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Dietlinde Turban Maazel est une Actrice Allemande née le 27 aout 1957 à Reutlingen (Allemagne)

Dietlinde Turban Maazel

Dietlinde Turban Maazel
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Nom de naissance Dietlinde Turban
Nationalité Allemagne
Naissance 27 aout 1957 (65 ans) à Reutlingen (Allemagne)

Dietlinde Turban (born August 27, 1957 in Reutlingen, Germany) is a German actress. Her brother is the violinist Ingolf Turban.

Dietlinde Turban's first stage appearance at the age of 19 as Gretchen in Goethe's Faust at the Residenz-Theatre in Munich brought her national fame. In rapid succession she starred in new productions of Lessing's Minna von Barnhelm (as Minna), Shakespeare's Othello (as Desdemona - for which she received the Bad Hersfeld Festival prize for best actress), and in works of Anouilh, Giraudoux and others. She was invited as guest star at the State Theater in Bonn and the Josefstadt Theatre in Vienna.

Thanks to scores of films and plays filmed for television, Mrs. Turban won Germany's coveted Bambi Award by popular vote as Best Actress of the Year (1983).
Among her film credits: the title role in Goethe's Stella and Schiller's Love and Intrigue (Luise), the role of Mozart's sister-in-law Aloysia in the French film biography of the composer, a starring role in Sidney Sheldon's American thriller Bloodline, and the part of Euridice in the Jean-Pierre Ponnelle/Harnoncourt adaptation of Monteverdi's Orfeo, the lead-roles in Die Kalte Heimat, Die Undankbare, Peter Schamoni's The Castle in Konigswald and the World War II story Mussolini and I, in which she played opposite Anthony Hopkins.

In 2004 Ms. Turban founded the New York based Crescent Theatre Company. In collaboration with Christopher Rothwell she created a One Woman Play Constantly Risking Absurdity which she premiered in Castleton and at the Cherry Lane Theatre, New York, a year later performed it at the George Mason University and was also invited with this play to Salzburg, Austria, by the American Austrian Foundation, for the inauguration of Schloss Arenberg in 2005. Recently the Crescent Theatre Co. merged with Kid Pan Alley, an organization, initially funded by Ms. Turban, that inspires children through group song writing to become creators of their own music.

Ms. Turban has recorded a number of audio books (Naxos) as well as CDs in collaboration with young composers. She also performs dramatic readings of literary masterpieces both in the United States and in Europe and tours with recitals based on works by Andersen, Fontane, Heine, Kafka, Rilke, Schiller and Thomas Mann.

Ms. Turban studied violin, classical dance and voice in her home town Munich, Germany and, in Aspen, Co. After a decade of an intense acting career she married the conductor Lorin Maazel. They have two sons and a daughter. She took a 15-year break from acting to raise their home-schooled children while traveling throughout the world.

In 1996 she co-founded a private school for low-income families on her Virginia estate, based on the holistic ideas of Rudolf Steiner, "The Hearthstone School", and developed a pilot educational project designed to explore new ways of integrating vital artistic and aesthetic values into school curricula.

In addition to her active role as administrator of the Castleton Festival and the year-round performance season at the Castleton Theatre, she works as private performance coach in Manhattan and teaches every summer at the “Castleton Artists Training Seminar” (CATS), the Castleton Festival’s Young Artist Program which she founded and developed together with renowned soprano Nancy Gustafson.

In the summer 2013 she performed Jean Cocteau’s La Voix Humaine at the Castleton Festival. Since September 2013 she has joined the faculty at the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, NJ, teaching interpretative and performance skills (in German, French, Italian and English repertoire) and a new course that she created for Rutgers: “Acting for Singers”.

With her brother (Ingolf Turban) and husband (Lorin Maazel), Turban has participated in classical music projects.

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La Chute de Mussolini, 2h10
Réalisé par Alberto Negrin
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Guerre, Biographie, Historique
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Susan Sarandon, Anthony Hopkins, Bob Hoskins, Annie Girardot, Barbara De Rossi, Dietlinde Turban Maazel
Rôle Frau Beetz, born as Hildegard Burkhardt, she was a German agent who visited Galeazzo in prison and tried to help him
Note63% 3.1651453.1651453.1651453.1651453.165145
The film starts just before World War II and shows the political and personal side of Benito Mussolini aka Il Duce's fall from power until his death and the end of the war. It delves into Il Duce's relationship with his son in-law, daughter, wife, mistress, and admiration of Hitler.
Le sel vaut plus que l'or, 1h25
Genres Fantasy
Acteurs Libuše Šafránková, Ladislav Chudík, Vlasta Fabianová, Dietlinde Turban Maazel
Note67% 3.384743.384743.384743.384743.38474
Âgé, sentant ses forces décliner et n'ayant pas de descendant mâle, le roi Pravoslav décide d'abdiquer en faveur de l'une de ses trois filles. Il laissera le pouvoir à celle qui lui témoignera le plus grand amour. Lorsqu'il les interroge, Vanda, l'aînée déclare qu'elle l'aime plus que l'or, Barbora, la seconde, plus que les pierres précieuses, la plus jeune, Maruška, elle, plus que le sel. Outré par les propos de sa fille préférée, le roi la chasse du château avec perte et fracas. Las, dès cet instant, tout le sel disponible dans le royaume se transforme en or...