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Fred Stone est un Acteur Américain né le 19 aout 1873 à Longmont (Etats-Unis)

Fred Stone

Fred Stone
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Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 19 aout 1873 à Longmont (Etats-Unis)
Mort 6 mars 1959 (à 85 ans) à North Hollywood (Etats-Unis)

Fred Andrew Stone (August 19, 1873 – March 6, 1959) was an American actor. Stone began his career as a performer in circuses and minstrel shows, went on to act on vaudeville, and became a star on Broadway and in feature films, which earned him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


He was particularly famous for appearing on stage opposite David C. Montgomery, a 22-year partnership until Montgomery's death in 1917, in shows such as The Wizard of Oz premiering in 1902, the Victor Herbert operetta The Red Mill in 1906, and Chin Chin, A Modern Aladdin, in 1914. In 1939, he appeared in a radio program promoting the new MGM film of The Wizard of Oz, in which he got to meet the actor who played the Scarecrow, Ray Bolger, who was a great admirer of Stone's work, and although Bolger was too young to have seen Stone play the Scarecrow in the stage play, he did see Stone in The Red Mill.

Johnny Gruelle, the creator of Raggedy Ann, was a fan of Fred Stone and L. Frank Baum. Gruelle wrote a scenario for a stage show, which was never produced, in which the Scarecrow of Oz, played by Fred Stone, met Raggedy Ann. In 1923, Fred Stone and his daughter, Dorothy Stone, starred as Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann, respectively, in a musical extravaganza titled Stepping Stones with music by Jerome Kern and lyrics by Anne Caldwell.

His feature film career began in comedy westerns, his first, The Goat, was filmed in 1918. He starred in 19 feature films. In the 1935 film, Alice Adams, his character, Mr. Adams, was the third lead, following Katharine Hepburn's and Fred McMurray's characters. He made his home in Bayside, New York, where he was a neighbor and friend of boxing champion-turned-actor James J. Corbett. Around 1917 he built a small estate in the exclusive private community of Forest Hills Gardens, Queens, NY. The excess grounds were sold off as building lots for two other homes. However, the original mansion still stands. In it there are symbols of his acting career, including a theater in the basement and a separate room to store costumes.

In 1926, after the death of his good friend, Annie Oakley, he was given her unfinished autobiography.

Stone and his wife, Allene Crater, whom he met in the company of The Wizard of Oz, had three daughters, Dorothy, Paula, and Carol. As an adult, Dorothy became her father’s stage partner.

In 1929, Stone was critically injured in an airplane crash attempting a stunt. In addition to many other broken bones, his legs were crushed and he was told he would never again dance. His good friend Will Rogers filled in for Fred in Three Cheers, a stage show written for Fred and his daughter, Dorothy. Rogers was a hit, and Stone worked at therapy relentlessly until he proved his doctors wrong and returned to the stage in Ripples (1930).

Stone received an honorary degree from Rollins College, a small liberal arts college located in Winter Park, Florida, in 1939. At that time a small theatre was named in his honor. The original Fred Stone Theatre—a smaller flexible space sitting adjacent to the College's larger principal venue, the Annie Russell Theatre, named after another great American actor and benefactor—was a wooden bungalow that was razed in the early 1970s. A nearby wood and brick-faced Greek revival styled hall, converted into a 90-seat black-box performance space, was re-dedicated as The Fred Stone Theatre during this period, and although it has been moved to another location on campus, it still stands and is active as a performance venue for smaller experimental productions as well as student directed and choreographed works. (The Rollins Archives have extensive information on the career of Stone, including numerous photographs, and is chief among private institutions in the U.S. continuing to educate young actors about the history of this great American thespian. Rollins College claims many famous theatrical alumni, including Anthony "Tony" Perkins, best known for his role as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, and character actress Dana Ivey.)

He became ill and blind and was hospitalized on August 25, 1957, the year his wife died. He died on March 6, 1959 at his home in North Hollywood, California.

