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Günther Simon est un Acteur Allemand né le 11 mai 1925 à Berlin (Allemagne)

Günther Simon

Günther Simon
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Nationalité Allemagne
Naissance 11 mai 1925 à Berlin (Allemagne)
Mort 25 juin 1972 (à 47 ans) à Berlin (Allemagne)
Récompenses Prix national de la République démocratique allemande

Günther Simon (11 May 1925 – 25 June 1972) was an East German actor.


Early life
A bank clerk's son, Simon attended an acting school already in Gymnasium. At the age of 16, he was sent to a premilitary training camp of the Hitler Youth and then drafted to the Reich Labour Service. He volunteered to join the paratroopers in August 1943. He was captured by American troops near Normandy and shipped to a POW camp in Colorado, where he acted in the camp's makeshift theater.

After returning home in 1947, Simon took private acting lessons with Karl Meixner in the Hebbel Theater. He made his debut on stage in the Municipal Theater of Köthen at 1948, in a production of Dmitry Scheglov's The Storm. He then moved to the Schwerin Theater, in which he remained until 1950; there, he met his wife Margarita, who was employed as a dancer. Afterwards, Simon joined the cast of the Dresden Theater. In late 1951, he left it in favour of the Leipzig Theater, where he remained for only a short period.

Simon was cast for one of the leading roles in the 1952 film The Condemned Village, and since then was active mainly in cinema. At the same year, in spite of his inexperience, he was chosen to portray Ernst Thälmann in Kurt Maetzig's two-part propaganda epic about the communist leader's life. The picture was watched by millions and entered the East German schools' curriculum. Simon received the National Prize first class for his work on the first part, and the Best Actor Award in the 1956 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for his appearance in the second. He joined the country's Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED / Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands) in 1954 and became a member of the DEFA Studio's management.

Simon appeared in some 30 pictures throughout the years. In 1956, he was awarded the Heinrich Greif Prize second class. He won the National Prize once more, in 1968, for his portrayal of Krause in the television miniseries Krause and Krupp, and received the Art Prize of the Free German Trade Union Federation thrice, in 1967, 1968, and 1971. He had three sons and one daughter, and is buried in the Dorotheenstadt cemetery.

