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Arte Johnson est un Acteur Américain né le 20 janvier 1929 à New York (Etats-Unis)

Arte Johnson

Arte Johnson
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Nom de naissance Arthur Stanton Eric Johnson
Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 20 janvier 1929 à New York (Etats-Unis)
Mort 3 juillet 2019 (à 90 ans)
Récompenses Primetime Emmy Award

Arte Johnson est un acteur et scénariste américain né le 20 janvier 1929 à Benton Harbor, Michigan (États-Unis).


Early life
Johnson was born January 20, 1929 in Benton Harbor, Michigan and is the son of Abraham Lincoln and Edythe Mackenzie (Golden) Johnson. His father was an attorney. Arte Johnson attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. He worked at the campus radio station and the UI Theater Guild with his brother Coslough "Cos" Johnson, and graduated in 1949.

He sought employment in Chicago advertising agencies but was unsuccessful and left for New York City to work for Viking Press. In early 1954, Johnson performed in several New York nightclubs, including Le Ruban Bleu and The Village Vanguard. His first job in show business came when he impulsively stepped into an audition line and was cast in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Johnson appeared in Ben Bagley's The Shoestring Revue, which opened off-Broadway Feb. 28, 1955 at the President Theater in New York. The show also starred Bea Arthur, Dody Goodman, Chita Rivera, and Jane Connell.

Early television and film roles
Johnson appeared three times in the 1955–1956 CBS sitcom It's Always Jan, starring Janis Paige and Merry Anders. In 1958, he joined the cast of the short-lived NBC sitcom, Sally, starring Joan Caulfield. In it he played Bascomb Bleacher, Jr., the son of a co-owner of a department store, Bascomb, Sr., portrayed by Gale Gordon. In 1960, he played Ariel Lavalerra in the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's novel The Subterraneans.

In 1960 and 1961, he was cast in three episodes of Jackie Cooper's military sitcom/drama series, Hennesey, also on CBS. The following year, he played "Mr. Bates" in the episode "A Secret Life" on Alfred Hitchcock Presents. He was cast in an episode of Frank Aletter's sitcom, Bringing Up Buddy. He also appeared in "The Whole Truth", a 1961 episode of The Twilight Zone, as an underpaid car salesman who punches dishonest used car lot owner Jack Carson. Before his big breakthrough in Laugh-In, Johnson appeared as Corporal Coogan in the 1962 episode "The Handmade Private" of the anthology series, GE True, hosted by Jack Webb.

Johnson appeared in a comedic role as Charlie, a boom-microphone operator who demonstrates to Jack Benny how to tell a joke properly, on The Jack Benny Program, aired on October 2, 1964. The joke performed in the sketch was the "ugly baby" story, later associated with Flip Wilson.

In 1965, he made a first-season guest appearance on the ABC's sitcom, Bewitched as Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery)'s Cousin Edgar. A mute elf, Edgar is initially sent to observe and undermine Samantha's marriage – all with the blessing of Endora (Agnes Moorehead). Once he sees how happily married Samantha and Darrin Stephens (Dick York) are, Edgar reverses his mischief and gives his (albeit quiet) blessing to their still-new marriage.

Johnson appeared in one of the final episodes of ABC's The Donna Reed Show in 1966. He was cast in the 1967 satirical James Coburn film The President's Analyst, in which he gave a comically chilling performance as a federal agent with a blindly obedient "orders-are-orders" mentality.

In 1968, he acted in the Season 3 episode of Lost in Space, "Princess of Space." Johnson played the traitorous Robot Space Pirate "Fedor" helping the machines to win the war.

Johnson also starred in the 1971 episode of Rod Serling's Night Gallery entitled "The Flip-Side of Satan," playing ruthless, fringe-leather vested, disk jockey "J.J. Wilson", who is forced to confront his past transgressions.

