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Farooq Sheikh est un Acteur Indien né le 25 mars 1948

Farooq Sheikh

Farooq Sheikh
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Nationalité Inde
Naissance 25 mars 1948
Mort 28 décembre 2013 (à 65 ans)

Farooq Sheikh (25 March 1948 − 27 December 2013) was an Indian actor, philanthropist and a popular television presenter. He was best known for his work in Hindi films from 1977 to 1989 and for his work in television between 1988 and 2002. He returned to acting in films in 2008 and continued to do so until his death on 27 December 2013. His major contribution was in Parallel Cinema or the New Indian Cinema. He worked with directors like Satyajit Ray, Muzaffar Ali, Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Ketan Mehta.

He acted in serials and shows on television and performed on stage in famous productions such as Tumhari Amrita (1992), alongside Shabana Azmi, directed by Feroz Abbas Khan, and presented the TV show, Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai (Season 1). He won the 2010 National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for Lahore.


Shaikh was born in Amroli, Surat District, Gujarat in 1948 to Muslim father Mustafa Shaikh and Parsi Mother Farida. His father Mustafa Shaikh was a lawyer from Mumbai; whilst his original ancestral heritage was Hansot village (Bharuch district, Gujarat). His family were Zamindars, and he grew up in luxurious surroundings. He was the eldest of five children.

He went to St. Mary's School, Mumbai, and then to St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. He studied law at Siddharth College of Law, Mumbai. His father had a successful law practice, which prompted Shaikh to take up law initially. Shaikh came to acting after failing to relate to his profession in law. He met Roopa during his college days when they were active in theatre and later the couple got married. He was contemprory of Sunil Gavaskar during his college days at St. Xaviers. Shaikh's wife Roopa was his junior at St Xavier's College in Mumbai, and actor Shabana Azmi her classmate. He has three daughters, Sanaa, Shaaista and Rubina Sheikh. His younger daughter Sanaa works with the NGO Aseema in Bandra.

Le plus souvent avec

Muzaffar Ali
Muzaffar Ali
(3 films)
Deepti Naval
Deepti Naval
(9 films)
(5 films)
Yunus Parvez
Yunus Parvez
(5 films)
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Children of War, 2h40
Genres Drame, Guerre, Historique
Acteurs Riddhi Sen, Victor Banerjee, Raima Sen, Pavan Malhotra, Indraneil Sengupta, Roopa Ganguly
Rôle Mojid
Note67% 3.396263.396263.396263.396263.39626
In one of the many mind-numbing images in this exceptionally vivid work on the wages of war, the back of a truck is jolted open and out falls a tumble of women one on top of another at a Pakistani prisoner camp for Bangladeshi women run by a despicable tyrant who could be the Nazi mass murder Ralph Fiennes in Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List.
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Jackky Bhagnani, Neha Sharma, Farooq Sheikh, Boman Irani, Shahrukh Khan, Deepankar De
Rôle Akbar Uncle
Note51% 2.554162.554162.554162.554162.55416
À la mort du Premier ministre, son fils Abhimanyu se retrouve projeté dans le monde de la politique, au grand regret de sa petite-amie qui ne demande qu’à s’amuser.
Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, 2h41
Réalisé par Ayan Mukerji
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie romantique, Musical, Romance
Thèmes La musique, Musique, Bollywood
Acteurs Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Kalki Koechlin, Aditya Roy Kapur, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Evelyn Sharma
Rôle Mr. Thapar
Note72% 3.600183.600183.600183.600183.60018
Naina ( Deepika Padukone), jeune étudiante timide et un peu coincée , rencontre par hasard Aditi, une ancienne camarade de classe hors-norme qui l'informe de son projet de partir faire un trek en compagnie de ses deux amis d'enfance, Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) et Avy. Naina prends alors conscience qu'elle a besoin de vacances : Ces brillantes études ne suffisent pas a la rendre heureuse . Surmontant sa peur et la désapprobation de ses parents, elle décide de se joindre aux trois amis.
Listen...Amaya, 1h48
Genres Drame
Acteurs Farooq Sheikh, Deepti Naval, Swara Bhaskar, Amala Akkineni, Siddhant Karnick, Shadab Khan
Note65% 3.2957553.2957553.2957553.2957553.295755
The film is set in Delhi, where a widowed mother, Leela, runs library cafe " Book a Coffee." Here she makes a new friend, a widowed photographer, Jayant 'Jazz', and soon finds their friendship growing. However, Leela's daughter Amaya, a budding writer, feels insecure about the relationship when she finds out about it. While she collaborates with Jazz on producing a coffee table book about the bazaars of Old Delhi, when her mother takes her relationship with Jazz further, she is unable to accept it. The journeys of all the principal characters and a subtle twist at the end make up the narrative of the film.
Club 60
Club 60 (2013)

