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Christopher Lee est un Acteur Singapourien né le 23 juillet 1971

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee
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Nom de naissance Lee Meng Soon (李明顺)
Nationalité Singapour
Naissance 23 juillet 1971 (48 ans)

For other people named Christopher Lee, see Christopher Lee (disambiguation).

Christopher Lee Meng Soon (born 23 July 1971) is a Malaysian Singapore-based actor, host and singer.


On 16 May 2009, Lee married actress Fann Wong, his co-star in several television series. The wedding ceremony was held at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, with many of Lee's colleagues from the entertainment industry, such as Zheng Geping and Huang Biren, attending their wedding.

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Forgotten (2012)
, 1h50
Origine Taiwan
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Christopher Lee
Rôle Luo Pinzhong
Note77% 3.8831253.8831253.8831253.8831253.883125
Wei'an (Ruby Lin) and Pinzhong (Christopher Lee)'s marriage start to fall apart due to the lack of communication and personality differences. When Wei'an goes to meet Pinzhong for the couple's divorce negotiation, only to find the presence of his former lover, she storms out and gets hit in a traffic accident. Wei'an survives with some unexpected side effects: she has lost her memory, and reverted to the simple, endearing woman she was 10 years ago, reminding why he loved her in the first place...
Kidnapper (2010)
, 1h38
Origine Singapour
Genres Thriller
Acteurs Christopher Lee, Phyllis Quek

Lim is a struggling 40-year-old taxi driver whose wife divorced him years ago. He has a close relationship with his son, Wei Xiang, whom he chauffeurs to school every day. Mistaken for a rich man’s son, Wei Xiang is kidnapped one day at an arcade and held for a ransom of S$1 million. Thus begins one father’s relentless quest to get his son back.
大囍事 (2009)
, 1h43
Origine Singapour
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie romantique
Acteurs Christopher Lee, Mohd Saifulazam b. Mohammad Yusoff
Rôle Jack Fong
Note54% 2.74232.74232.74232.74232.7423
Jack Fang (Christopher Lee) publicly proposes to Vikki Tse (Fann Wong) during the live telecast of a regional awards show. Surprised but happy, Vikki accepts. What the public doesn't know is that the entire love affair of these two famous celebrities, Jack and Vikki, is an elaborate and meticulously planned ruse designed by their ambitious managers, May (Alice Lau) and Tom (Blackie Chen), to trick the public into believing that they are getting married. In reality, Jack has disliked Vikki from the first day they met and vice versa. Yet for fame and money from endorsements, these rival celebrities keep up with their “fake” marriage to increase their popularity. Just when everything starts going well, an incident rattles some of the fans and the media. There is now lingering doubt about the authenticity of this love match. They fall in love.
The Best Bet
Origine Singapour
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Mark Lee, Christopher Lee
Rôle Shun
Note62% 3.1459153.1459153.1459153.1459153.145915
The movie focuses on the three main characters — Tan Chun Huang (Mark Lee), an illegal bookie and "super gambler" who leaves the running of his family's bak kut teh stall to his younger sister, Hui Min (Joanne Peh); Lee Yong Shun (Christopher Lee), an ambitious but unlucky man who abhors gambling; and Richard (Richard Low), a white-collar executive who is indecisive and easily influenced, but does not listen to his wife's (Chen Liping) pleas not to gamble.