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Cynthia Khan est une Actrice Taiwanaise née le 13 décembre 1968

Cynthia Khan

Cynthia Khan
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Nom de naissance Yang Li-Tsing
Nationalité Taiwan
Naissance 13 décembre 1968 (52 ans)

Yang Li-Tsing, better known by her stage name Cynthia Khan (born 13 December 1968, Chiayi County) is a Taiwanese actress and martial artist.

Le plus souvent avec

Rosamund Kwan
Rosamund Kwan
(3 films)
Wong Jing
Wong Jing
(1 films)
Yuen Woo-ping
Yuen Woo-ping
(2 films)
Dayo Wong
Dayo Wong
(1 films)
Donnie Yen
Donnie Yen
(2 films)
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Ba hai hong ying, 1h33
Origine Hong kong
Genres Action
Acteurs Cynthia Khan, Moon Lee, Carlo Chin, Yukari Oshima
Rôle Chin
Note59% 2.9645852.9645852.9645852.9645852.964585
A man flees China with a painting that contains a list of Japanese officials from WWII. His girlfriend (Cynthia Khan) follows him. The Japanese send a woman (Yukari Oshima) to Hong King to retrieve the painting, where she is joined by a friend (Michiko Nishiwaki) and they both team up to find him.
Blade of Fury, 1h40
Réalisé par Sammo Hung
Origine Hong kong
Genres Action, Historique
Acteurs Sammo Hung, Cynthia Khan, Rosamund Kwan, Collin Chou, Ti Lung, James Tien
Rôle Nine Catties
Note66% 3.341053.341053.341053.341053.34105
C'est un remake de Iron Bodyguard coréalisé par Chang Cheh en 1973. Il décrit la période de la Réforme des Cent Jours.
Xin leng xue shi san ying, 1h33
Origine Hong kong
Genres Drame, Action, Wuxiapian
Thèmes Sport, Arts martiaux, Kung-fu, Wu Xia Pian
Acteurs Cynthia Khan, Chung Fat
Rôle Quihua
Note62% 3.138573.138573.138573.138573.13857
During a cold day, the disciples of the Shinshu Religion madly robs a village and hides in the forest. Suddenly, a group of martial arts experts named the "13 Cold-Blooded Eagles" dash in and kill the disciples. After killing them, the 13 Cold-Blooded Eagles return to the Flying Eagle Fort and report to their foster father Yue Xihong (Yen Shi-kwan). Yue then commands them to kill to Monster (Chung Fat), leader of Shinshu and take his "Seven Stars Reserpine Technique" manual. The 13 Cold-Blooded Eagles ride up to peak of Hua Mountain where Monster resides. There, the eagles corner Monster at the edge of the cliff while Monster grabs Silver Eagle Qi Yingming (Lau Chi-wai) and falls off the cliff together. Monster dies afterwards while Qi was heavily injured but was rescued by Quihua (Cynthia Khan) and takes him back to her estate. There Quihua nurses Qi back to health and Qi returns to the Flying Eagle Fort while not Quihua his true identity. Yue discovers that the manual is in the hands of Ao Tianheng and he orders his disciples to assassinate Ao and take the manual. Qin thinks that Ao had never committed any evil deeds in the jianghu community and should not victimize an innocent man but he had to obey his mentor. In a hut, the sickly Ao was meditating before three of the eagles come in from the window. Ao's daughter Quihua draws her sword to protect her father and battle the three eagles. Red Eagle (Waise Lee) and White Eagle (Wan Seung-lam) comes to assist. Just as Quihua was losing support, a taoist priest comes to rescue her and strikes Red Eagle into a hole in the ground. While inside the hole, Red Eagle find his father who was struck in by Yue twenty-years ago. Red Eagle's father passes him his inner qigong before dying. The angered Red Eagle runs back to the Flying Eagle Fort where he exposes Yue's evil deeds in front of everyone. However, he was blinded by a condor trained by Yue. Seeing how Red Eagle cannot die in peace, Qi feels very conflicting. Later, Yuen orders Qi to go to Sunflower Island to kill its