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Evangeline Rose Eigenmann y Gil est une Actrice Philippine née le 12 mai 1963 à Manille (Philippines)

Evangeline Rose Eigenmann y Gil

Evangeline Rose Eigenmann y Gil
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Nom de naissance Evangeline Rose Gil Eigenmann
Nationalité Philippines
Naissance 12 mai 1963 (56 ans) à Manille (Philippines)

Evangeline Rose Eigenmann y Gil (born 12 May 1963) or Cherie Gil is a Filipino actress of Kapampangan, Spanish and Swiss German descent. She is known professionally as Cherie Gil She is one of the antagonists actress in decade years. In TV series and films.


Cherie Gil is the daughter of Filipino actors Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil, and sister of Michael de Mesa and the late Mark Gil. She was formerly married to Rony Rogoff, an internationally renowned violinist; the couple had two children, Bianca and Raphael. She also has another child, Jay. She is the aunt of actors Ryan, Geoff, Andi and Gabby Eigenmann, and Sid Lucero (Tim Eigenmann).

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A Moment In Time
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Coco Martin, Julia Montes, Evangeline Rose Eigenmann y Gil, Gabby Concepcion, Joseph Marco, Ella Cruz
Rôle Karen Linden
Note63% 3.194323.194323.194323.194323.19432
Patrick (Coco Martin) is a part-time waiter and self-employed artist. He meets Jillian (Julia Montes) on a subway and the two fell in love. Patrick later discovers Jillian's past and has a hard time accepting the truth. He starts to make her suffer by pretending that he really loves her. What will happen when Jillian moves? And what will happen when Patrick comes back to apologize?
Ekstra (2013)
, 1h51
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Piolo Pascual, Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes, Evangeline Rose Eigenmann y Gil, Pilar Pilapil, Tom Rodriguez, Eula Valdez
Note72% 3.6067153.6067153.6067153.6067153.606715
The film follows a seemingly usual day in the life of Loida Malabanan (Vilma Santos) as she embarks on yet another shooting day of a soap opera as an extra. As the shoot goes on, we get a glimpse of the truth in the ruling system of the production as well as the exploitation of the marginalized laborers like her.
Sosy Problems
Origine Philippines
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Heart Evangelista, Rhian Ramos, Solenn Heussaff, Bianca King, Aljur Abrenica, Mikael Daez
Rôle Martina Bertrand
Note56% 2.8170352.8170352.8170352.8170352.817035
In the movie, Rhian Ramos plays Lizzie, the spoiled-rich daughter of a hotelier who is a self-appointed leader of the Sosy group; Bianca King portrays Danielle, the daughter of a politician who is on the brink of being impeached from office; Solenn Heussaff is Margaux, the daughter of the former beauty queen (Cherie Gil) and the bestfriend and half sister of Claudia (Heart Evangelista) who is also the daughter of a beauty queen (Agot Isidro). Margaux and Claudia were competing one another from beauty to the only man they see who is Benjo (Aljur Abrenica), an all-around employee at the Polo Club.
Working Girls
Réalisé par Jose Javier Reyes
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie romantique
Acteurs Eugene Domingo, Iza Calzado, Ruffa Gutierrez, Jennylyn Mercado, Cristine Reyes, Eula Valdez
Rôle Amanda Dela Vega
Note54% 2.7165152.7165152.7165152.7165152.716515
They are everyday women who all live in a world where men rule business and women rule the office. In this comedy hit of the summer, the story begins with Paula, (Eugene Domingo) the daughter-in-law of Nimfa (Gina Pareno). She is the queen of fake designer bags. She gets high earnings from her living and uses them to put her children through private school, something that her irresponsible and unemployed husband cannot provide. Then there is a single mom, Ada (Jennylyn Mercado), a young woman who is a call center agent by night and a student by day, working hard to provide for her young son. In the process, she neglects her son and puts additional strain on her relationship with her mother, Sabel (Rio Locsin). Ada is also close friends with Tobz (Carlo Aquino) who is currently having issues with his girlfriend, Wendy (Cristine Reyes) also a busy woman who does not give him time nor pleasure and whose long life goal is to become an actress. While pursuing this, she meets Rodney (Rafael Rosell), who is also an attorney to celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Cleo Carillo. One of her clients/friends, Marilou (Ruffa Gutierrez), a beauty queen turned CEO upon the death of her husband, is also having problems with Amanda Dela Vega, her husband's daughter from another woman, and her own daughter, Dara Dela Vega (Bianca King). Dara is a Berkeley graduate who is eager to prove herself at her new job in a television show; she is struggling to manager her issues from home and her issues from her boss, Suzanne (Carmi Martin), Marilou's best friend. Another story follows Theresa (Iza Calzado), a nurse for Dr. Carillo's husband and who is content with her work but struggles to deal with her broken heart.
Donsol (2006)
, 2h25
Réalisé par Adolfo Alix, Jr.
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Sid Lucero, Angel Aquino, Evangeline Rose Eigenmann y Gil, Bembol Roco, Jaclyn Jose, Mark Gil
Note72% 3.62143.62143.62143.62143.6214
Donsol is a movie about a whaleshark guide named Daniel who falls in love with the beautiful but mysterious tourist Teresa. The two individuals are nursing their own heartaches but find themselves hopelessly drawn to each other; Daniel was left behind by his girlfriend for a rich man, Teresa a widowed breast cancer patient.
Lastikman (2004)

Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Comédie, Fantasy, Action, Romance
Acteurs Mark Bautista, Sarah Geronimo, John Estrada, John Manalo, Evangeline Rose Eigenmann y Gil, Elizabeth Oropesa
Note50% 2.519772.519772.519772.519772.51977
Adrian (Mark Bautista) is just an ordinary boy who lacks skills and talents. He likes his friend Lara (Sarah Geronimo), but is often bullied by his classmates and kids in the neighborhood. Despite being a weakling, Adrian possesses a pure and brave heart when he tries to fight illegal loggers who cut trees on their barrio. Unfortunately, he is beaten by the loggers and left almost half dead. But Because of his pure personality, the enchanted rubber tree that he saves heals him and grants him powers that transform him into a super hero named Lastikman.
My First Romance, 1h57
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, John Prats, Evangeline Rose Eigenmann y Gil, Heart Evangelista, Carla Humphries
Rôle Jackie's Mom
Note64% 3.2462853.2462853.2462853.2462853.246285
One Love is about two people who fall in love with each other even if they have two different worlds. Here, Jackie (Heart Evangelista) is the campus queen, rich, beautiful and is liked by everyone except Che (John Prats), who thinks that Jackie is just a shallow brat. After being forced to work together for school activities, Jackie made it a personal goal for Che to like her. Despite herself, she tries everything to please Che until she almost gives up hope. But with the presence of Jackie's Ate Glow, their personal belongings get mixed up. Because of this, both will discover the softer side of each other and their growing affections on the side, the two will eventually fall in love amidst the chaotic events that almost threatened their relationship.
Palimos Ng Pag-ibig, 2h6
Réalisé par Eddie García
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Edu Manzano, Dina Bonnevie, Evangeline Rose Eigenmann y Gil, Laurice Guillen
Rôle Verna Castillo

On the outside, married couple Fina (Santos) and Rodel (Manzano) Alcaraz appear to be a match made in heaven, but behind the thick walls of their home, their relationship is on the verge of crumbling. Despite being relatively affluent, the couple is empty as they are childless, for any attempt to conceive might prove fatal to Fina due to her condition. In an act of desperation, Rodel takes matters into his own hands and seeks the services of a surrogate, Ditas (Bonnevie).
Oro Plata Mata, 3h14
Réalisé par Peque Gallaga
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Guerre
Thèmes La mer, Transport, Politique
Acteurs Evangeline Rose Eigenmann y Gil, Sandy Andolong, Liza Lorena, Ronnie Lazaro, Joel Torre
Rôle Trinidad "Trining" Ojeda
Note80% 4.036494.036494.036494.036494.03649
Oro Plata Mata traces the changing fortunes of two aristocratic families in Negros during World War II. The Ojeda family is celebrating Maggie Ojedas (Andolong) debut. In the garden, Trining (Gil) receives her first kiss from Miguel Lorenzo (Torre), her childhood sweetheart. Don Claudio Ojeda (Ojeda) and his fellow landowners talk about the impending war. The celebration is cut short by news of the sinking of SS Corregidor by a mine. As the Japanese invasion force nears the city, the Ojedas accept the invitation extended by the Lorenzos, their old family friends, to stay with them in their provincial hacienda. Nena Ojeda (Lorena) and Inday Lorenzo (Asensio) try to deny the realities of war by preserving their pre-war lifestyle. Pining for her fiancé, Maggie goes through bouts of melancholy. Miguel and Trining turn from naughty children into impetuous adults.
Manila by Night
Réalisé par Ishmael Bernal
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Fantasy
Acteurs Charito Solis, Gina Alajar, Evangeline Rose Eigenmann y Gil, Rio Locsin, William Martinez, Alma Moreno
Rôle Kano
Note72% 3.600263.600263.600263.600263.60026
The film's events take place in the course of several nights, involving various protagonists and the city itself. William Martinez plays a folk singer from a rich family who becomes addicted to heroin through the influence of lesbian pusher and pimp, Cherie Gil. Martinez's mother in the movie, played by Charito Solis, is herself a reformed prostitute who, like Lady Macbeth, is obsessed with cleaning her hands to remove the dirt of her past. She does her best to be respectable after marrying an ex-cop played by Johnny Wilson. Meanwhile, Cherie Gil's character is in love with a blind masseuse, played by Rio Locsin, with two illegitimate children. Locsin lives with Jojo Santiago, whose character fantasizes of earning American dollars while working in Saudi Arabia. Another character, portrayed by Alma Moreno, is a nurse who, in reality, is a call girl. Her live-in taxi-driver lover, played by Orestes Ojeda, is fooling around with a waitress played by Lorna Tolentino, who is the presumed girlfriend of a gay couterier played by Bernardo Bernardo. As dawn breaks over the city, the bizarre lives of the characters of Manila's nightlife seem like an alter-ego of the respectable, busy daytime world.