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Al Sharpton est un Acteur Américain né le 3 octobre 1954 à Brooklyn (Etats-Unis)

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton
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Nom de naissance Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr.
Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 3 octobre 1954 (65 ans) à Brooklyn (Etats-Unis)

Alfred Charles "Al" Sharpton Jr. (born October 3, 1954) is an American Baptist minister, civil rights activist, television/radio talk show host and a trusted White House adviser who, according to 60 Minutes, has become President Barack Obama's "go-to black leader." In 2004, he was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. presidential election. He hosts his own radio talk show, Keepin' It Real, and he makes regular guest appearances on Fox News (such as on The O'Reilly Factor), CNN, and MSNBC. In 2011, he was named the host of MSNBC's PoliticsNation, a nightly talk show.
Sharpton's supporters praise "his ability and willingness to defy the power structure that is seen as the cause of their suffering" and consider him "a man who is willing to tell it like it is." Former Mayor of New York City Ed Koch, a one-time foe, said that Sharpton deserves the respect he enjoys among black Americans: "He is willing to go to jail for them, and he is there when they need him." President Barack Obama said that Sharpton is "the voice of the voiceless and a champion for the downtrodden." A 2013 Zogby Analytics poll found that one quarter of African Americans said that Sharpton speaks for them.

His critics describe him as "a political radical who is to blame, in part, for the deterioration of race relations". Sociologist Orlando Patterson has referred to him as a racial arsonist, while liberal columnist Derrick Z. Jackson has called him the black equivalent of Richard Nixon and Pat Robertson. Sharpton sees much of the criticism as a sign of his effectiveness. "In many ways, what they consider criticism is complimenting my job," he said. "An activist's job is to make public civil rights issues until there can be a climate for change."


In 1971 while touring with James Brown, he met future wife Kathy Jordan, who was a backup singer. Sharpton and Jordan married in 1980. The couple separated in 2004. In July 2013, the New York Daily News reported that Sharpton, while still married to his second wife (the first being Marsha Tinsley), now had a self-described "girlfriend", Aisha McShaw, aged 35, and that the couple had "been an item for months.... photographed at elegant bashes all over the country." McShaw, the Daily News reported, referred to herself professionally as both a "personal stylist" and "personal banker."

Sharpton is an honorary member of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity.

Sharpton was licensed and ordained a Pentecostal minister by Bishop F. D. Washington at the age of nine or ten. After Bishop Washington's death in the late 1980s, Sharpton became a Baptist. He was re-baptized as a member of the Bethany Baptist Church in 1994 by the Reverend William Jones and became a Baptist minister.

During 2007, Sharpton participated in a public debate with atheist writer Christopher Hitchens, defending his religious faith and his belief in the existence of God.

Assassination attempt

On January 12, 1991, Sharpton escaped serious injury when he was stabbed in the chest in the schoolyard at P.S. 205 by Michael Riccardi while Sharpton was preparing to lead a protest through Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, New York. The intoxicated attacker was apprehended by Sharpton's aides and handed over to police, who were present for the planned protest.

In 1992, Riccardi was convicted of first-degree assault. Sharpton asked the judge for leniency when sentencing Riccardi. The judge sentenced Riccardi to five to 15 years in jail, and he served ten years in prison being released on parole on January 8, 2001.

Sharpton, although forgiving his attacker and pleading for leniency on his behalf, filed suit against New York City alleging that the many police present had failed to protect him from his attacker. In December 2003, he finally reached a $200,000 settlement with the city just as jury selection was about to start.

Indirect familial relation to Strom Thurmond

In February 2007 genealogist Megan Smolenyak discovered that Sharpton's great-grandfather, Coleman Sharpton, was a slave owned by Julia Thurmond, whose grandfather was Strom Thurmond's great-great-grandfather. Coleman Sharpton was later freed.

Thurmond was notable as the longest serving Senator (at the time of his death) who was a major advocate of racial segregation during the middle of the 20th century. Thurmond's illegitimate daughter, Essie Mae Washington-Williams, stated she would welcome Sharpton to the family if a DNA test shows he is a relative. In an interview, Sharpton said he has no plans for the DNA test to see if he is related.

The Sharpton family name originated with Coleman Sharpton's previous slave-owner, who was named Alexander Sharpton.

Weight loss
After being obese for decades, Sharpton lost over 100 pounds in the four and a half years ending October 2014.

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Madea va en prison, 1h43
Réalisé par Tyler Perry
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Policier
Thèmes Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre
Acteurs Keshia Knight Pulliam, Derek Luke, Tyler Perry, Robin Coleman, Viola Davis, David Mann
Rôle Lui-même
Note44% 2.2089452.2089452.2089452.2089452.208945
Un peu trop encline à créer des problèmes, Madea se retrouve en prison, où elle porte secours à Candy, une co-détenue qui a des problèmes avec une dénommée Big Sal.
Street Fight, 1h23
Réalisé par Marshall Curry
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Documentaire
Thèmes Documentaire historique, Documentaire sur la politique, Politique
Acteurs Spike Lee, Al Sharpton
Note78% 3.9425053.9425053.9425053.9425053.942505
The film details the hard-fought mayoral campaign by a young community activist and City Council member (Cory Booker) against a 16-year incumbent mayor (James) with a powerful political machine. The documentary follows Booker and several of his campaign workers from their early days of door-knocking on Newark streets through the campaign's dramatic conclusion.
Les Aventures de Mister Deeds, 1h36
Réalisé par Steven Brill
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Comédie romantique, Romance
Acteurs Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder, Peter Gallagher, Jared Harris, Allen Covert, Erick Avari
Rôle Lui-même
Note57% 2.8995452.8995452.8995452.8995452.899545
Deeds, un jeune homme naïf, fait l'admiration de la population de Mandrake Falls en récitant ses poèmes pour le moins étranges. Mais il hérite un jour de son oncle, dont il ignorait l'existence, d'un empire industriel de 40 milliards de dollars ! Il se retrouve alors à New York au cœur d'un univers dont il ignore les règles.
Malcolm X
Malcolm X (1992)
, 3h13
Réalisé par Spike Lee
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Biographie, Historique
Thèmes Assassinat, Politique, Le racisme, Politique
Acteurs Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Albert Hall, Al Freeman, Jr., Delroy Lindo, Spike Lee
Rôle Orateur
Note76% 3.8488653.8488653.8488653.8488653.848865
Le film débute par une séquence où on voit un drapeau américain consumé par le feu et coupé par la mondialement célèbre vidéo amateur de George Holiday montrant le tabassage de Rodney King par la police de Los Angeles. On entend ensuite la voix-off de Denzel Washington dans le rôle de Malcolm X condamnant avec colère l'Amérique Blanche. « Le rêve américain connais pas, nous vivons chaque jour, le cauchemar américain ! » Le drapeau américain se change en lettre X.