Genres Drame
Acteurs Farooq Sheikh, Sarika, Satish Shah, Raghubir Yadav, Ankit Bathla, Tinnu Anand
Rôle Dr. Tarique
Note73% 3.6864553.6864553.6864553.6864553.686455
After the untimely death of their only son,Iqbaal(Ankit Bathla), neurosurgeon, Dr Tariq Sheikh (Farooq Sheikh) and his wife Dr Saira (Sarika) are unable to put the pieces of their broken life together. Tariq suffers from depression, while Saira struggles to cope with her husband's suicidal tendencies. In an attempt to make a fresh start in life and to get rid of the 'nothingness' that haunts them, they shift to Mumbai from Pune. More than the city's distractions, it's their loud neighbor Manubhai (Raghubir Yadav), who manages to kill the deafening silence that plagues them with his somewhat annoying yet adorable antics. Manubhai introduces Tariq to the jovial members of Club 60 - where life begins at 60.
Shanghai (2012)
, 2h
Réalisé par Dibakar Banerjee
Genres Drame, Thriller
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Abhay Deol, Emraan Hashmi, Kalki Koechlin, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Supriya Pathak, Pitobash Tripathy
Rôle Principal Secretary Kaul
Note71% 3.598513.598513.598513.598513.59851
The film is set in the fictional city of Bharat Nagar, which is hailed as an example of progress through infrastructure. State government is planning to build an International Business Park (IBP), making the city a Shanghai.
Tell Me O Kkhuda
Réalisé par Hema Malini
Acteurs Esha Deol, Arjan Bajwa, Sudhanshu Pandey, Vinod Khanna, Rishi Kapoor, Dharmendra
Rôle Ravi Kapoor
Note26% 1.306641.306641.306641.306641.30664
The film is about of a girl named Tanya (Esha Deol) who learns that she is adopted and wants to know her biological parents. She travels across the globe to find them. The first man she visits is a Hindu king (played by Vinod Khanna) named Abhay Pratap, ruling a patriarchal district in Rajasthan, where female infanticide is common. However, it's revealed that another girl, not Tanya, is the true princess since her nanny had hidden the truth from everyone. Even the king hadn't known that his wife had given birth before dying in a fire.
Lahore (2010)
, 2h6
Réalisé par Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan
Genres Drame, Action
Thèmes Sport, Arts martiaux, La boxe
Acteurs Aanaahad, Nafisa Ali, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Sushant Singh, Farooq Sheikh, Shraddha Nigam
Rôle S.K. Rao
Note62% 3.14843.14843.14843.14843.1484
An Indian kickboxer defeats a Pakistani kickboxer in an international tournament. But the event ends in a tragedy due to the Pakistani players intemperance. Will the peace process initiated by the two countries lose its momentum, especially when the Indian hero's brother is determined to avenge his family and country during a second international bout that is being held in Lahore?
Accident On Hill Road
Genres Thriller
Acteurs Farooq Sheikh, Celina Jaitley, Abhimanyu Singh, Manmeet Singh, Shammi, Shubha Khote
Rôle Prakash Shrivastav
Note40% 2.034972.034972.034972.034972.03497
When Sonam (Celina Jaitley) runs over a man Prakash (Farooq Sheikh) on her way home from a party one night she tries to dispose of him so no one will find out. She enlists the help of her drug dealer boyfriend Sid (Abhimanyu Singh). As soon as Sid begins to help the plan goes in an unexpected direction. It is now revealed that Prakash is alive. He, however plasters himself for sometime following to his injuries. Now Sonam finds out that Prakash is alive. To avoid a police case or any other hazard, she plans to kill him at any cost.
Saas Bahu Aur Sensex
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Tanushree Dutta, Kiron Kher, Masumeh Makhija, Mukta Barve, Seema Azmi, Sudhanshu Pandey
