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Carlo Vanzina est un Acteur, Réalisateur, Scénariste, Producteur et Script Italien né le 13 mars 1951 à Rome (Italie)

Carlo Vanzina

Carlo Vanzina
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Nationalité Italie
Naissance 13 mars 1951 à Rome (Italie)
Mort 8 juillet 2018 (à 67 ans)

Carlo Vanzina né le 13 mars 1951 à Rome est un réalisateur italien de cinéma.


Fils du grand réalisateur Steno, Carlo Vanzina a abordé divers genres, notamment la comédie et dans une moindre mesure le thriller.

À partir des années 1980, ses films comiques ont obtenu d'importants succès au box-office italien, faisant de lui l'un des cinéastes les plus actifs du cinéma italien.

Il travaille régulièrement avec son frère, le scénariste Enrico Vanzina : leurs films en commun sont souvent désignés comme des films des « frères Vanzina. »

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Totò et les femmes, 1h43
Réalisé par Lucio Fulci, Mario Monicelli, Steno
Origine Italie
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Totò, Ave Ninchi, Clelia Matania, Alda Mangini, Lea Padovani, Mario Castellani
Rôle il piccolo Filippo Jr
Note65% 3.2503453.2503453.2503453.2503453.250345
L'homme d'affaires romain Filippo Scaparro (Totò), qui ne supporte plus sa femme, possessive et dominatrice (Ave Ninchi), veut avoir son propre style de vie. La seule liberté qui lui reste est un « trou » dans le grenier où il lit des romans policiers. L'équilibre familial s'effondre lorsque la fille de Scaparro se fiance à un jeune médecin (Peppino De Filippo ) et que le pauvre Filippo Scaparro est ridiculisé par son épouse. C'en est trop et Filippo décide de passer ses soirées dans la mondanité avec une petite amie, cependant il découvre rapidement que la jeune fille est trop jeune pour lui et , se sentant ridicule, décide de rompre la relation. Mais il est trop tard : sa femme l'a découvert .


