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Dayo Wong est un Acteur, Réalisateur et Ecrivain Chinois né le 5 septembre 1960 à Hong Kong (Chine)

Dayo Wong

Dayo Wong
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Nationalité Chine
Naissance 5 septembre 1960 (61 ans) à Hong Kong (Chine)

Dayo Wong Chi-wah (黃子華), born 5 September 1960, is a Hong Kong stand-up comedian, actor, presenter, screenwriter, and singer-songwriter who is the pioneer of stand-up comedy in Hong Kong.

Wong gained a degree in philosophy from the University of Alberta in Canada. He began his career in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong in 1984, but he is best known for his works in live stand-up comedy which he started performing regularly since 1990. Since then he has starred in TV dramas and films, and recorded his own album.

Dayo had his TVB TV series debut in 1999, acting as "Lai Sam" in "Justice Sung 2". A year later, he reached a milestone of his TV series career. Dayo as a lazy office assistant in a law firm in War of the Gender, winning the My Favourite Television Character Award in the year of 2002. It is when his flame reached his highest point. 2004 is a fruitful year for Day, it is when he won two awards, the My Favourite On-Screen Partners (with Ada Choi in "Catch the Uncatchable") and again, the My Favourite Television Character Award (also in "Catch the Uncatchable").

He was so close to the "TV King" Award (The Best Actor Award). He was on the nomination list of the award in both 2007 and 2009. He finally crowned as TV King with "Bounty Lady" in 2013. To Dayo, the award was accumulative result of his TVB dramas. He also revealed that his relationship with Chilam were like cousins. In that year, Chilam Cheung started as the clear favourite of the audience due to his absolute popularity starring as Captain Cool in "Triumph in the Skies 2". Though Chilam ended up winning the Most Popular Male Character, he sounded disappointed in his acceptance speech (the price is widely recognised as a consolation prize to The Best Actor Award). Chilam did not stay behind the ceremony for the TVB official interview. He explained that he was not informed to stay behind for any interview. The discord rumours between Chilam and Dayo begin to spread out widely. However, the rumour was shot down when Chilam surprised Dayo by his sudden appearance at a meal gathering of the Bounty Lady.

Besides the TVB drama career, Dayo is also well known to be a stand-up comedian. He introduced stand up comedy (talk show) to Hong Kong. He has done thirteen talk show so far, mainly targeting local Hongkongese. Unlike Northern American stand-up comedian, his jokes usually includes a lot of political and philosophical content, which brings up a high level of consonant among audience. "Hong Kong's housing issue is absolutely ridiculous. I have discussed this in my stand-up shows too. Hong Kong residents need to have 13 to 14 times their current annual salary to finally be qualified for home ownership." said the comedian. Up to 2013, he has done as much as thirteen talk show. Seven of them are also performed in Australia, Canada and the United States. Dayo's latest talk show will be performed in October 2014. A month later, the show be in Canada and the United States as well.

Comparing with his stand-up comedy and TV dramas, his movies are not as successful. When being asked the reasons behind, he explained that he ultimate goal is to look for something new in his movies. His visions makes his work good to watch, but it is not good enough to attract people to pay for a cinema ticket. The second reason it that he hates doing promotion for his work.

