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Greg Malone est un Acteur né le 19 octobre 1948

Greg Malone

Greg Malone
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Naissance 19 octobre 1948 (73 ans)

David Gregory (Greg) Malone (born October 19, 1948 in St. John's, Newfoundland) is a Canadian impressionist and actor. He is well known for the CODCO television series and his impersonations of Barbara Frum, Jean Chrétien, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Prior to CODCO, Malone wrote and performed in a number of shows for CBC Television, including The Wonderful Grand Band, The Root Seller and The S and M Comic Book, and appeared in the film The Adventure of Faustus Bidgood.

After the death of his CODCO co-star Tommy Sexton in 1993, he devoted some years of his life to raising awareness of HIV and AIDS, including writing, directing and appearing in a training film for health care professionals. He also directed a docudrama film, The Untold Story of the Suffragists of Newfoundland, in which he appeared as Sir Richard Squires, and acted in the films Rare Birds, Extraordinary Visitor, Messiah from Montreal and Heyday!. He also appeared in a one-man special for the Comedy Channel, Pocket Queen, which won an award at the 1999 Houston International Film and Television Festival. More recently, he has had a recurring guest role in Republic of Doyle.

Along with Sexton and their CODCO co-star Andy Jones, Malone was a recipient of the Earle Grey Award, the lifetime achievement award of Canadian television's Gemini Awards, in 2002.

His first memoir, You Better Watch Out, was published in 2009 by Knopf Canada. He released a book in 2012 entitled Don't Tell the Newfoundlanders: The True Story of Newfoundland's Confederation with Canada, which is a look at how Newfoundland became a province of Canada in 1949.

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Maudie (2016)
, 1h56
Réalisé par Aisling Walsh
Origine Canada
Genres Drame, Biographie, Historique, Romance
Thèmes Peinture
Acteurs Sally Hawkins, Ethan Hawke, Kari Matchett, Gabrielle Rose, Zachary Bennett, Greg Malone
Rôle Mr. Hill
Note76% 3.8009253.8009253.8009253.8009253.800925
L'histoire vraie du peintre Maud Lewis, une femme de ménage qui, un jour, devient célèbre en Nouvelle-Écosse pour ses peintures et se marie avec Everett Lewis, un vendeur de poissons qui n'est autre que le grand amour de sa vie.
Diverted (2009)
, 1h30
Réalisé par Alex Chapple
Origine Canada
Genres Drame
Thèmes Les attentats du 11 septembre 2001, Le terrorisme, Transport, Aviation, Film catastrophe, Détournement d'avion
Acteurs Shawn Ashmore, David Suchet, Joanne Whalley, Liisa Repo-Martell, Anita Majumdar, Karen LeBlanc
Rôle Joe Vernon
Note62% 3.1004353.1004353.1004353.1004353.100435
On September 11, 2001, as information seeps out about the 9/11 attacks on America, the FAA begins directing all remaining aircraft in the air to nearby airports, completely clearing the skies. A total of 39 transatlantic flights at or near their "point of no return" (AKA point of safe return) are diverted to the nearest airport in Canada, Gander, Newfoundland. The anxious passengers leaving on business and vacation trips have no idea why their flights are being sent to a remote town in Canada. With wild rumours spreading, one British airliner's crew tells the passengers what is known, that a terrorist attack has taken place in the United States.
Rare Birds
Rare Birds (2001)
, 1h39
Réalisé par Sturla Gunnarsson
Origine Canada
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Romance
Acteurs William Hurt, Molly Parker, Andy Jones, Greg Malone, Sheila McCarthy
Rôle Buster Bartlett
Note63% 3.196623.196623.196623.196623.19662
Dave (Hurt) has had some bad luck recently. His wife (McCarthy) lives in Washington, DC, his restaurant, the Auk is not doing good business. Phonse (Jones) helps Dave by making up a story about a rare bird (Tasker’s Sulphureous) sighting which begins to help Dave's business. Phonse has been working on a prototype Recreational Submarine Vehicle (RSV) and is concerned that the Winnebago company is conducting industrial espionage and trying to steal his plans. Phonse also finds ten kilos of cocaine and tries to get rid of it with the help of Dave. Dave falls in love with Alice (Parker), Phonse's sister-in-law, a girl from Gull Tickle.