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Sonnensucher, 1h54
Réalisé par Konrad Wolf
Genres Drame
Acteurs Günther Simon, Erwin Geschonneck, Vladimir Yemelyanov, Manja Behrens, Viktor Avdyushko, Brigitte Krause
Rôle Franz Beier
Note63% 3.183483.183483.183483.183483.18348
1950. After being arrested in a police raid, the two young prostitutes Lotte and Emmi are sent to the mines in Wismut. There, Germans and Soviets work together to extract Uranium for the use of the USSR. Two men fall in love with Lotte: the director Beier, a former SS man who tries to compensate for his past with hard work, and the Soviet engineer Sergei, whose wife was murdered by the Germans in the war. In the meantime, Jupp König, a veteran communist whom Emmi once harbored from the Gestapo, leads the miners as they attempt to replace their harsh and incompetent party boss, Weihrauch. Eventually, König is given Weihrauch's office. Lotte marries Beier, although she later realizes that she loves Sergei. When her husband is badly injured in an accident, he confides to the Soviet engineer that soldiers from his battalion murdered the latter's wife; Sergei replies that he knew it all along. Lotte and her baby son leave the mines and return to Berlin.
KLK an PTX – Die Rote Kapelle, 1h41
Réalisé par Horst E. Brandt
Genres Drame, Historique
Thèmes Espionnage, Politique
Acteurs Jutta Wachowiak, Karin Lesch, Siegfried Weiss, Günther Simon, Peter Sturm, Rudolf Ulrich
Rôle John Sieg
Note73% 3.6630153.6630153.6630153.6630153.663015
After Hitler's rise to power in 1933, a group of regime opponents from various backgrounds consolidated under the leadership of Harro Schulze-Boysen and Arvid Harnack. They gather intelligence and pass it on to other countries. After the outbreak of the Second World War, and especially after the German invasion of the Soviet Union, they intensify their work. In August 1942, the Gestapo arrests Boysen and soon after cracks down on the spy ring.
Alfons Zitterbacke
Réalisé par Konrad Petzold
Genres Comédie, Aventure
Thèmes Films pour enfants
Acteurs Günther Simon
Rôle Vater Zitterbacke
Note65% 3.251313.251313.251313.251313.25131
Der Frühling braucht Zeit, 1h15
Genres Drame
Acteurs Günther Simon
Rôle Erhard Faber
Note64% 3.208313.208313.208313.208313.20831
Geheimarchiv an der Elbe, 1h20
Réalisé par Kurt Jung-Alsen
Genres Guerre, Aventure, Espionnage
Thèmes Espionnage, Politique
Acteurs Albert Hetterle, Günther Simon, Rudolf Ulrich, Helga Göring, Adolf Fischer, Kurt Jung-Alsen
Rôle Le gruppenführer Upitz
Note60% 3.0486053.0486053.0486053.0486053.048605
Peu avant la fin de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Le gruppenführer Upitz sait que la guerre est bientôt terminée. Il cherche à tirer profit de ce moment et accepte une offre des Américains. Il obtiendra l'impunité s'il leur remet les archives secrètes de la Gestapo qui sont cachés à Meißen, le long de l'Elbe. Elles regroupent toutes les données sur les agents présents en Union soviétique et dans les Balkans. Mais le contre-espionnage soviétique est aussi à la recherche de ces archives, Upitz les mène vers une fausse piste.
At A French Fireside, 1h39
Réalisé par Kurt Maetzig
Genres Drame
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Angelica Domröse, Hannjo Hasse, Günther Simon
Rôle General Rucker
Note65% 3.275353.275353.275353.275353.27535
Bundeswehr soldier Klaus' regiment is stationed in France, to take part in NATO maneuvers. The soldiers are ordered to be kind to the populace, since the West German High Command wishes the French to forget the atrocities that were committed during the Second World War. Klaus falls in love with Jeanne, the daughter of the local mayor. He discovers that his commanders intend to demolish the ruins of a local church, in which civilians were murdered by the German occupation forces at 1944. A local journalist who researches the event discovers that West German General Rucker ordered the massacre, but he is mysteriously murdered. Klaus defies his commanding officer Siebert, who instructs him to steal the documents indicting Rucker, and hands the evidence over to Jeanne.
L'étoile du silence, 1h33
Réalisé par Kurt Maetzig
Origine Pologne
Genres Drame, Science-fiction, Aventure
Thèmes L'espace, La musique, Le futur, Extra-terrestres, Musique, Space opera, Sur Vénus, Extraterrestre, Invasion extraterrestre, Film catastrophe
Acteurs Günther Simon, Eduard von Winterstein, Yoko Tani, Lucyna Winnicka, Ruth Maria Kubitschek
Rôle pilote allemand / Robert / Raimund Brinkmann
Note46% 2.304672.304672.304672.304672.30467
L'intrigue se déroule en 1985. Alors qu'ils essaient un procédé pour irriguer le désert de Gobi, des scientifiques tombent sur un artefact d'origine extraterrestre. Le professeur Harringway identifie l'objet comme étant un débris d'un vaisseau originaire de Vénus. Il semble s'agir d'une sorte d'enregistreur de vol, mais seule une partie de son contenu peut être traduit. Les scientifiques terriens envoient alors des salutations par ondes radio jusqu'à Vénus. En l'absence de réponse quelque temps plus tard, une expédition est alors montée pour se rendre sur cette planète afin de chercher des renseignements sur cette mystérieuse civilisation extraterrestre. Il a pour équipage une équipe internationale de scientifiques dirigée par le professeur Sikarna et le professeur Tchen Yu. Le vaisseau Cosmostrator, récemment terminé mais prévu pour un voyage vers Mars, est rééquipé en prévision d'un voyage jusqu'à Vénus. Le voyage durera entre 30 et 31 jours. Pendant le voyage, Sikarna s'efforce de déchiffrer le message vénusien figurant sur l'enregistreur extraterrestre.