Johnson is best known for his work on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, an American television series broadcast from 1967 to 1973. He played various characters including "Wolfgang," a smoking World War II German soldier, still fighting the war, who scouted the show from behind a bush. He would then invariably comment on the preceding sketch with the catchphrase "Very interesting ...", followed by either a comic observation or misinterpretation, or simply "but stupid!" Often toward the show's close, he (as the Nazi) would offer words of affection to 'Lucy and Gary' (Lucille Ball and her second husband, Gary Morton). THE LUCY SHOW was on CBS in direct competition with NBC's LAUGH-IN on Monday night. LAUGH-IN was a full hour show while Lucy was a traditional 30 minute sitcom. Lucy was pretty much the only show that could survive airing opposite LAUGH-IN.

Johnson indicated later that the phrase came from Desperate Journey, a 1942 World War II film with Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan playing Royal Air Force pilots shot down in Nazi Germany. They manage to cross much of the country without speaking German, or knowing the territory, but, when captured, their Nazi interrogator doubts their story by saying "very interesting".
Johnson reprised the role while voicing the Nazi-inspired character Virman Vunderbarr on an episode of Justice League Unlimited.

His other iconic Laugh-In character was "Tyrone F. Horneigh" (the last name pronounced "horn-eye," a "clean" variant of the vulgar term "horny"), the white-haired, trenchcoat-wearing "dirty old man" who repeatedly sought to seduce "Gladys Ormphby," (Ruth Buzzi's brown-clad "spinster" character) on a park bench. Tyrone would enter the scene, muttering a song (usually "In the Merry, Merry Month of May"), and, spying Gladys on the bench, would sit next to her. He would ask two related "leading questions," each earning him a hard whack from a shocked Gladys's purse. His third statement would be an appeal for medical assistance, at which point he would fall off the bench.

Referring to an only moderately popular candy made from caramel and walnuts, Tyrone would also frequently ask Gladys, "How about a Walnetto?"

Years after Laugh-In ended, the two characters were made into an animated Saturday-morning children's show, Baggy Pants and the Nitwits with Tyrone as a helpful, muttering "superhero."

Arte and his brother, Cos, earned their Emmy Awards while working on Laugh-In.

Later work
In 1973, Johnson guest-starred in an episode of the situation comedy A Touch of Grace. In 1974, he appeared in the first season of the Detroit-produced children's show Hot Fudge. He also appeared, for one week in 1974, as a celebrity guest panelist on the game show Match Game. In the late 1970s, he was a semi-regular celebrity guest panelist on The Gong Show.

In 1976, he played the animated cartoon character "Misterjaw", a blue, German-accented shark (with a bow tie and top hat), who liked to leap out of the water and shout "HEEGotcha!" or "Gotcha!" at unsuspecting folks on The Pink Panther Laugh-and-a-Half Hour-and-a-Half Show. He also voiced the character "Rhubarb" on The Houndcats. Also in 1976, he appeared as a guest on Canadian TV show Celebrity Cooks with host Bruno Gerussi and a clip from his episode was featured in the opening credits until the show ended in 1987.

In September 1977, Johnson appeared on an episode of the NBC daytime version of Wheel of Fortune as a substitute letter-turner, both to fill-in for an injured Susan Stafford, and to promote his short-lived NBC game show Knockout, which aired through early 1978. Instead of being introduced by the show's announcer, he would start the show with a small monologue, then the announcer would introduce the day's contestants.

In 1979, he was cast as "Renfield," the comic sidekick of George Hamilton's Dracula in the surprise box office smash, Love At First Bite. The following year he appeared in the all-star television disaster movie Condominium.

In 1985, he voiced "Weerd" in The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo, and played a disgruntled employee denied severance pay in an episode of Airwolf. He also voiced several characters, such as: Dr. Ludwig Von Strangebuck and Count Ray on two episodes of Ducktales, Devil Smurf on The Smurfs, Top Cat and Lou on Yo Yogi!, Newt on Animaniacs, and many other shows.

In 1990, Johnson appeared in an episode of Night Court.

From 1991 to 1992 Johnson appeared in multiple episodes of General Hospital as Finian O'Toole.

He has performed more than 80 audiobook readings, including Gary Shteyngart's Absurdistan (2006) and Carl Hiaasen's Bad Monkey.

In 2005, he appeared in the Justice League Unlimited episode The Ties That Bind as the voice of Virman Vundabar.