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Two Thumbs Up 衝鋒車, 1h43
Origine Hong kong
Genres Comédie, Action, Policier
Thèmes Buddy movie, Hold up
Acteurs Francis Ng, Simon Yam, Patrick Tam, Mark Cheng, Siu Yam-yam, Jack Kao
Rôle Cheung Po-keung (張寶強) (scenes removed from final cut)
Note62% 3.1006153.1006153.1006153.1006153.100615
“ Lucifer and his gangsters dress their minibus to resemble a police vehicle, and pose as policemen for a robbery. Police Officer Tsui sensed "criminal intent." Without police orders, he investigates these gangsters. At the robbery the gangsters engage in a gunfight against the real criminals, who kill randomly. Lucifer and his men are infuriated. They may wear police costumes and use toy guns, but their passion is real. Sensing their righteous passion, Tsui decides to side with the impostors and their 16-passenger EU vehicle. Lucifer and his men re-discover the bond they felt when they used to battle together. Finally, Tsui, Lucifer and the gang defeat the criminals, showing Tsui that anyone can be a hero, and righteousness resides within us all.
Golden Chickensss, 1h40
Origine Hong kong
Genres Drame, Comédie
Thèmes Sexualité, Prostitution
Acteurs Sandra Ng, Nick Cheung, Eason Chan, Donnie Yen, Cheung Siu-fai, Shawn Yue Man Lok
Rôle Master Thirteen
Note56% 2.808662.808662.808662.808662.80866
Une prostituée (Sandra Ng) aide un ancien amoureux (Nick Cheung) à s'adapter à sa nouvelle vie après sa sortie de prison.
失戀急讓, 1h49
Réalisé par Cheuk Wan-chi
Origine Hong kong
Genres Comédie, Romance
Acteurs Nick Cheung, Sammi Cheng, Angelababy, Dayo Wong, Sui He, Jacky Cheung
Rôle Tsui Chi Chung
Note55% 2.75942.75942.75942.75942.7594
Hong Siu Long proposes to his girlfriend, but is rebuffed, and given an ulimatum that means he must double his fortune in one year or break up. As he contemplates as to how to do this Hong, a realtor, is engaged by a client wanting a quick sale of a luxury apartment, and willing to accept a below market price bid. Together with Charlotte, a would be client who just happened to be in the office, his colleague Very Wong, and his step-daughter Lui Yuen Ping, Hong decides to buy the apartment as a speculative venture. The four combine their assets for the deposit and given the ever rising property prices expect to quickly sell the apartment for a profit.
I Love Hong Kong 2012, 1h40
Origine Hong kong
Genres Comédie, Comédie romantique
Acteurs Eric Tsang, Stanley Fung, Teresa Mo, Dayo Wong, William So, Siu Yam-yam
Note49% 2.492952.492952.492952.492952.49295
Quatre histoires de quatre couples différents apprenant à vivre en harmonie.
Lik goo lik goo dui dui pong, 1h30
Origine Hong kong
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Cheung Tat-ming, Dayo Wong, Sam Lee, Candice Yu
Rôle Beauty Lam
Note40% 2.0150252.0150252.0150252.0150252.015025
Tenants of a run-down old mall play mahjong with the owner for their rent, including Gigi (Rain Li), a sexy new tenant who learns the techniques for playing Taiwanese mahjong in order to fit in. While she loses to the owner Fu Ho, he is impressed with her determination and rents the lot out to her anyway.
Nothing Is Impossible
Origine Hong kong
Genres Comédie, Romance
Acteurs Dayo Wong, Cherrie Ying, Andy On, Joe Cheung, Debbie Goh, Hiro Hayama
Rôle 亞龜
Note49% 2.477822.477822.477822.477822.47782
Le Fist Game, un jeu pour lequel adresse, observation et déduction sont les clefs, fait fureur en ville. Au cours d'une partie avec Mango, une des têtes d'affiches du jeu, Vivian apprend le sens du mot déroute, ainsi que celui du déshonneur. Elle abandonne de plus l'enjeu principal de la partie : Jason, son petit-ami. La rencontre de Kwai, champion du jeu et accessoirement patron de bar, lui est salvatrice. Mango peut dès lors compter ses jours de félicité...
Ah ma yau nan, 1h33
Origine Hong kong
Genres Thriller
Thèmes Sexualité, Homosexualité, LGBT, LGBT
Acteurs Ekin Cheng, Charlene Choi, Dayo Wong
Note54% 2.719952.719952.719952.719952.71995
Gay fashion designer Yiu Chun Man (Ekin Cheng) is visited in Hong Kong by his straight twin brother, Yiu Chun Kit (also Ekin Cheng). Kit borrows his brother’s driver’s license, and is then involved in a car crash in which a woman dies (see also Ab-normal Beauty), and Kit falls into a coma.
Fighting to Survive, 1h36
Réalisé par Dayo Wong
Origine Hong kong
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Dayo Wong, Lee Lik-chi, Anthony Wong
Rôle Bon Bon
Note60% 3.0082853.0082853.0082853.0082853.008285
Ah Gai est un jeune homme étrange, bloqué à Tuen Mun à la suite d'un traumatisme, mais à la recherche du succès. Il pense avoir trouvé le filon en montant une compagnie de gardes du corps et se met à la recherche d'employés qualifiés.
La légende du loup, 1h30
Réalisé par Donnie Yen
Origine Hong kong
Genres Art martial, Action, Wuxiapian
Thèmes Sport, Arts martiaux
Acteurs Donnie Yen, Dayo Wong
Rôle Wai
Note57% 2.8502252.8502252.8502252.8502252.850225
Fung Hin-Man (Donnie Yen) est un guerrier légendaire qui vit maintenant des personnes âgées, avec un ami, leurs souvenirs et leurs remords. Quand un jeune homme vient à lui, Fung lui raconte l'histoire de quand il a sauvé les villageois de leurs oppresseurs et parle de la mort de la femme qu'il aimait. Mais le jeune homme ne sait pas qu'il est en fait un tueur à gages qui veut tuer Fung pour la renommée que cette assassiner apporterait.
Mad mission 6 - new mad mission, 1h32
Réalisé par Carlo Chin
Origine Hong kong
Genres Comédie, Action
Acteurs Alan Tam, Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Christy Chung, Francis Ng, Maria Cordero, Billy Chow
Rôle Mr. Chan
Note48% 2.410192.410192.410192.410192.41019
"Persuadé que son fils n'est qu'un lâche, le parrain de la mafia locale décide de le soumettre à un entraînement sévère avec un des tueurs les plus expérimentés et les plus étranges du monde. En effet ce dernier pratique la technique du "tireur bourré"...".
Jing bian
Jing bian (1996)

