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Hans Finohr est un Acteur Allemand né le 5 septembre 1891

Hans Finohr

Hans Finohr
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Nationalité Allemagne
Naissance 5 septembre 1891
Mort 8 novembre 1966 (à 75 ans) à Potsdam (Allemagne)

Hans (Johannes) Finohr (5 September 1891–8 November 1966) was a German actor.


Finohr was born in the village of Rynnek, West Prussia, Imperial Germany and gained his first stage experiences at Heiligenbeil (Mamonovo). He worked at several theaters in Königsberg, Gera, Vienna, Mannheim and Leipzig. From 1943 to 1957 he worked at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden.

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Die Söhne der großen Bärin, 1h32
Genres Drame, Action, Aventure, Western
Acteurs Gojko Mitić, Hans Finohr, Jiří Vršťala, Hannjo Hasse, Henry Hübchen, Brigitte Krause
Rôle Hawandschita
Note58% 2.9007352.9007352.9007352.9007352.900735
1874. Dans une cabane, le gang mené par Red Fox assassine l'Indien Mattotaupa, parce qu'il refuse de dire où sa tribu cache l'or. Son fils Tokei-ihto voit la scène. En tant que chef de guerre de la bande des Ours de la tribu des Oglalas, Tokei-ihto se venge en créant des troubles et s'attaque au fort militaire des Blancs. Deux ans après l'assassinat, Tokei-ihto est invité à une conférence de paix dans le fort reconstruit. Il est arrêté et emprisonné pendant des mois pour trahison.
Solange Leben in mir ist, 1h54
Réalisé par Günter Reisch
Genres Drame
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Albert Hetterle, Erika Dunkelmann, Siegfried Weiss, Hans Finohr, Adolf Fischer, Werner Dissel
Note72% 3.6361753.6361753.6361753.6361753.636175
The film opens in Berlin in 1914, as Germany is preparing for World War I. Liebknecht (Schulze) receives a call from a fellow lawyer and revolutionary, Mr. Rauch, that documents have been found proving the German heavy arms industry's secret involvement in the buildup to the war. He brings these documents to a meeting of the Reichstag, accusing Gustav Krupp and his company of bribing officials to release military secrets. In addition to this, Krupp and his company wrote to ask the French media to state that the French military has twice as much artillery as they actually possess so that they may provoke a surge in militarism. Afterward, while celebrating a friend's wedding, Liebknecht learns of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, recognizing that this is the war the German imperialists were seeking. However, the resources for war still need to be approved. Liebknecht immediately begins campaigning among the public, denouncing the war as a means to secure profit for the capitalists. In an SPD party meeting, Liebknecht is one of only fourteen members to vote against the war credits. In the subsequent Reichstag meeting, he votes with the party discipline in favor of the war credits, to the public's surprise. He announces in the party meetings that he will no longer yield to party discipline and will stand by his anti-militarist principles even if the party leadership will not do the same. Liebknecht is the only one of the Reichstag — including 111 SPD representatives — to vote against the war loans, resulting in a number of death threats and work bans. Despite his immunity as a Reichstag member, Liebknecht is called to serve on the front as a sapper. It is here that he writes his 1915 manifesto, "The main enemy is at home!" The manifesto is passed among his fellow soldiers on the front before returning home. While he is away, Paul Schreiner, whose wedding Liebknecht attended earlier in the film, dies on the front. This leaves his wife Käthe to raise their newborn child alone and make Liebknecht's manifesto public.
Zu jeder Stunde, 1h25
Réalisé par Heinz Thiel
Genres Drame
Acteurs Hans Finohr, Fritz Diez
Rôle Arthur Wedel

Border Troops' soldier Martin arrives in a village on the Inner German border. He falls in love with a local girl, Renate. Their relationship is opposed to by her father, who promised her to the son of farmer Grabow. When Grabow plans to leave to the West with the aid of the corrupt officer Zimmer, Martin discovers their plans and informs his superiors, although Zimmer was his friend.
Fünf Patronenhülsen, 1h24
Réalisé par Frank Beyer
Genres Drame, Guerre, Historique
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Erwin Geschonneck, Ulrich Thein, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Fritz Diez, Manfred Krug, Hans Finohr
Rôle Pedro
Note66% 3.3363053.3363053.3363053.3363053.336305
During the Spanish Civil War, a battalion of the International Brigades is cut off without water or ammunition. The commander, Major Bolaños, requests his commissar, the German Heinrich Witting, to select five volunteers who will remain in the trenches and hold off the enemy, while the battalion retreats across the Ebro River. Witting chooses the Frenchman Pierre, the German Willi, the Pole Oleg, the Spaniard José and the Bulgarian Dimitri. In addition, the Soviet radio operator Vasia stays behind to handle communications.
Eine alte Liebe, 1h32
Réalisé par Frank Beyer
Genres Drame
Acteurs Peter Sturm, Günther Simon, Margot Ebert, Hans Finohr, Rudolf Ulrich, Karin Lesch
Rôle Der alte Schwannaeke