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Confessions d'un homme dangereux, 1h53
Réalisé par George Clooney
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Thriller, Biographie, Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Action, Espionnage, Policier, Romance
Thèmes Espionnage, La télévision, Politique
Acteurs Sam Rockwell, Drew Barrymore, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Rutger Hauer, Maggie Gyllenhaal
Note67% 3.3951553.3951553.3951553.3951553.395155
Chuck Barris (Sam Rockwell) est un producteur de jeux télévisés et - selon son autobiographie - agent secret à la CIA. Il est le créateur de plusieurs émissions populaires aux États-Unis comme The Dating Game, The Gong Show, ou The Newlywed Game.
Qui a peur du diable ?, 1h30
Réalisé par Fred Olen Ray
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Comédie horrifique, Fantasy, Horreur, Animation
Thèmes Sexualité, Erotique, Sexploitation, Homosexualité, Comédie horrifique, LGBT, LGBT, Lesbianisme
Acteurs David Carradine, Monique Gabrielle, Barbara Dare, Madison Stone, Dick Miller, Arte Johnson
Rôle Mr. Hinchlow
Note39% 1.960961.960961.960961.960961.96096
Un promoteur embauche quatre jeunes filles pour nettoyer une vieille maison au passé obscur. Le soir venu, un mystérieux visiteur leur remet un paquet contenant un étrange grimoire. Par curiosité, nos charmantes héroïnes vont essayer d'en déchiffrer quelques paragraphes. Cette malencontreuse lecture fera surgir du livre un être démoniaque et lubrique bien décidé à s'intéresser aux occupants des lieux...
Munchie (1992)
, 1h18
Réalisé par Jim Wynorski
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Comédie horrifique, Fantasy, Horreur
Thèmes Comédie horrifique
Acteurs Andrew Stevens, Dom DeLuise, Loni Anderson, Arte Johnson, Toni Naples, Jennifer Love Hewitt
Rôle Prof. Cruikshank
Note36% 1.8362751.8362751.8362751.8362751.836275
Gage Dobson is a young boy dealing with various problems in his life. He is constantly bullied at school (by his fellow students AND the teachers), his mother, Cathy, (Loni Anderson) is dating the "creep" Dr. Elliot Carlisle (Andrew Stevens), with whom Gage has a mutual hatred, and the girl he adores, Andrea (Jennifer Love Hewitt), doesn't seem to know he exists. Gage's only friend is Professor Cruikshank (Arte Johnson), whom everyone considers a crackpot. After wandering into an abandoned mine, Gage finds a creature that calls itself Munchie (voiced by Dom DeLuise). Gage runs home, frightened by the creature, only to find that Munchie has followed him home. Munchie explains to his new "pal" that he has magical powers and can help him out with the problems in his life.
Alice au pays des merveilles, 3h7
Réalisé par Harry Harris
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Fantastique, Fantasy
Thèmes Alice au pays des merveilles, Films pour enfants
Acteurs Natalie Gregory, Red Buttons, Anthony Newley, Sheila Mathews Allen, Jayne Meadows, Carol Channing
Rôle Le Loir
Note73% 3.695223.695223.695223.695223.69522
La petite Alice suit un lapin blanc jusque dans son terrier et tombe dans un gouffre. Elle se retrouve au Pays des merveilles et rencontre des créatures extraordinaires.
Cannonball 2, 1h48
Réalisé par Hal Needham
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Action, Aventure
Thèmes Sport, Transport, Automobile, Arts martiaux, Compétition automobile, Road movie
Acteurs Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Jamie Farr, Telly Savalas
Rôle Pilot
Note51% 2.5521952.5521952.5521952.5521952.552195
Humilié d'avoir échoué au fameux Cannonball l'année précédente, le père du cheikh ordonne à son fils d'organiser une nouvelle course automobile et de la remporter. Les fidèles coureurs ainsi que de nouveaux concurrents répondent présent à l'appel de la prestigieuse chevauchée où tous les coups sont permis et qui peut rapporter un joli magot d'un million de dollars.
Making of a Male Model, 1h40