Rôle Feroz Sethna
Note52% 2.648232.648232.648232.648232.64823
With her mother suddenly divorcing her father and leaving their comfortable home in Kolkata, Nitya finds herself in the new environs of Navi Mumbai.
Mohabbat (1997)
, 3h
Genres Romance
Acteurs Akshaye Khanna, Sanjay Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Farida Jalal, Farooq Sheikh, Arjun (Firoz Khan)
Rôle Shekhar Sharma
Note54% 2.7085852.7085852.7085852.7085852.708585
The wealthy Kapoor family consists of Madanlal, his wife Geeta, daughter Roshni, and son, Gaurav (Sanjay Kapoor). One day while Gaurav is returning home from a bank, he is attacked by a group of men led by Shiva (Shiva Rindani), but a young man named Rohit Malhotra (Akshaye Khanna) comes to his rescue. Gaurav hires Rohit in his firm, and both become fast and inseparable friends. Both unknowingly fall in love with the same woman, Shweta Sharma (Madhuri Dixit), but Gaurav finds out and decides to step away. Shweta and Rohit are in love and want to get married. Then Shiva attacks Rohit and throws him off a cliff. Believing him to be dead, a shocked and devastated Shweta loses her voice. The Kapoors find out that Gaurav loves Shweta and they approach her brother, Shekhar (Farooq Sheikh), and arrange their marriage. They get engaged and Gaurav finds a lookalike of Rohit who is Tony Braganza.
Ab Insaf Hoga, 2h5
Genres Drame, Action
Acteurs Mithun Chakraborty, Rekha, Rohini Hattangadi, Farooq Sheikh, Vikas Anand, Prem Chopra
Rôle Ramcharan
Note51% 2.596322.596322.596322.596322.59632
The film deals with a woman's (Rekha) fight against corruption. She has always a strong support in her friend (Mithun)
Maya Memsaab, 2h51
Réalisé par Ketan Mehta
Origine Inde
Genres Drame, Romance
Thèmes La musique, Sexualité, Le suicide, Erotique, Musique, Madame Bovary, Bollywood
Acteurs Deepa Sahi, Farooq Sheikh, Raj Babbar, Shahrukh Khan, Paresh Rawal, Raghubir Yadav
Rôle Dr. Charu Das
Note54% 2.7033852.7033852.7033852.7033852.703385
Deux inspecteurs mènent une enquête sur la disparition d’une femme. Au fur et à mesure de leur enquête et des réponses à leurs questions, la vie de la disparue leur apparait.
Toofan (1989)
, 2h54
Genres Fantasy
Thèmes La famille, Super-héros
Acteurs Amitabh Bachchan, Meenakshi Seshadri, Amrita Singh, Farooq Sheikh, Pran Krishan Sikand, Goga Kapoor
Rôle Gopal Sharma
Note50% 2.50992.50992.50992.50992.5099
The film opens with a daredevil escape magician Ramesh Kumar (Ramesh Deo) receiving word that his close friend Inspector Hanuman Prasad (Pran) has just lost his wife during childbirth. As Ramesh's wife is unable to bear children, the inspector entrusts one of his twin children to Ramesh, to rear as his own, so they may both enjoy the children. They decide to keep this a secret between them (and the doctor). Ramesh returns to Mumbai and the boy, Shyam, learns the tricks of the trade to become Shyam jadugar (Shyam the magician, played by Amitabh Bachchan). Ramesh meets an untimely death during a failed Chinese Water Torture Cell escape trick, and his wife steadfastly dissuades Shyam from pursuing magic. However, Shyam resolves to perform the escape successfully as a tribute to his late father.
Biwi Ho To Aisi, 2h29
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Rekha, Farooq Sheikh, Rekha, Salman Khan, Bindu, Kader Khan
Rôle Suraj Bhandari
Note58% 2.902262.902262.902262.902262.90226
The story is a family drama that revolves around the lead pair played by Rekha and Farooq Shaikh who play a married couple. It's about how the character Shalu overcomes all obstacles in her married life to win over the acceptance of her domineering mother-in-law Kamla.