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Hemasiri Liyanage est un Acteur né le 25 décembre 1942

Hemasiri Liyanage

Hemasiri Liyanage
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Naissance 25 décembre 1942 (78 ans)

Hemasiri Liyanage is a Sri Lankan television, cinema and theatre actor.

His son Aloka Liyanage is married to the daughter of actor Jackson Anthony. He also is the father of Saumya Liyanage and Indrachapa Liyanage.

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Filmographie de Hemasiri Liyanage (4 films)

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La Terre abandonnée, 1h47
Réalisé par Vimukthi Jayasundara
Origine France
Genres Drame
Acteurs Hemasiri Liyanage
Rôle Piyasiri
Note61% 3.096783.096783.096783.096783.09678
Ni guerre ni paix, juste le souffle du vent Dieu est absent mais le soleil se lève encore
මේ මගේ සඳයි
Origine Sri Lanka
Genres Guerre
Acteurs Dilhani Ekanayake, Hemasiri Liyanage
Rôle Father
Note59% 2.9700852.9700852.9700852.9700852.970085
A Sinhalese soldier (Saumya Liyanage) fighting against rebels struggling for Tamil independence is left behind by his company one night. While hiding in a bunker, he's discovered by a Tamil woman (Dilhani Ekanayake), with whom he experiences a violent sexual encounter. She proceeds to follow the soldier after he comes to the realization that his company isn't coming back, and he decides to leave the fighting behind and return home.
Saptha Kanya - සප්ත කන්‍යා
Réalisé par H. D. Premaratne
Genres Policier, Romance
Acteurs Kamal Addararachchi, Sangeetha Weeraratne, Tony Ranasinghe, Hemasiri Liyanage
Rôle Rony
Note73% 3.682483.682483.682483.682483.68248
Akhil Ruwanwalla, (Kamal Addararachchi) a young photographer meets beautiful Deepthi (Sangeetha Weeraratne) in a pub. They become friends and later the friendship turns into love. Meanwhile, Akhil gets beaten by a set of gangsters and his camera is also stolen. It is revealed that the camera consisted of Deepthi's photos, which were taken by Akhil. Roni Kalupahana,(Hemasiri Liyanage) Akhil 's roommate is a newspaper editor, who is keen to write about truth, even if that means death for him. He writes about Akhil's incident as well and reveals information about groups who are behind such acts. Shocking his friends, he is soon murdered by the same groups. Anil and Deepthi's love affair grows and Akhil is enthusiastic about marrying her, although she is not. Akhil decides to open a new studio with his friend Jagath Wickremasinghe (Jayalath Manoratne) and he is financially assisted by Deepthi. On the day of the opening ceremony of this studio, Police comes to meet Akhil with a set of photos. He is told to identify the faces, of those whom he has encountered before. In the set of photos, he sees Dabare's (Tony Ranasinghe) photo, that is the leader of the gang who beat him up, while ago, as well as surprisingly Deepthi's photo. Unable to comprehend this, and to avoid Deepthi from being caught to the police for whatever crime she had committed, Akhil lies to the police, saying that he does not know any. But, the vigilant Police is too quick to determine that the Camera, that Deepthi had gifted Akhil, few minutes ago, was a stolen one. Akhil is about to be taken to the Police, when Deepthi discloses everything about her connections with the Dabare gang and her job as a female Pickpocket. Both, Akhil and Deepthi are taken to the Police, immediately. Akhil is free to go, but Deepthi is send to jail for two long years. Amidst all this, Akhil is not dejected as he still feels that he loves Deepthi, the same way.