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Dick Purcell est un Acteur Américain né le 6 aout 1905 à Greenwich (Etats-Unis)

Dick Purcell

Dick Purcell
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Nom de naissance Richard Gerald Purcell, Jr.
Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 6 aout 1905 à Greenwich (Etats-Unis)
Mort 10 avril 1944 (à 38 ans) à Hollywood (Etats-Unis)

Dick Purcell est un acteur américain né le 6 août 1908 à Greenwich, dans le Connecticut (États-Unis), mort le 10 août 1944 à Hollywood, en Californie.


Né à Greenwich, il a fait ses études primaires et secondaires à l'école catholique avant de devenir étudiant à l'université Fordham dans le Bronx. Il part ensuite pour New York afin de commencer une carrière d'acteur sur les planches de Broadway. Parmi ses premières apparitions dans des pièces, citons notamment Men in White en 1933 au Broadhurst Theatre mais aussi Les Sentiers de la Gloire. Il est remarqué par la critique. Il est aussitôt choisi pour un petit rôle dans le film Brumes en 1936 aux côtés de James Cagney. Il obtiendra pour son second long métrage Man Hunt toujours en 1936 un rôle plus important. Cette année, il apparaît dans onze films au total. Le début d'une carrière riche en rôles divers. En août 1944, alors que le serial Captain America n'est pas encore diffusé en salles, il décède d'une crise cardiaque à l'âge de 36 ans dans les vestiaires du Country Club de Los Angeles après avoir fait une partie de golf. Le film connaîtra un immense succès.