Réalisé par Herman Yau
Origine Hong kong
Genres Drame, Policier, Romance
Thèmes Sexualité, Erotique
Acteurs Simon Yam, Irene Wan, Alfred Cheung, Dayo Wong
Rôle Detective Guy Mak
Note61% 3.0530553.0530553.0530553.0530553.053055
An erotic mystery about widower seeks revenge to the man whose wife had an affair before her apparent suicide, however things soon turns complicated when the widower having a relationship with the man's wife and the whole truth would reveals.
Big Bullet
Big Bullet (1996)
, 1h38
Réalisé par Benny Chan
Origine Hong kong
Genres Action, Policier
Acteurs Sean Lau, Jordan Chan, Berg Ng, Theresa Lee Yee Hung, Francis Ng, Anthony Wong
Rôle Bill's informant
Note67% 3.395693.395693.395693.395693.39569
Renvoyé de sa brigade pour insubordination, le sergent Bill, un policier casse-cou et "fort-en-gueule", se fait transférer dans une petite unité de surveillance. Obligé de revêtir l'uniforme, entouré de collègues courageux bien qu'inefficaces, il pense avoir fait une croix sur son passé de flic exemplaire. Mais un gang de braqueurs psychopathes, semant la terreur dans Hong Kong, lui fera changer d'avis…
Satan Returns, 1h37
Origine Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Action, Horreur, Wuxiapian
Thèmes Sport, Arts martiaux, Fantômes, Tueur en série, Vampire
Acteurs Donnie Yen, Chingmy Yau, Kingdom Yuen, Francis Ng, Dayo Wong, Lee Lik-chi
Rôle Ka-Ming
Note48% 2.4290552.4290552.4290552.4290552.429055
Francis est un illuminé satanique qui recherche la fille de Lucifer. Pour ce faire, il attire les filles nées le 6/6/1969 et leur arrache le cœur : si "l'heureuse élue" survit, c'est bien la fille de Satan. Heureusement, Donnie, le flic, veille.