leader and take the manual away. However, Qi discovers that Quihua is the leader of the island and was reluctant to kill her and decided to let her go but was stop by his fellow eagles. Together with Quihua, Qi kills all the eagles and leaves Sunflower Island with her while being chased by Yue. Desperate to escape, Quihua throws the manual into a rapid river where Yue jumps in. A few days later, Qi and Quihua arrive at the Flying Eagle Fort to seek vengeance on Yue. Qi was heavily wounded after the battle while Quihua uses all of inner qigong to push a boutique of lilies that stab into Yue and kills him. The distressed Qi then holds Quihua's corpse and slowly walks up the hill while facing the sun.
Ren sheng de yi shuai jin huan, 1h35
Origine Hong kong
Genres Comédie, Wuxiapian
Thèmes Espionnage, Sport, Arts martiaux
Acteurs Sean Lau, Dayo Wong, Cynthia Khan, Loletta Lee, Gloria Yip, Rachel Lee
Rôle Liang Chi-Chun
Note53% 2.659612.659612.659612.659612.65961
Policewoman Leung Chi-kwan (Cynthia Khan), instructor Lee Sin-yee (Loletta Lee), beautician Yip Yuk-hing (Fennie Yuen), taxi driver Daniel (Lau Ching-wan) and former triad member Rascal King (Dayo Wong) goes to Thailand for vacation led by tour guide Graham (Waise Lee), a born again Christian. There, they rescue a prostitute Ann (Gloria Yip) who was beaten up by brothel frequenters for scamming their money. Ann stole a case of money which turns out to be US$3 million counterfeit currency. During the tour, they were constantly being chased by gangsters wanting to silence them. During this critical moment, Graham reveals his true identity as a secret agent.
Xia nu chuan qi
Origine Hong kong
Genres Action
Acteurs Michelle Reis, Cynthia Khan, Lau Sek Ming, Kara Hui, Philip Kwok
Rôle Gen. Choi Siu-Ching
Note52% 2.634032.634032.634032.634032.63403
During the chaotic Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, a princess escapes with 2 generals following the destruction of her country, with an army on their heels. In the pursuit, another young man saves and falls in love with her — until he realizes the princess is from the ruling house that destroyed his ancestors.
Tiger Cage 2, 1h35
Réalisé par Yuen Woo-ping
Origine Hong kong
Genres Action, Policier, Wuxiapian
Thèmes Sport, Arts martiaux, Kung-fu, Gangsters
Acteurs Donnie Yen, Rosamund Kwan, Robin Shou, Cynthia Khan, Lo Lieh, Carol Cheng
Rôle Inspector Yeung
Note69% 3.4894053.4894053.4894053.4894053.489405
L’inspecteur Dragon Yau et l'avocate Mandy Chang sont malgré eux mêlés à la disparition d’une mallette contenant des millions de dollars blanchis provenant du trafic de drogue.
Le Sens du devoir 4, 1h30
Réalisé par Yuen Woo-ping
Origine Hong kong
Genres Art martial, Action, Aventure, Wuxiapian
Thèmes Sport, Arts martiaux
Acteurs Donnie Yen, Michael Wong, Cynthia Khan, Lisa Chiao Chiao, Liu Kai-chi, Michael Woods
Rôle Insp Rachel Yeung Lai-Ching
Note70% 3.5409653.5409653.5409653.5409653.540965
Lors d'une mission spéciale, un policier photographie un secrétaire d'état américain en pleine transaction de drogue pour le compte de la CIA. Avant de mourir, l'agent transmet la pellicule à un jeune chinois qui devient aussitôt la cible de terroristes à la solde des occidentaux. L'infortune héros demande alors l'aide de Yeung, la meilleure policière de Hong Kong, et de son partenaire, un expert en arts martiaux...
Crocodile Hunter, 1h41
Réalisé par Wong Jing
Origine Hong kong
Genres Comédie, Action
Thèmes Sport, Arts martiaux
Acteurs Andy Lau, Sandra Ng, Elvina Kong, Lung Fong, Lau Kong, Rosamund Kwan
Note57% 2.8762952.8762952.8762952.8762952.876295
Le policier Happy Chiu (Andy Lau) est victime d'un accident qui le blesse grièvement et il est retiré de l'équipe d'élite des « Tigres volants ».