Ses meilleurs films

Le Cavalier du désert (1940)

Le plus souvent avec

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Le Cavalier du désert, 1h40
Réalisé par William Wyler
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Action, Romance, Western
Thèmes La peine de mort
Acteurs Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Fred Stone, Doris Davenport, Forrest Tucker, Paul Hurst
Rôle Caliphet Mathews
Note73% 3.695763.695763.695763.695763.69576
Condamné à mort par le juge Bean, un cow-boy est sauvé parce qu'il feint connaître Lily Langtry dont le juge est amoureux. Parvenu à se faire nommer shérif d'une ville voisine, il affronte Bean.
Life Begins in College, 1h34
Réalisé par William A. Seiter
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Al Ritz, Joan Davis, Harry Ritz, Tony Martin, Gloria Stuart, Jimmy Ritz
Rôle Coach Tim O'Hara
Note54% 2.7493452.7493452.7493452.7493452.749345
The action takes place at Lombardy College, founded "to give the Indian nations of North America access to higher education". Little Black Cloud (Nat Pendleton) enrolls as "George Black". After being the subject of a hazing prank by football star Bob Hayner (Dick Baldwin), George decides he is too humiliated to stay at school. He first stops to get his ripped pants repaired and meets the Ritz Brothers who convince him to stay.
La fille du bois maudit, 1h42
Réalisé par Henry Hathaway, Richard Talmadge
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Action, Romance
Acteurs Sylvia Sidney, Fred MacMurray, Henry Fonda, Fred Stone, Nigel Bruce, Beulah Bondi
Rôle Judd Tolliver
Note68% 3.4401353.4401353.4401353.4401353.440135
Lonesome Pine. Un coin perdu de l'Amérique sauvage où deux familles, les Tolliver et les Falin, se livrent un combat ancestral. Cette haine a été jalonnée de nombreuses morts, de part et d'autre. Un jour, Jack Hale, un ingénieur, vient construire une voie ferrée à travers le pays. Il trouve une conciliation avec les deux clans, qui lui permettent de traverser leur territoire respectif afin d'y poser les rails du futur chemin de fer. Mais Hale est un homme instruit qui amène avec lui les mœurs de la ville dans cette région où les hommes sont restés sauvages et illettrés et où le progrès n'a pas pénétré. Des tensions se font bientôt jour au sein de chaque famille, tensions qui vont les précipiter dans une tragédie dont chacun sortira anéanti.
Désirs secrets, 1h39
Réalisé par George Stevens
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Romance
Acteurs Katharine Hepburn, Fred MacMurray, Fred Stone, Evelyn Venable, Charley Grapewin, Hedda Hopper
Rôle Virgil Adams
Note69% 3.497743.497743.497743.497743.49774
Alice Adams est une jeune femme issue d'une famille modeste. Au cours du seul bal auquel elle ait jamais assisté, elle rencontre Arthur Russell, un riche héritier. Mais leur entourage, qui voit d'un mauvais œil leur union, décide de leur mettre des bâtons dans les roues...
Billy Jim
Billy Jim (1922)
, 50minutes
Réalisé par Frank Borzage
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Western
Acteurs Fred Stone, George Hernandez, Billy Bletcher, Frank Thorne
Rôle Billy Jim

Bien qu'il soit un riche éleveur de bétail, Billy Jim se fait passer pour un cow-boy afin de protéger la propriété de la jeune Marsha Dunford dont il est tombé amoureux ...
The Duke of Chimney Butte, 50minutes
Réalisé par Frank Borzage
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Western
Acteurs Fred Stone, Vola Vale, Josie Sedgwick
Rôle Jeremeah Lambert

Vendeur itinérant d'une machine à peler les pommes de terre, ouvrir les boîtes de conserve, retirer des clous, etc., le jeune Lambert tombe par hasard sur un groupe de cow-boys en train de dîner dans un ranch. Il gagne rapidement leur admiration par ses exploits et devient un de leurs chefs, en se révélant un cavalier hors pair. Son travail est d'aider et de protéger Vesta Philbrook, qui essaye de gérer son ranch malgré les nombreux raids des voleurs de bétail. Le "Duke" se lance dans une campagne contre ces voleurs et après une série d'aventures, aidé par son ami Taters, il parvient à tuer leur chef et ainsi à capturer l'amour de Vesta.