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Joan Collins, Jon-Erik Hexum, Arte Johnson, Kevin McCarthy, Roxie Roker, Ted McGinley
Rôle Marty Sampson
Note59% 2.9563052.9563052.9563052.9563052.956305
Kay Dillon (Joan Collins), a successful modeling agent, meets the young and handsome ranch hand Tyler Burnett (Jon-Erik Hexum) in Nevada, while attending an outdoor shoot. She notices his good looks and invites him to move to New York and start working as a model. Burnett, who has just been dumped by his girlfriend, accepts the invitation and goes to New York, where he shares an apartment with another model, Chuck Lanyard. Lanyard is addicted to alcohol and drugs; he is 35 years old, and therefore too old to be successful in the business. Burnett, who does not understand Lanyard's problems at first, is now being turned into one of America's best looking models by his agent and soon wins his first professional assignment.
A Snow White Christmas, 46minutes
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Aventure, Animation
Thèmes Noël, Films pour enfants
Acteurs Erika Scheimer, Arte Johnson, Melendy Britt, Diane Pershing, Larry D. Mann, Clinton Sundberg
Rôle Finicky, Corny, Tiny, Hicker, Weeper, Brawny
Note65% 3.2844753.2844753.2844753.2844753.284475
After vanquishing the Wicked Queen, the new queen, Snow White and her husband King Charming are now the rulers of the land of Noel. They have a young daughter, also named Snow White for her snow-white hair. The royal family decides to host a Christmas winter sports festival. One of the participants is Grunyon, a bumbling dwarf and a friend of the young Snow White. Snow White says her Christmas wish is to build a playhouse for all the children and suggests remodeling the old abandoned castle that was once home to the Wicked Queen.
Le Vampire de ces dames, 1h36
Réalisé par Stan Dragoti
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Comédie horrifique, Comédie romantique, Horreur, Romance
Thèmes Magie, La musique, Dracula, Vampire, Musique, Comédie horrifique
Acteurs George Hamilton, Susan Saint James, Richard Benjamin, Arte Johnson, Dick Shawn, Sherman Hemsley
Rôle Renfield
Note61% 3.0506553.0506553.0506553.0506553.050655
Après avoir été chassé de son château en Transylvanie, le comte Dracula part s'installer à New York.
Once Upon a Brothers Grimm, 2h
Réalisé par Norman Campbell
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Fantasy, Musical
Thèmes Musique, Films pour enfants
Acteurs Dean Jones, Paul Sand, Arte Johnson, Teri Garr, Sorrell Booke, Ruth Buzzi
Rôle Selfish and Mean
Note74% 3.723.723.723.723.72
Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm are traveling to a king's palace to present him with their fairy tales. Their carriage driver refuses to take them into the woods because they are said to be enchanted. Not wanting to miss their audience with the king, the brothers buy the carriage from the driver and travel into the woods alone. Placed under the enchantment of the woods, the brothers begin to encounter a wide range of characters that exist in their tales, including Snow White and Sleeping Beauty among many others.
Charge of the Model T's, 1h30
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Espionnage, Politique
Acteurs John David Carson, Louis Nye, Herb Edelman, Arte Johnson, John Doucette
Note55% 2.7793052.7793052.7793052.7793052.779305
During World War I, the Germans try to disrupt American war efforts by encouraging Mexican guerrillas to destabilize the Texas border with Mexico. Masterminding the German plot is spy Friedrich Schmidt (Louis Nye). As the border become disrupted, Friedrich drives into the United States at the wheel of the high-speed secret weapon... the "RX4", a Model T ford equipped with armor and weaponry and tricked out with a powerful motor. US Army Lieutenant Matthew Jones (John David Carson) pursues Schmidt with a fleet of special trackers.
Vienna (1968)
, 8minutes
Réalisé par Orson Welles
Genres Comédie, Documentaire, Policier
Acteurs Orson Welles, Arte Johnson, Mickey Rooney, Senta Berger
