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Diana Churchill est une Actrice née le 21 aout 1913

Diana Churchill

Diana Churchill
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Naissance 21 aout 1913
Mort 8 octobre 1994 (à 81 ans)

Diana Josephine Churchill (21 August 1913 – 8 October 1994) was an English actress. On leaving school she begged her father to let her train for the stage. She made her first professional appearance in 1931 and her film debut in 1933, but her big break came in 1935 with the comedy film Foreign Affaires.

She was a crisp, opulent blonde with blue eyes who appeared in several British films, including Scott of the Antarctic (1948). She was married to the actors Barry K. Barnes (1938-1965) and Mervyn Johns (1976-1992).

Le plus souvent avec

Tom Walls
Tom Walls
(3 films)
Cecil Parker
Cecil Parker
(4 films)
John Mills
John Mills
(2 films)
Cyril Smith
Cyril Smith
(3 films)
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The History of Mr. Polly, 1h35
Réalisé par Anthony Pelissier
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame
Acteurs John Mills, Betty Ann Davies, Megs Jenkins, Finlay Currie, Diana Churchill, Shelagh Fraser
Rôle Annie Larkins
Note67% 3.392383.392383.392383.392383.39238
Following his dismissal from a draper's shop, where his father had placed him as an apprentice, protagonist Alfred Polly (John Mills) finds it hard to find another position. When a telegram arrives informing him of his father's death, he returns to the family home. With a bequest of £500, Polly starts to consider his future; and a friend of his father's, Mr Johnsen (Edward Chapman), urges him to invest it in a shop - an idea that Polly hates. Whilst dawdling in the country on a newly-bought bicycle, Polly has a brief dalliance with a schoolgirl, Christabel (Sally Ann Howes); but later marries a cousin, Miriam Larkins (Betty Ann Davies). 15 years later, Polly and his wife are running a drapery in Fishbourne, and the marriage has descended to incessant arguments and bickering. Whilst walking in the country, Polly decides to commit suicide but also sets his shop ablaze in the hope the insurance will assure Miriam's prosperity; but botches the arson job and instead of killing himself, rescues an elderly neighbour and becomes a minor local celebrity. Still unhappy, Polly leaves Miriam and is hired by a rural innkeeper (Megs Jenkins) as handyman and ferryman; but soon realises that the position was open because the innkeeper's brother-in-law Jim (Finlay Currie) is a drunkard who chases any other man away from the inn. Polly clashes with Jim until the latter accidentally drowns in a weir when he is chasing Polly. Several years later, Polly returns to Fishbourne to find Miriam operating a tea-shop with her sister, in the belief that Polly had drowned, and returns to his happier life at the inn.
L'Épopée du capitaine Scott, 1h51
Réalisé par Charles Frend
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Biographie, Action, Aventure, Historique
Thèmes La mer, Transport
Acteurs John Mills, James Robertson Justice, Barry Letts, Harold Warrender, Kenneth More, Derek Bond
Rôle Kathleen Scott
Note69% 3.4967153.4967153.4967153.4967153.496715
Le film relate l'histoire de l'expédition Terra Nova de Robert Falcon Scott en Antarctique entre 1910 et 1912.
Jane Steps Out
Réalisé par Paul L. Stein
Acteurs Diana Churchill, Jean Muir, Athene Seyler, Fred Emney, Iris Hoey, Judy Kelly
Rôle Jane Wilton

A young woman is overshadowed by her more glamorous sister. With the help of her grandmother she transforms herself and is able to attract a man.
Pot Luck
Pot Luck (1936)
, 1h11
Réalisé par Tom Walls
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Comédie, Policier
Acteurs Tom Walls, Diana Churchill, Peter Gawthorne, Martita Hunt, Cyril Smith, Sara Allgood
Note57% 2.88942.88942.88942.88942.8894
A retired Scotland Yard detective, Patrick Fitzpatrick (Tom Walls) comes back to take one final case, tracking down a missing vase which has been stolen by a gang of thieves specialising in taking art treasures. His investigation takes him to the home of the innocent Mr Pye (Robertson Hare), whose house has been used by the crooks to hide their proceeds.
Dishonour Bright, 1h23
Réalisé par Tom Walls
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Comédie, Romance
Acteurs Tom Walls, Eugene Pallette, Betty Stockfeld, Diana Churchill, Cecil Parker, Arthur Wontner
Rôle Ivy Lamb Champion
Note62% 3.104973.104973.104973.104973.10497
Stephen Champion is cited as the co-respondent in a divorce case, but is cheerfully unashamed when he appears in court. During the case he strikes up a flirtatious relationship with Stella Crane, the wife of one of the lawyers. Nonetheless he marries his lover when her divorce comes through. While on his European honeymoon, he comes to Stella's assistance when she is nearly trapped by a cad and his blackmailing associate. Yet it takes some time to convince both his own wife and her husband that his conduct has been entirely honourable.
Service for Ladies, 1h33
Réalisé par Alexander Korda
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Comédie romantique, Romance
Acteurs Leslie Howard, Elizabeth Allan, George Grossmith, Jr., Benita Hume, Martita Hunt, Morton Selten
Rôle Minor Role
Note64% 3.231023.231023.231023.231023.23102
Max Tracey est maître d'hôtel dans un hôtel à Londres. Lors de vacances au Tyrol, il a le coup de foudre pour Sylvia Robertson, une aristocrate, et se fait passer pour un prince pour la séduire. En cela, il est aidé par M. Westlake, un monarque ruritanien qui lui doit une faveur. Lorsque Sylvia découvre la réalité, elle est consternée, mais la situation s'arrange quand son propre père lui apprend qu'il avait été jadis plongeur dans un restaurant.