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Colleen Clifford est une Actrice Australienne née le 17 novembre 1898 à Taunton (Royaume-uni)

Colleen Clifford

Colleen Clifford
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Nom de naissance Irene Margaret Blackford.
Nationalité Australie
Naissance 17 novembre 1898 à Taunton (Royaume-uni)
Mort 7 avril 1996 (à 97 ans)

Colleen Clifford (17 November 1898 – 7 April 1996), was a British and Australian radio, stage, television and film actress, dancer, comedienne, theatre director and producer and classical pianist who was a specialist in voice production, drama and music. In a career spanning nearly eight decades, she was one of the most popular actresses in both Britain and Australia particular in theatre and a grand dame and matriarch of the entertainment profession and performing arts.

Clifford was an early radio and television performer for the BBC in Britain during the 1930s and 1940s hosting cabaret and variety shows, and during the Second World War, in news broadcasting and war concerts. Clifford was, at one time, featured on a 15-minute radio show showcasing her singing and musical performances. She later did radio plays for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. In her later years, she was a highly recognizable character actress of television during the 1970s and 80s, with appearances in series, mini series and films.

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Werner Herzog
(1 films)
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Frauds (1993)
, 1h34
Réalisé par Stephan Elliott
Origine Australie
Genres Comédie, Policier, Humour noir
Acteurs Phil Collins, Hugo Weaving, Nicholas Hammond, Peter Mochrie, Colleen Clifford, Vincent Ball
Rôle Mrs. Waterson
Note59% 2.951992.951992.951992.951992.95199
Jonathan Wheats et son meilleur ami Michael Allen organisent pour s'amuser un faux cambriolage de la maison des Wheats. Beth, la femme de Jonathan, les surprend et tue Michael avec une arbalète. Elle est innocentée par le tribunal, qui conclut à une mort accidentelle, alors que Jonathan fait une fausse déclaration de vol. La compagnie d'assurance envoie alors l'excentrique et manipulateur enquêteur Roland Copping. Ce dernier soupçonne rapidement que le couple cherche à le tromper.
Australian graffiti, 1h43
Réalisé par John Duigan
Origine Australie
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Noah Taylor, Loene Carmen, Ben Mendelsohn, Judi Farr, Graeme Blundell, Lynette Curran
Rôle Gran Olson
Note73% 3.6940353.6940353.6940353.6940353.694035
In the 1960s, Danny (Noah Taylor), a thin, socially awkward adolescent, falls in love with his best friend Freya (Loene Carmen) in rural New South Wales, Australia. Unfortunately, she is attracted to Trevor (Ben Mendelsohn), a high school rugby star, larrikin and petty criminal who helps Danny with the school bullies. Shortly after sleeping with Freya at the abandoned house, Trevor steals a car for a joyride and is arrested and sent to juvenile detention; it is while he is away that Freya reveals to Danny that she is pregnant. Danny offers to marry her and claim that the child is his, but Freya refuses, saying that she does not want to marry anyone. Meanwhile, intrigued by a locket left to Freya by an elderly friend of theirs who recently died -engraved "SEA"- Danny begins to investigate the town's past, and discovers a lone cross in the cemetery bearing those initials, belonging to a "Sara Elizabeth Amery," who died days after Freya was born. Through inquiries with his parents, Danny learns that Sara was something of the town prostitute years ago, and that she was Freya's biological mother, who died trying to give birth by herself at the abandoned house.
Coca Cola Kid, 1h37
Réalisé par Dušan Makavejev
Origine Australie
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Comédie romantique, Romance
Acteurs Eric Roberts, Greta Scacchi, Bill Kerr, Chris Haywood, Tony Barry, Paul Chubb
Rôle DMZ
Note58% 2.9490052.9490052.9490052.9490052.949005
En Australie, le médiateur d'une grande enseigne de boisson sucrée tente de distribuer la marque dans une région jusque-là dévouée à un producteur local.
Le Pays où rêvent les fourmis vertes, 1h40
Réalisé par Werner Herzog
Origine Allemagne
Genres Drame, Documentaire
Thèmes La mer, Transport
Acteurs Bruce Spence, Wandjuk Marika, Ray Barrett, Norman Kaye, Werner Herzog, Bob Ellis
Rôle Miss Strehlow
Note69% 3.496523.496523.496523.496523.49652
Quelque part au cœur de l'Australie, terre ancestrale des Aborigènes, nouvel Eldorado pour l'homme blanc, une compagnie minière anglaise vient de s'implanter en vue d'y exploiter l'uranium. Leurs recherches sont vite interrompues par les aborigènes qui revendiquent pacifiquement cette terre sacrée où rêvent les fourmis vertes.
Careful, He Might Hear You, 1h50
Réalisé par Carl Schultz
Genres Drame
Acteurs Wendy Hughes, Robyn Nevin, Nicholas Gledhill, Julie Nihill, John Hargreaves, Colleen Clifford
Rôle Ettie
Note68% 3.4403153.4403153.4403153.4403153.440315
The film stars Wendy Hughes and Robyn Nevin as two sisters who are locked in a custody battle over their young nephew, PS, played by Nicholas Gledhill. PS has been raised by his aunt Lila (Nevin) and her husband George since his mother died soon after his birth. When Lila's richer sister Vanessa returns from overseas, she seeks custody of PS, citing the opportunities she can give him.