Note63% 3.1908053.1908053.1908053.1908053.190805
Vienna is an eclectic blend of faux-documentary and comical skits. Welles presents a leisurely guided tour of "Vienna," commenting on the city and its inhabitants. He visits the Sacher Hotel, and the Wiener Riesenrad (Great Wheel) at the Prater amusement park, both of which appeared in the 1949 film The Third Man, in which Welles had a starring role. Peter Bogdanovich, disguised in a trench coat and dark glasses, appears as Welles' magician assistant. The film concludes with a spy film spoof, as Welles becomes involved in the abduction of "the most beautiful woman in Vienna" (Senta Berger), the kidnapper portrayed by Mickey Rooney.
La Folle Mission du docteur Schaeffer, 1h43
Réalisé par Theodore J. Flicker
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Comédie, Espionnage
Thèmes Espionnage, Maladie, Folie, Politique
Acteurs James Coburn, Godfrey Cambridge, Severn Darden, Pat Harrington, Jr., Eduard Franz, Will Geer
Rôle Sullivan
Note69% 3.495333.495333.495333.495333.49533
Le Dr Sidney Schaefer est un célèbre psychanalyste de New York. Parmi ses clients figure un agent de la CIA. Celui-ci annonce au docteur que le président des États-Unis a besoin de ses services pour une mission secrète. Mais Schaefer doit non seulement déménager avec sa fiancée mais aussi ne parler à personne. Bien qu'il s'enthousiasme de devenir l'analyste du chef de l'État, Sidney finit par déchanter. Réalisant qu'il est constamment surveillé, il décide finalement de prendre la fuite. Le docteur détenant des informations confidentielles sur le président, les gouvernements du monde entier lancent des espions à ses trousses...
Le Témoin du troisième jour, 1h59
Réalisé par Jack Smight
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Thriller
Acteurs George Peppard, Elizabeth Ashley, Roddy McDowall, Arthur O'Connell, Mona Washbourne, Herbert Marshall
Rôle Lester Aldrich
Note57% 2.8619252.8619252.8619252.8619252.861925
Steve Mallory sort indemne, mais amnésique, d'un accident où sa voiture est tombée dans un fleuve. Durant trois jours, il va de découvertes en surprises. Il apprend qu'il est marié à Alexandria, fille d'Austin Parsons, fondateur de la société des porcelaines Parsons qui, devenu paralysé, a confié à son gendre la direction de l'entreprise familiale alors que le neveu Oliver Parsons convoitait le poste. Steve découvre qu'il avait une passagère dans sa voiture, Holly Mitchell, serveuse de bar soupçonnée d'être sa maîtresse et retrouvée morte dans l'accident. Le veuf, Aldrich, l'accuse de meurtre ainsi qu'Oliver. Steve est alors appréhendé par la police et incarcéré. Mais Aldrich enlève Alexandria, menaçant de la tuer pour venger la mort de sa femme. Steve réussit à s'évader et parvient à délivrer Alexandria. Tandis qu'Aldrich est arrêté, l'enquête révèle qu'Holly est morte noyée.
Chambre à part, 1h33
Réalisé par Richard Thorpe
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Comédie romantique, Romance
Acteurs Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin, Donald O'Connor, Leo G. Carroll, Nita Talbot, Larry Storch
Rôle Paul
Note67% 3.3955953.3955953.3955953.3955953.395595
À New York, Joan Howell rêve de devenir actrice, mais travaille comme femme de ménage pour gagner sa vie. Elle rencontre plusieurs fois de suite par hasard Tom Milford, un cadre chez un éditeur new-yorkais. La troisième fois, elle l'invite chez elle mais, honteuse de lui montrer son petit studio, elle emprunte l'appartement d'un de ses employeurs, qu'elle n'a jamais vu. Tom, qui est en fait le propriétaire de cet appartement, est surpris d'y trouver Joan mais il fait semblant de la croire. Finalement ils découvrent chacun l'identité de l'autre, mais sans l'avouer. Joan décide de lui jouer un tour en organisant une soirée où elle invite les anciennes amies de Tom, en leur demandant de s'habiller comme des prostituées. La police fait une descente et alors qu'ils sont en route vers la prison Tom demande Joan en mariage.