Sapore di te, 1h30
Réalisé par Carlo Vanzina
Origine Italie
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Serena Autieri, Nancy Brilli, Maurizio Mattioli, Giorgio Pasotti, Martina Stella, Vincenzo Salemme
Note49% 2.470662.470662.470662.470662.47066
Étés 1984 et 1985, sur la plage de Forte dei Marmi : le film nous offre un portrait attachant de l'Italie des années 1980 avec ses personnages aux aventures entremêlées. On y rencontre la famille Proietti, de Rome, composée d'Alberto commerçant et passionné de foot, sa femme Elena, et leur fille Sabrina, 17 ans, qui fait tourner la tête de Luca et de Chicco, deux camarades d'université. À côté d'eux, l'honorable De Marco, Napolitain en vacances avec son épouse, se laisse séduire par Susy, originaire de Salerne ; cette dernière cherche la célébrité et parvient ainsi à intervenir dans le programme télévisé Drive In. Une thésarde de Florence, Anna, tombe amoureuse d'Armando, un jeune du lieu. Bien sûr, le maître-nageur fait rêver toutes les demoiselles étrangères en vacances. Enfin, les parents de Luca, de la bourgeoisie milanaise, se rappellent avec nostalgie le bon vieux temps des années 1960.
Ex - Amici Come Prima!, 1h38
Réalisé par Carlo Vanzina
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Alessandro Gassmann, Enrico Brignano, Anna Foglietta, Tosca D'Aquino, Veronica Logan, Teresa Mannino
Note54% 2.7292952.7292952.7292952.7292952.729295
The story sees three pairs of funny characters who find themselves involved in hilarious situation in the Italy of the economic crisis. Ricky Memphis is a young man who has problems integrating into society and that goes very psychologist. One day the patient when he is in his office, you see get in front of a girl just dumped by her boyfriend exchanges Fabio (Memphis) for the psychologist. Between the two will be born love, but she also discovers the true identity of Fabio. Vincenzo Salemme is Antonio, a contractor of Napoli that he and his cruel wife have accumulated wealth by cheating and falsifying accounts payable. One day he to save themselves from the finance receivables and takes a trip to Germany where he meets a charming judge with whom he has an affair. In fact, the woman needed excitement as her husband neglected her, but at the end of their story decides to reconsider. Alessandro Gassman argues with his wife and went with her to court to sign the cause of the divorce, however, a curious case of fate has never met with the lawyer's wife. Then has a particular encounter with a mysterious woman from which the flame that lights the love and soon Antonio, she and the ex-wife's lover discovered that he was no other than the lawyer's wife. Enrico Brignano breaks up with his girlfriend and meets an old flame who makes him feel again the pleasures of a fiery time. The two spend several moments with friends and love is strengthened more and more, when at last the ex-girlfriend of Mark (Brignano) decided to go back with him, but it's too late. All of these stories in the film are intertwined and how they have the background and loving encounter unusual Paolo Ruffini with a girl tastes "very open".
Ti presento un amico, 1h43
Réalisé par Carlo Vanzina
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Raoul Bova, Barbora Bobulova, Martina Stella, Sarah Felberbaum, Kelly Reilly, Tanja Ribič
Note50% 2.5007152.5007152.5007152.5007152.500715
Marco Ferretti is an Italian manager, young and beautiful, but he can not stand the presence of women after a difficult affair. When Marco goes to London for an appointment, knows four beautiful girls that disrupt his life with the love.
Un'estate ai Caraibi, 1h50
Réalisé par Carlo Vanzina
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Carlo Buccirosso, Enrico Brignano, Martina Stella, Alena Šeredová, Paolo Ruffini, Gigi Proietti
Note46% 2.3322452.3322452.3322452.3322452.332245
Several groups of Italians experience amusing adventures and tests of character on the Caribbean island of Antigua. Some of the characters are there simply for rest and relaxation, while others act with different motivations. Multiple plot lines unfold simultaneously as different characters' stories are presented.
Un'estate al mare, 1h50
Réalisé par Carlo Vanzina
Genres Comédie
Thèmes La mer, Transport
Acteurs Massimo Ceccherini, Alessandro Paci, Gigi Proietti, Lino Banfi, Enrico Brignano, Nancy Brilli
Note45% 2.267412.267412.267412.267412.26741
The film tells the story of a group of people during the summer: football fans, loving couples, single fathers, beautiful women and businessmen, emigrants who return to their country and great dramatic actors forced into comic situations etc.
2061 - Un anno eccezionale, 1h40
Réalisé par Carlo Vanzina
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Diego Abatantuono, Massimo Ceccherini, Stefano Chiodaroli, Emilio Solfrizzi, Andrea Osvart, Sabrina Impacciatore
Note37% 1.887951.887951.887951.887951.88795
Italy, year 2061: After a terrible energy crisis due to the depletion of oil stocks, the Earth is plunged into a kind of new Middle Ages. Italy as a nation no longer exists, the peninsula has returned to being a divided country, almost pre-Risorgimento, where now reigns the political situation is similar to that before the reunification of 1861:
E adesso sesso, 1h34
Réalisé par Carlo Vanzina
Genres Comédie
Thèmes La mer, Transport
Acteurs Maurizio Mattioli, Elena Russo, Edelweiss, Youma Diakite, Antonello Fassari, Tony Sperandeo
Note36% 1.824111.824111.824111.824111.82411
In Italy there's the 2000s, bringing fresh air. In several episodes, Carlo Vanzina offers a glimpse of the typical behavior of the Italian character of the middle-class who is struggling with beautiful women, betrayal, love affairs, and much more.
Il cielo in una stanza, 1h43
Réalisé par Carlo Vanzina
Genres Comédie, Fantasy
Acteurs Ricky Tognazzi, Elio Germano, Gabriele Mainetti, Cristiana Capotondi, Maurizio Mattioli, Elisabetta Pellini
Note56% 2.849162.849162.849162.849162.84916
Paul is a guy who hates his father because he was too strict with his son. One day Paul says to his father that he would prefer never to be born and to live happy and carefree in the glorious 60s. Paul is immediately satisfied by fate, and finds himself transported back into the 60s, when his father was still a kid. Paul immediately realizes that he desired nonsense from destiny, and tries to replace his trouble, knowing a young man (his father as a guy), trying to make he fall in love with the girl of his dreams (the future mother of Paul).
S.P.Q.R. - 2000 e ½ anni fa, 1h40
Réalisé par Carlo Vanzina
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Christian De Sica, Leslie Nielsen, Massimo Boldi, Anna Falchi, Ugo Conti, Gastone Pescucci
Note36% 1.8386151.8386151.8386151.8386151.838615
In 71 BC in Rome, utter disorder reigns in the form of political corruption and bribery involving the senator Cynic (Leslie Nielsen). The situation is claimed to be similar to the "Tangentopoli" situation in Italy in the 1990s: one of the politicians involved was Bettino Craxi. Senator Caesar Atticus (Christian De Sica) is one of many to support the cruel and petty projects of Cynic, but the pair's reign does not last long, as the city sees the arrival of the prefect of Mediolanum (Milan) Antonio Servilio (Massimo Boldi). These claims that the law is deeply respected by everyone, and being part of the party of "Padania" (Northern Italy), considered as a real League's most political of Rome real arrant thieves. Caesar strives to break free from the hassles of Antonio, who initially proves to be a fiasco as an administrator of justice in the corrupt city of Rome. He even considers killing him, but does not dare to do so because in the end even if it deceives the people is good hearted. In addition to the shoulders of their parents, the daughter of Antonio and his son Cesare began an affair, but do not have the courage to reveal to parents as they fight all the time. One night Atticus finally able to fit politically Servilio making the guards drunk and find clinging to the prostitutes, including craving "Poppea" (Anna Falchi) and it does transfer in Sicily.
Piccolo grande amore
Réalisé par Carlo Vanzina
Genres Comédie, Comédie romantique, Romance
Thèmes La mer, Transport, Politique, Royauté
Acteurs Raoul Bova, David Warner, Susannah York, Paul Freeman, Catherine Schell, Liz Smith
Note43% 2.169242.169242.169242.169242.16924
In this romantic comedy, Liechtenhaus (a fictional tiny European principality) is being ruled by Prince Max (David Warner), but the little country is nearly bankrupt. In fact, if he can't get an infusion of cash quickly, he may have to sell the royal palace to American developers as a casino complex. Fortunately, he's got a very pretty daughter, Princess Sofia (Barbara Snellenburg) and the dowry he will get from marrying her off to the unappealing, but wealthy heir to a similar nearby principality will more than get his tiny country in the clear. Unfortunately for him, his daughter is adamant about refusing this arranged marriage and prefers romance with a handsome but penniless windsurfing instructor (Raoul Bova) to saving her country. Nefarious schemes are called for and when the Princess is kidnapped, something must be done.