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Gloria Marín est une Actrice Mexicaine née le 19 avril 1919 à Mexico (Mexique)

Gloria Marín

Gloria Marín
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Nom de naissance Gloria Méndez Ramos
Nationalité Mexique
Naissance 19 avril 1919 à Mexico (Mexique)
Mort 13 avril 1983 (à 63 ans) à Mexico (Mexique)

Gloria Marín (born Gloria Méndez Ramos; 19 April 1919 – 13 April 1983) was an Mexican film and television actress. One of the most celebrated female stars of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.


Gloria Méndez Ramos was a daughter of dancer Maria Laura Ramos Luna and businessman Pedro Mendez Armendariz, and a cousin of actor Pedro Armendariz. She began her career at age six, alongside her mother who ran a theater company in Mexico City. She also worked later in the Mayab and in the carpa of Santa Maria la Ribera where the comedian Joaquín Pardavé offers her first opportunity in the cinema.

She debuted in the film Los millones de Chaflán (1939). At age 15 she married with the official Arturo Vargas (forwarding agent). She filmed 19 films between 1938 and 1941. She performed with Cantinflas in El gendarme desconocido and meet Jorge Negrete in the filming of ¡Ay Jalisco no te rajes!. Marin was nominated for an Silver Ariel Award for her performance in Si Adelita se fuera con otro. In 1942, she appeared with Fernando Soler in ¡Que hombre tán simpático!. She also appeared with Arturo de Córdova in the films El Conde de Montecristo (1942) and Crepúsculo (1945). She married actor Abel Salazar in Mexico City on 31 May 1958; the couple divorced in 1960.

She wins two Diosas de Plata Awards by the movies Mecánica nacional (1972) and Presagio (1974). For 30 years, Gloria starring several Telenovelas like La hiena, Los hermanos Coraje and La maldición de La Blonda, among others. She starring in several stage plays as Debiera haber obispas, Tán cerca del Cielo and La jaula de cristal. Her last notable role was as the "Mother Superior" in the telenovela Mundo de juguete.

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Filmographie de Gloria Marín (23 films)

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El derecho de nacer, 1h30
Acteurs Gloria Marín, Jorge Mistral, Julián Soler, José Baviera, Martha Roth
Note68% 3.411823.411823.411823.411823.41182
María Teresa (Bárbara Gil) is a wealthy young woman who finds herself unmarried and pregnant. She approaches a doctor (Jorge Mistral) to obtain an abortion with the hopes of avoiding a scandal that would affect her family. The doctor, hoping to convince her otherwise, flashes back to an incident of his life to explain his "right to life" stance.
Siempre tuya, 1h30
Réalisé par Emilio Fernández
Genres Musical
Thèmes Musique
Acteurs Jorge Negrete, Gloria Marín, Tito Junco, Arturo Soto Rangel
Note66% 3.305013.305013.305013.305013.30501
The film follows the trials of tenant farmer Ramón García (Negrete) and his wife Soledad (Gloria Marín) when drought forces them off their land in the Mexican state of Zacatecas. They make their way to Mexico City, where they find city life difficult. Ramón cannot find steady work. They build a home in a squatters' settlement, but then their house is bulldozed by a developer. Soledad finds work as a live-in maid, and her husband can see her for only a few moments each evening.
Le Comte de Monte-Cristo
Réalisé par Roberto Gavaldón, Chano Urueta
Origine Mexique
Genres Drame, Aventure
Thèmes La prison, La peine de mort
Acteurs Arturo de Córdova, Consuelo Frank, Julio Villarreal, René Cardona, Esperanza Baur Díaz, Carlos López Moctezuma
Rôle Baronesa Herminia de Danglars
Note65% 3.281563.281563.281563.281563.28156
Adaptation du roman éponyme d'Alexandre Dumas.