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Dipjol est un Acteur Bangladais né le 15 juin 1958 à Mirpur Thana (Bangladesh)


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Nom de naissance Monowar Hossain Dipjol
Nationalité Bangladesh
Naissance 15 juin 1958 (64 ans) à Mirpur Thana (Bangladesh)

Dipjol (Born : Monowar Hossain Dipjol, Bengali: মনোয়ার হোসেন ডিপজল, on 15 June 1958), is a Bangladeshi actor, producer, writer, politician and a business man. He was born on 15 June 1958 at Bagbari, ward no.9, Mrpur, Dhaka. He is the third son of Late Hazi Sohrab Hossain and Al -Haz Jobeda Begum. His elder brothers are Al-haj Shahadat Hossain Badshas, and Anowar Hossain Afzal. He has four sisters. They are Al-haj Noorjahan Begum, Selina Begum, Parvin Begum and Jesmin Begum. He is the grandson of Famous businessman and donor Hazi Lal Miah Fakir. He is married to Rumana Monowar Joba and has three kids. Sadman Monowar Shoumik Omi and Md. Sadab Monowar Fahim are Two sons and Oliza Monowar Meghla is his daughter. He is the elected commissioners of Ward number 9 since 1994 until his data. He is the owner of Fahim Shooting spot, in Rajfulbari, Savar. He also owns Asia cinema hall, Parbat Cinema Hall, Parbat Pictures −2 (A film production and distribution house.)

He is active in the Dhallywood industry. He was intrudice to dhallywood by director Montazur Rahman Akbar. In spite of his negative role in initial movies tough in his recent work on movies positive role are appreciated by the viewers, since 2006 starting Tawith Chachu. He made his debut with Takar Pahar his co-artist was lima, also with Jashim, Nuthan and Dany Sidak. He is now in Mirpur Thana Jail after facing criminal prosecution.

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Shakib Khan
Shakib Khan
(2 films)
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Abdur Razzak
Abdur Razzak
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বাঁধা, 2h50
Origine Bangladesh
Genres Action
Acteurs Shakib Khan, Purnima, Riaz, Dipjol
Rôle Member of Parliament
Note68% 3.4195153.4195153.4195153.4195153.419515
Aakash (Riaz) is a spoiled brat, and is the brother of local MP(Dipjol). He likes to flirt with beautiful girls and wants them to be his girlfriends. One day he sees Bristy(Purnima) and proposes to her. When she refuses, he threatens to jump from the top of college building. Being a weak-minded girl, Bristy accepts the proposal with the thought that as some guy has already died for her and she doesn't want someone to get hurt because of her and starts dating him. Apon (Shakib Khan) is a happy-go-lucky guy who enjoys his life with friends. On his first day to the college, he sees Bristy who was just confessing her love to Aakash who was at the top of the college building, threatening her. Charmed by her beauty, Apon falls in love with her and proposes to her. She actually rejects his proposal saying that she is already committed to Aakash. One day MP arranges a party in his house and it so turns out that Aakas introduces Bristy to his Brother and persuades him to fix their marriage. Aakash's Brother, who initially pretended to accept his's marriage with Bristy, turns tables upside down by introducing another girl Daina and announces that his brother is going to marry her. He threatens his brother not to marry anyone except Daina. Being embarrassed by the situation and helpless, Aakash sits down and starts to get frustrated. Apon, who loves Bristy so much that he never hesitated to help her, decides to bring Aakash to Bristy and helps them elope. On their way, they are followed by MP's henchmen. The three youngsters find a train and get into it.