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Trocadero (1944)
, 1h14
Réalisé par William Nigh
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Musical
Thèmes Musique
Acteurs Rosemary Lane, Johnny Downs, Ralph Morgan, Dick Purcell, Sheldon Leonard, Dave Fleischer
Rôle Spike Nelson
Note61% 3.0562353.0562353.0562353.0562353.056235
The film is a fictional story of the creation of the Trocadero night club with the two foster children of Tony Rocadero erecting the club in their late father's memory. The film is an excuse to feature a variety of performers doing their act in the club, including an animated character from Dave Fleischer.
Captain America (serial), 4h4
Réalisé par Elmer Clifton, John English
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Action, Aventure
Thèmes Super-héros, Super-héros inspiré de comics
Acteurs Dick Purcell, Lorna Gray, Lionel Atwill, Charles Trowbridge, Russell Hicks, George J. Lewis
Rôle Grant Gardner / Captain America
Note55% 2.758132.758132.758132.758132.75813
Captain America combat les forces du Scarabée, un individu qui commet des sabotages et des meurtres. Le criminel a volé une invention capable de détruire les immeubles en utilisant les ondes sonores.
Aerial Gunner, 1h18
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Guerre, Action, Aventure
Thèmes La mer, Transport, Aviation, Politique, Forces armées des États-Unis
Acteurs Chester Morris, Richard Arlen, Jimmy Lydon, Ralph Sanford, Amelita Ward, Dick Purcell
Rôle Pvt. Lancelot 'Gadget' Blaine
Note56% 2.813862.813862.813862.813862.81386
Policeman Jon Davis (Richard Arlen) informs "Foxy" Pattis (Chester Morris) at his shooting gallery, that his criminal father has died. Foxy blames all policemen, feeling they harassed him all his life and were responsible for his death. Both men enlist in the United States Army Air Forces where Foxy becomes the instructor at an aerial gunnery school. He makes life miserable for Jon, now a "Flying Sergeant" student, trying to force the former policeman to resign.
Idaho (1943)
, 1h10
Réalisé par Joseph Kane
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Western
Acteurs Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, Virginia Grey, Bob Nolan, Ona Munson, Harry Shannon
Rôle Duke Springer
Note64% 3.231653.231653.231653.231653.23165
Judge John Grey decides to close down Belle Bonner's saloon. It turns out, though, that Grey is actually a former outlaw named Tom Allison, and this information is used by Belle and her crony Duke Springer to blackmail the judge. It's up to Roy Rogers to ride into town and save the day.
No Place for a Lady, 1h6
Réalisé par James Patrick Hogan
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Policier
Acteurs William Gargan, Margaret Lindsay, Phyllis Brooks, Dick Purcell, Jerome Cowan, Edward Norris
Rôle Rand Brooke
Note65% 3.269463.269463.269463.269463.26946
At a Tyre warehouse in Los Angeles, trucks are loaded with stacks of tires to be delivered to a San Francisco warehouse. Later, on a country road under cover of darkness, the tires are transferred to Joe Wembley (Frank M. Thomas), an underworld figure and operator of a nightclub at the beach. With the $50,000 earned from the transaction, Evelyn Harris (Doris Lloyd), who inherited the tire business from her late husband, plans to marry Eddie Moore (Jerome Cowan), a singer at Wembley's café. The two lovebirds then head for New York, but Moore insists on stopping at an unoccupied cottage he notices from the road. In San Francisco, meanwhile, Jess Arno (William Gargan), a private detective from Los Angeles, succeeds in clearing former actress Dolly Adair (Phyllis Brooks) of a murder charge and becomes a media sensation. After the trial is over, Jess rushes to phone his sweetheart, June Terry, a real estate agent at the shore. June, who is jealous of Dolly, is upset when Jess informs her that he plans to shield Dolly from the reporters by hiding her at his beach cottage. Randy Brooke (Dick Purcell), a reporter who is Jess's rival for June's affections, convinces June to play a practical joke on Jess. Together, they take a wax model to Jess's cottage and stick a knife in the figure's throat. Later that night, Jess and Dolly arrive at the cottage and are horrified to find blood stains and a body of a woman in the cellar. Hurrying to Wembley's café nearby, they telephone Capt. Baker (Thomas E. Jackson) at police headquarters. When the officers arrive, accompanied by Randy and June, the body is missing and the dummy lies in its place. Believing that it is all a publicity hoax, the police ridicule Jess as a "front page detective." After the police leave, June admits her involvement in placing the dummy in the cottage and offers to help Jess discover the identity of the murdered woman. A dress label found on the body leads them to an exclusive shop in Los Angeles, and there they discover that the dress was sold to Evelyn Harris. After Jess and June argue, the two go their separate ways to solve the mystery. Upon learning that Evelyn left Los Angeles to marry Eddie Moore, their investigation leads to Wembley's café. When June begins to question Moore about Evelyn, he flees the café with the $50,000. His escape is aided by the sound of air raid sirens and a blackout at the beach. By pretending to be an air raid warden, Jess corners Moore at his apartment. After Moore denies killing Evelyn and accuses Wembley of engineering the murder and hijacking the tires, Jess phones Capt. Baker, but before he can relay the information, Moore knocks him unconscious and locks him in a closet. Moore is then confronted by Wembley and his henchman, Mario (Edward Norris), who have followed him to the apartment. When the police arrive, they find Moore's body, beaten to death, and accuse Jess of the crime. After recovering from a blow to his head, Jess eludes the police and goes to Wembley's café, where he confronts Wembley and Mario with evidence of murder. In the ensuing fight, Mario and Wembley chase Jess into a banquet room where the hijacked tires are stored. The police then arrive and, seizing the tires as evidence, arrest Wembley and Mario. With the murder solved, Jess and June leave for their wedding and honeymoon.
Reveille with Beverly, 1h18
Réalisé par Charles Barton
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Musical, Romance
Thèmes Musique, Politique
Acteurs Ann Miller, William Wright, Dick Purcell, Franklin Pangborn, Frank Sinatra, Larry Parks
Rôle Andy Adams
Note66% 3.339863.339863.339863.339863.33986
Beverly Ross (Ann Miller) wants to be a radio personality, but has to run the switchboard at a local station. The blustery station owner Mr. Kennedy (Tim Ryan) wants no part of programming jive that she loves", preferring the classics.
The Mystery of the 13th Guest, 1h1
Réalisé par William Beaudine
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Thriller, Policier
Acteurs Helen Parrish, Dick Purcell, Frank Faylen, Johnny Duncan, Cyril Ring, Addison Richards
Rôle Johnny Smith
Note54% 2.711652.711652.711652.711652.71165
When Marie Morgan (Helen Parrish) was eight years old, she attended a banquet held by her dying grandfather, who disliked everyone in his family except for her. That day he instructed her to return to his house upon her twenty-first birthday to read his will alone. Marie arrives at the house, and although it has been vacant for 13 years, the lights and telephone both appear to be working. Marie thinks back to the day her grandfather told her about his will and recalls the seating arrangement. There were twelve guests in attendance, but a thirteenth place to her grandfather's right was empty. Marie presently decides to open the envelope containing the will. Inside is a sheet of paper with the numbers 13-13-13 written with nothing else. Someone suddenly enters the house and a gunshot is heard, and Marie screams.
I Live on Danger, 1h13
Réalisé par Sam White
Origine Etats-Unis
Acteurs Chester Morris, Jean Parker, Elisabeth Risdon, Edward Norris, Dick Purcell, Roger Pryor
Rôle Norm Thompson
Note60% 3.025023.025023.025023.025023.02502
Jeff Morrell is an ambitious radio reporter. The news of the day is the prison release of gambler Eddie Nelson, who actually was the fallguy for a criminal named Joey Farr.
Sacramento (1942)
, 1h28
Réalisé par William C. McGann
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Action, Romance, Western
Acteurs John Wayne, Binnie Barnes, Albert Dekker, Edgar Kennedy, Helen Parrish, Patsy Kelly
Rôle Joe Dawson
Note63% 3.1945753.1945753.1945753.1945753.194575
À la fin des années 1840, Tom Craig, un pharmacien originaire de Boston, décide de tenter sa chance en Californie. Il est confronté à Britt Dawson, qui veut l'empêcher de s'installer à Sacramento, mais il reçoit l'aide de la propre fiancée de Dawson, la chanteuse Lacey Miller. Après qu'un filon est découvert dans la région, la ville se vide. Mais le camp des mineurs est frappé par la typhoïde, Tom organise le transport des médicaments nécessaires. Dawson va tenter de voler le chargement.
X Marks the Spot, 55minutes
Réalisé par George Sherman
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Policier
Acteurs Damian O'Flynn, Helen Parrish, Dick Purcell, Jack La Rue, Neil Hamilton, Robert Homans
Rôle Police Lt. William 'Bill' Decker
Note51% 2.5805352.5805352.5805352.5805352.580535
Differences from novel
Flying Blind, 1h9
Réalisé par Frank McDonald
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Comédie, Action
Thèmes Espionnage, Transport, Aviation
Acteurs Richard Arlen, Jean Parker, Nils Asther, Marie Wilson, Eddie Quillan, Dick Purcell
Rôle Bob Fuller
Note49% 2.4661252.4661252.4661252.4661252.466125
Un espion s'empare d'un dispositif militaire secret, et détourne un avion pour s'enfuir. L'avion s'écrase dans le désert, et les survivants sont menacés par un incendie de forêt.