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Helen Dallimore est une Actrice Australienne née le 31 octobre 1971

Helen Dallimore

Helen Dallimore
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Nationalité Australie
Naissance 31 octobre 1971 (51 ans)

Helen Dallimore (born 31 October 1971 in Melbourne) is an Australian actress, known for originating the role of Glinda in the West End production of Wicked.

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The Postcard Bandit, 1h46
Genres Drame, Action, Policier
Acteurs Tom Long, Matthew Le Nevez, Simon Burke, Helen Dallimore, Tasma Walton, James Reyne
Rôle Gina
Note64% 3.240973.240973.240973.240973.24097
Brenden Abbott is on the run with fellow criminal Aaron Reynolds, having just escaped together from Fremantle Prison, Western Australia. They rob banks across Australia before Abbott decides it's time to live the high life for a while. To hinder identification, the two travel the country with a Japanese tourist and, during this trip, Abbott tells Reynolds he is giving him the flick. Reynolds tells Abbott, "You won't last a week without me," but it is Reynolds who is arrested some four weeks later.
The Day of the Roses, 3h40
Genres Drame
Thèmes Documentaire historique
Acteurs Rebecca Gibney, Paul Mercurio, Stephen Curry, Helen Dallimore, Jeremy Sims, Peter O'Brien
Rôle Annette Gordon
Note81% 4.0819554.0819554.0819554.0819554.081955
The film starts at an anniversary commemoration of the crash, where roses are dropped on the track to the aftermath of the wreck where first responders are arriving at the scene. Five months later the coroner, Tom Weir, brings in Boris Osman, an engineer to help him investigate the crash and immediately runs into stonewalling by the state-owned rail company, who don’t want him to examine the train. Osman thinks it’s because the investigation will have to disclose why the tracks that caused the wreck were in such bad shape. Osman thinks it was caused by the politicians in office allowing the rail system to deteriorate. The coroner learns the bridge was hit twice before. Pressure begins to be brought on the coroner from above to stop asking to look at the train. Osman learns this is the third time this locomotive went off the rails. The coroner uses the threat of contempt of court to force the rail company to let Osman examine the locomotive. The inquest begins, with Orman recounting how the tragedy happened on 18 January 1977, alternating with the stories of some passengers who traveled on the ill-fated train, leading up to the depiction of the accident. Due to worn out track and worn out wheels on the locomotive, it jumps the rails and hits a bridge support, causing it to collapse on the train. The community springs into action to aid the survivors and recover the 83 dead. Several of the rescuers testify at the inquest and recount their actions on the day of the accident. Many rescuers risk their own lives to save the injured. Even when ordered to leave due to the danger of further collapse, many refuse to abandon injured survivors. Many of the rescuers are traumatized by what they saw. Ormond comes under attack for saying that it was the condition of the locomotive’s wheels that contributed to the accident, since while money has been allocated to repair the tracks, there is no money to also repair the locomotives. The families of the dead try to cope, while Gerry Buchtman, who went to Granville while on sick leave from his emergency responder job has to fight to keep his job, since the powers that be want to fire him for doing just that. In spite of pressure, the coroner finds that the locomotive’s condition contributed to the accident. Osman later learns that even though the rail company knew this type of locomotive was dangerous due to a derailment 11 months before Granville, they took no steps to lower the speed on this line because it came from an electoral district that often decided national elections and the government did not want to anger the voters by making their train late. We return to the memorial service, while on screen captions tell us what happened to some of the people involved in the crash and the investigation.
Russian Doll, 1h30
Origine Australie
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Romance
Acteurs Hugo Weaving, David Wenham, Sacha Horler, Rebecca Frith, Helen Dallimore
Rôle Alison
Note60% 3.0014453.0014453.0014453.0014453.001445
Harvey, un détective privé qui rêve de devenir romancier, découvre en enquêtant sur un cas d'adultère que le professeur qu'il surveille trompe sa femme avec sa propre petite amie. Harvey sombre dans la déprime et désespère encore plus de son idée romantique du couple quand son meilleur ami Ethan, dont il pensait qu'il filait le parfait amour avec son épouse Miriam, lui apprend qu'il a une liaison avec Katia, une jeune Russe. Le visa de Katia arrive à expiration et Ethan propose à Harvey de se marier avec elle pour qu'elle puisse rester en Australie. Harvey accepte à contrecœur car l'argent que lui propose Ethan va lui permettre de rester chez lui pour écrire son roman. Cependant, peu après son mariage, Harvey tombe amoureux de Katia.
Mr Accident, 1h28
Réalisé par Yahoo Serious
Genres Comédie
Thèmes La mer, Transport
Acteurs Helen Dallimore, Garry McDonald, Yahoo Serious, David Field, Pippa Grandison, Libbi Gorr
Rôle Sunday Valentine
Note43% 2.161042.161042.161042.161042.16104
Roger (Yahoo Serious), un jeune homme maladroit, accumule les gaffes les plus improbables. Son nouveau patron (David Field) à l'usine d'oeufs élabore un plan machiavélique pour vendre son produit : y mettre de la nicotine.