Frieda Walkowiak is an ambitious director of a collective farm. Although she is talented and hard-working, the men in the commune are reluctant to accept her as their supervisor. August, Frieda's husband, is exasperated by his wife's devotion to her office, which leads to her being absent from home quite often. After she misses their wedding's anniversary, August is enraged, and leaves their house with their daughter. Frieda is badly depressed and suffers a breakdown. She is taken to a hospital. August hears of this, comes back to his senses and returns. The family reunites.
SAS 181 antwortet nicht, 1h30
Genres Drame
Thèmes La mer, Transport
Acteurs Ulrich Thein, Erwin Geschonneck, Hans Finohr, Fritz Diez, Gustav Püttjer, Rudolf Ulrich
Rôle Kollmorgen

Kurt, a young apprentice in a fishing commune and a member of the Technology and Sport Association, enters a race to show his maritime skills. After he fails to win, he falls in love with a girl named Anke, but she loves the apprentice Hannes. Kurt and Hannes sail with skipper Laue on one of the collective's boats, SAS 181. Laue pretends to be Kurt's friend and encourages a conflict between the two boys. However, they both realize that he intends to reach the Danish isle of Bornholm and defect to the West. The two settle their differences and, with the help of the old fisherman Jens, return the boat home.
Les Misérables, 3h37
Réalisé par Jean-Paul Le Chanois
Origine Allemagne
Genres Drame, Historique
Thèmes La provence
Acteurs Jean Gabin, Werner Dissel, Bernard Blier, André Bourvil, Danièle Delorme, Béatrice Altariba
Rôle Un révolutionnaire
Note73% 3.6842553.6842553.6842553.6842553.684255
Jean Valjean, un paysan condamné à cinq ans de travaux forcés pour avoir volé un pain, sort du bagne de Toulon en 1815 après y avoir passé dix-neuf ans, sa peine initiale ayant été prolongée à cause de ses multiples tentatives d'évasion. Son destin bascule lorsque l'évêque de Digne, Monseigneur Myriel, se dévoue pour lui éviter d'être de nouveau incarcéré à la suite du vol qu'il a perpétré dans sa maison. Dès lors, Jean Valjean va s'évertuer à ne faire que le bien autour de lui au détriment de son propre bonheur.
Das Lied der Matrosen, 2h6
Réalisé par Kurt Maetzig, Günter Reisch
Genres Drame, Historique
Thèmes La mer, Transport, Politique
Acteurs Günther Simon, Raimund Schelcher, Ulrich Thein, Hilmar Thate, Siegfried Weiss, Hans Finohr
Rôle Schröder
Note62% 3.129653.129653.129653.129653.12965
As the news of the October Revolution sweep through the world, the German High Seas Fleet's command, wary of a mutiny, decides to send all its ships to a suicide mission in the English Channel. Sailors Albin Köbis and Max Reichpietsch are sentenced to death for political activity. When the socialist sailor Steigert, a member of the firing detail, cannot bring himself to shoot them, he is arrested. On the cruiser Prince Heinrich, Steigert's friends Lenz, Lobke, Kasten and Bartuschek receive Vladimir Lenin's transmit to all of mankind calling for peace. Slowly, the sailors in Kiel — all members of different socialist parties: the Social Democrats, the Independent Socialists and the Spartakists — begin to realize the need for a revolution. The workers and the shipmates rebel against the officers, but the political gaps between them lead the uprising to a failure. In the end, many of the rebel sailors attend the foundation conference of the new Communist Party of Germany.
Schlösser und Katen, 3h23
Réalisé par Kurt Maetzig
Genres Drame
Acteurs Raimund Schelcher, Erika Dunkelmann, Erwin Geschonneck, Helga Göring, Hans Finohr, Ulrich Thein
Rôle old Sikura
Note67% 3.387323.387323.387323.387323.38732
In a feudal estate in Mecklenburg, the hunchback coachman Anton Zuckman married maid Marthe, who was pregnant with Baron von Holzendorf's illegitimate child, in exchange for a letter promising that the baron would recognize his offspring when it would wed and endow it with 5000 Mark. Marthe gave birth to a daughter, Anna, nicknamed Annegret.
Das verurteilte Dorf, 1h47
Réalisé par Martin Hellberg
Genres Drame
Acteurs Helga Göring, Günther Simon, Eduard von Winterstein, Friedrich Gnaß, Wolf Kaiser, Werner Pledath
Rôle American general
Note62% 3.138283.138283.138283.138283.13828
Farmer Heinz Weimann returns to his small Bavarian village of Bärenweiler after several years in Soviet captivity. He tells his neighbors, who have been subject to anti-Soviet propaganda disseminated by the Nazis and the Americans, that the Soviets have treated him well. His old sweetheart Käthe has married another man, Fritz Vollmer, but he is not concerned with that. His joy on returning home is interrupted when the mayor announces that the American Army intends to destroy the village and to build an airfield on its lands, in preparation for a confrontation with the Soviet Union.