tous les passagers ont des raisons valables d'avoir procédé au meurtre...
Ganga Ki Saugand
Réalisé par Sultan Ahmed
Genres Policier
Acteurs Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Amjad Khan, Pran Krishan Sikand, Bindu, Iftekhar
Rôle Birju Master
Note53% 2.6766252.6766252.6766252.6766252.676625
Thakur Jaswant Singh rules over the region with an iron hand. He has no pity or empathy for the poor, all he is interested in is their money, their women, and alcohol. After the passing away of his dad, he assumes total control over the region, and increases the taxes. One day while walking across the hallway, he trips over the wet floor, and falls down. He gets up angrily and assaults the old woman, Ramvati, who was washing the floor. His abuse is interrupted by the arrival of Ramvati's son, Jeeva, who intervenes. Jaswant is ready to shoot him down, but Jaswant's mom prevents him from doing so. Word gets around that Jeeva is in the bad books of the Thakur, and soon a number of people start conspiring against Jeeva. The next day Jeeva is summoned before the village council and asked to explain his involvement in the death of a cow. Jeeva has no satisfactory explanation, and he is asked to leave the village immediately with his mother. Jeeva refuses to do so, and is severely beaten, and thrown out. Shortly thereafter his mother passes away, and Jeeva decides to avenge her death by bringing about the downfall of Jaswant Singh. In order to do this, he becomes a dacoit. Jeeva swears on the holy river Ganga to wipe out Jaswant Singh and his men, without knowing his decision will bring him into conflict with the police, and with the honest people from the very community he was exiled from.
Saheb Bahadur
Réalisé par Chetan Anand
Acteurs Jalal Agha, Dev Anand, Asrani, Ajit Khan, Anil Dhawan, Bhagwan Dada
Rôle Prof. Rampyare
Note67% 3.3942753.3942753.3942753.3942753.394275
In a small town, situated in a picturesque Indian valley, lives a corrupt Deputy collector, Hare Murari, an equally corrupt Police Superintendent, Pasupathi; a doctor; a Judge; & Professor Rampyare. These officials always ensure that no one gets anything done without their permission, thus ensuring that their palms are adequately greased. When a young man named Prem Pratap seeks a license for conducting a song and dance sequence, he too is asked to bribe them, which he does. Subsequently, Hare Murari finds out that Prem Pratap may be a Government Official who has come incognito to investigate and expose them. Hare Murari's and the others worst fears are realized when they find out that Prem has been speaking long distance with none other than the President of India. What follows is hilarious chaos as the officials come together to try and portray themselves as honest and law-abiding citizens.
Khalifa (1976)
, 2h17
Réalisé par Prakash Mehra
Acteurs Randhir Kapoor, Rekha, I. S. Johar, Madan Puri, Pran Krishan Sikand, Lalita Pawar
Note58% 2.940842.940842.940842.940842.94084
Rajender is a conman. He promises his girlfriend for marriage after knowing about her pregnancy. He leaves his girlfriend taking away all her saving money. Kamla commits suicide. Kamla's brother Vikram decides to kill Rajendra. Vinod, who is of a good character, now encounter his look alike Rajendra. Hence Vinod's life is now in a complicated situation. finally all confusion solved and movie have happy ending.
Zinda Dil
Zinda Dil (1975)

Genres Action, Romance
Acteurs Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, Pran Krishan Sikand, Raj Mehra, I. S. Johar, Roopesh Kumar
Note69% 3.4814653.4814653.4814653.4814653.481465
This is the story of two brothers and a father. The brothers are twins Arun Sharma (played by Rishi Kapoor), and Kewal Sharma (Actor Rajesh Leher look alike of Rishi Kapoor,who also played lead role in film " Subh Din "of Rajeshree Productions ), and the father is Major Hemraj Sharma (Pran), a war veteran who became disabled in the last war, and has to rely on crutches to walk. The Major has a soft corner for Kewal, but shows open disapproval of Arun, thus alienating him. He constantly asks Arun to make sacrifices for Kewal, including giving up his love, Rekha (Zaheera). Heartbroken Arun leaves his father's home and meets an old acquaintance who he had saved from committing suicide, Jyoti (Neetu Singh). Jyoti gets Arun a job at her dad's (Pinchoo Kapoor) Diwan Pratap chand's hotel. Here Arun meets with a hotel waiter who tells him that his mother is still alive. Arun is shocked to note this and asks his mother to accompany him to confront his father.