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Alessandro Paci est un Acteur Italien né le 21 décembre 1964 à Scandicci (Italie)

Alessandro Paci

Alessandro Paci
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Nationalité Italie
Naissance 21 décembre 1964 (57 ans) à Scandicci (Italie)

Alessandro Paci (born 21 December 1964) is an Italian actor, film director and comedian.


Tuscan comedian, debuted in the duo Duemendi, with Massimo Ceccherini. He participated in the program Aria Fresca, broadcast on Videomusic (and then on TMC2) in the mid-nineties, playing an improbable bouncer, and ironically on his physique, and he has also brought on stage a comic adaptation of the fable of Pinocchio, and Fermi tutti, questo è uno spettacolo, where he performed with his friend and colleague Massimo Ceccherini: the DVD of the show which became the theater's best-selling DVD of Italy.

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Un'estate al mare, 1h50
Réalisé par Carlo Vanzina
Genres Comédie
Thèmes La mer, Transport
Acteurs Massimo Ceccherini, Alessandro Paci, Gigi Proietti, Lino Banfi, Enrico Brignano, Nancy Brilli
Rôle Manfredi
Note45% 2.254372.254372.254372.254372.25437
The film tells the story of a group of people during the summer: football fans, loving couples, single fathers, beautiful women and businessmen, emigrants who return to their country and great dramatic actors forced into comic situations etc.
2061 - Un anno eccezionale, 1h40
Réalisé par Carlo Vanzina
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Diego Abatantuono, Massimo Ceccherini, Stefano Chiodaroli, Emilio Solfrizzi, Andrea Osvart, Sabrina Impacciatore
Rôle Ribelle Toscano
Note39% 1.9573651.9573651.9573651.9573651.957365
Italy, year 2061: After a terrible energy crisis due to the depletion of oil stocks, the Earth is plunged into a kind of new Middle Ages. Italy as a nation no longer exists, the peninsula has returned to being a divided country, almost pre-Risorgimento, where now reigns the political situation is similar to that before the reunification of 1861:
Faccia di Picasso, 1h35
Réalisé par Massimo Ceccherini
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Massimo Ceccherini, Alessandro Paci, Marco Giallini, Bianca Guaccero, Chiara Conti, Yuliya Mayarchuk
Rôle Lui-même
Note51% 2.5560452.5560452.5560452.5560452.556045
Massimo Ceccherini is looking for a plot for his new movie: the suggestions of the people around him are all the same and they indicate "less vulgarity" and "more gags".
Lucignolo (1999)
, 1h30
Réalisé par Massimo Ceccherini
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Massimo Ceccherini, Alessandro Paci, Claudia Gerini, Tinto Brass, Carlo Monni, Flavio Bucci
Rôle Pino
Note53% 2.6574952.6574952.6574952.6574952.657495
Lucio (Massimo Ceccherini) is an unemployed thirty-year-old red-haired guy who's extremely lazy and doesn't wake up until three o'clock in the afternoon; he treats his parents very poorly and always hang out at the nearest bar, especially with his best friend Pino (Alessandro Paci), who's also unemployed and equally weird (his clothes are all the same color of his sofa's cover). One day, as Lucio's sister leaves for the US, he's convinced by their parents to substitute her at the private hospital where she used to work, which is directed by the charming Fatima Turchini.
Ritorno a casa Gori, 1h22
Réalisé par Alessandro Benvenuti
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Massimo Ceccherini, Alessandro Benvenuti, Sabrina Ferilli, Ilaria Occhini, Alessandro Paci, Athina Cenci
Rôle Tikketturraid
Note66% 3.30463.30463.30463.30463.3046
After 5 years from the fateful day of Christmas at Welcome to Home Gori, the scenery changes during a robbery in a villa in Tuscany by Danilo (Massimo Ceccherini) and his friends addicts (one of whom is played by Alessandro Paci). Back home, he expect a sad circumstance, the death of his mother Adele (Ilaria Occhini). In fear of theft Danilo hiding the loot in the coffin of his mother exposed in the red room in the house for the wake.
Cari fottutissimi amici, 1h58
Réalisé par Mario Monicelli
Genres Drame, Comédie
Thèmes Sport, Transport, Arts martiaux, La boxe, Road movie
Acteurs Paolo Villaggio, Massimo Ceccherini, Antonella Ponziani, Beatrice Macola, Stefano Davanzati, Paolo Hendel
Rôle Un carabiniere
Note66% 3.335913.335913.335913.335913.33591
In 1944 in Tuscany, a group of boxers facing the disasters of the Second World War, during the intrusive presence of the Germans and the Americans, organizes rigged matches to make some money and travel from town to town, hoping to participate in local fairs. A young black American soldier, believed missing, and a girl who refused to marry accompany the ramshackle group.
Benvenuti in casa Gori, 1h36
Réalisé par Alessandro Benvenuti
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Massimo Ceccherini, Ilaria Occhini, Carlo Monni, Alessandro Paci, Novello Novelli, Athina Cenci
Rôle cliente del parrucchiere
Note68% 3.415043.415043.415043.415043.41504
The film is set in a house in a Tuscan landscape, has an ironic content and a Christmas frame.