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Fifi Young est une Actrice Néerlandaise née le 12 janvier 1915 à Aceh (Indonesie)

Fifi Young

Fifi Young
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Nom de naissance Nonie TanTan Kiem Nio
Nationalité Pays-bas
Naissance 12 janvier 1915 à Aceh (Indonesie)
Mort 5 mars 1975 (à 60 ans) à Djakarta (Indonesie)

Fifi Joung (Perfected Spelling: Fifi Young; 12 January 1914 – 5 March 1975) was an Indonesian actress of mixed Chinese and French descent. She acted in at least 86 films over her 34-year career.

Le plus souvent avec

Asrul Sani
Asrul Sani
(2 films)
Elly Joenara
Elly Joenara
(1 films)
John Steiner
John Steiner
(1 films)
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Salah Asuhan, 1h38
Réalisé par Asrul Sani
Acteurs Dicky Zulkarnaen, Fifi Young, Mohamad Mochtar

The Minangkabau Muslim Hanafi (Dicky Zulkarnaen) returns to West Sumatra after spending several years studying in Europe, paid for by his maternal uncle. In return, the uncle expects Hanafi to marry his cousin, Rapiah (Rima Melati). Hanafi, however, has become westernised and explicitly denounces the traditions his mother (Fifi Young) holds dear. He is also in love with his friend Corrie du Bussee (Ruth Pelupessy), who is half-French. Corrie's father (E. Draculic) tells her to go to Jakarta, as he fears that she will be unable to refuse Hanafi's advances. She does so, and Hanafi is married to Rapiah, although he soon shows himself to be an abusive husband.
Malin Kundang, 1h48
Réalisé par Djadoeg Djajakusuma
Thèmes Mythologie
Acteurs Putu Wijaya, Fifi Young, Rd Mochtar
Note2% 0.14929550.14929550.14929550.14929550.1492955
Malin (Rano Karno) is a young boy who lives in Sumatra with his mother (Fifi Young) and sister; his father had disappeared at sea several years earlier. When a group of pirates land at the village, Malin catches the eye of their leader, Nakoda Langkap, who takes the boy as his own. As they are leaving the village, they pass the ship of another pirate, the slaverunner Nakoda Hitam. Nakoda Langkap and his men take the ship, wounding (evil pirate captain) and freeing the slaves. One, a boy named Lalang, is orphaned when his mother is killed in the battle; Nakoda Langkap takes him in as a son too.
Incontro d'amore a Bali, 1h30
Réalisé par Paolo Heusch
Origine Italie
Genres Drame, Fantastique, Romance
Thèmes Sexualité, Erotique
Acteurs John Steiner, Laura Antonelli, Umberto Orsini, La Cicciolina, Johannes Schaaf, Ettore Manni
Note53% 2.694952.694952.694952.694952.69495
La femme (Laura Antonelli) d'un photographe en vacances à Bali tombe sous le charme d’une énigmatique jeune beauté locale adepte d'un rite mystérieux de mort mystique....
Tarmina (1954)

Réalisé par Lilik Soedjio
Genres Drame
Acteurs Fifi Young

After her husband Hadi loses all of his money, Tarmina divorces him and abandons their family, including a young daughter. She quickly remarries, taking a rich tycoon as her second husband, but when he has an accident when Hadi is nearby she accuses her former husband of the deed. Ultimately Tarmina's second husband leaves her, despising her cruelty. When Hadi is released from jail and returns to their daughter, Tarmina wants to ask him to take her back. However, she realises that she has ruined her own life and commits suicide, throwing herself into a river.
Air Mata Iboe
Réalisé par Njoo Cheong Seng
Acteurs Fifi Young, Ali Joego

Soegiati (Fifi Young) is the loving mother of four children: sons Achmad (Rd Ismail), Idris (S Poniman) and Soemadi (Ali Sarosa), and a daughter named Soepinah (Soelami). She loves them all, but Soemadi receives the most of her attention because he receives little from his father, the merchant Soebagio (Ali Joego). As the children grow, they marry and move away, and eventually only Soemadi is left. Although he begins a relationship with a young woman named Noormala (Soerip), he does not marry her as his income is not enough to support them.
Kris Mataram
Réalisé par Njoo Cheong Seng
Acteurs Fifi Young

A young noblewoman from Kartasura, R. A. Roosmini (Fifi Young), falls in love with a commoner named Bachtiar (Omar Rodriga). She wants to be with him, but her father R. M. Hadikusumo insists that she marry a man from a similar background. The two run away together, but Bachtiar is recalled by his family and forced to marry a woman he does not love. Roosmini, rather than marry a man she does not love or live alone, stabs herself with her sacred kris and dies.
Zoebaida (1940)

Réalisé par Njoo Cheong Seng
Acteurs Fifi Young

A love story set in Timor, in which Zoebaida and her lover are forbidden from marrying by those in power. They can eventually unite as husband and wife.
Réalisé par Njoo Cheong Seng
Acteurs Fifi Young, Dhalia, Anastasya Soerip

A young woman must raise her two daughters, despite several hardships, while her husband is in prison. She is ultimately taken in by the nobleman Raden Gatot, and the two fall in love. After she divorces her former husband, she and Gatot are married. Her former husband, however, upon release from prison, decides to challenge Gatot. Later in the film the mother must choose a good suitor for her daughters.