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Aachi Manorama est une Actrice et Playback Singer Indienne née le 1 janvier 1937 à Mannargudi (Inde)

Aachi Manorama

Aachi Manorama
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Nom de naissance Gopishantha
Nationalité Inde
Naissance 1 janvier 1937 à Mannargudi (Inde)
Mort 10 octobre 2015 (à 78 ans)
Récompenses Padma Shri

Gopishantha (1937 – 10 October 2015), better known by her stage name Manorama, also called as Aachi, was a Tamil actress who had appeared in more than 1,500 films, 5,000 stage performances, and several television series until 2015. She entered the Guinness World Records for acting in more than 1000 number of films in 1985. By 2015, she had acted in more than 1,500 films. She was a recipient of the Kalaimamani award, Padma Shri (2002), National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in film Pudhiya Padhai (1989), and Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award – South (1995).

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(164 films)
(97 films)
Sivaji Ganesan
Sivaji Ganesan
(83 films)
(77 films)
(66 films)
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Vivasayi (2019)
, 2h35
Genres Action, Romance
Acteurs M. G. Ramachandran, Aachi Manorama, K. R. Vijaya, Muppalaneni Shiva, Nagesh, Manorama
Note64% 3.243633.243633.243633.243633.24363
Somewhere in the Tamil country, in one of its vast green campaigns... Muthaiya (MGR), a young agronomist and a farmer, full of ingenuity, a high integrity, a worker and a pride of his parents, the rich big landowner, The Pannaiyar Duraiswamy (Major Sundarrajan) and of his wife, devoted Sivagami (S. N. Lakshmi), revolutionize the exploitation of his father, by applying new methods of sowings.
Chennai Express, 2h21
Réalisé par Rohit Shetty
Origine Inde
Genres Drame, Thriller, Comédie, Comédie romantique, Action, Romance
Thèmes La musique, Transport, Le train, Musique, Bollywood
Acteurs Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Sathyaraj, Aachi Manorama, Nikitin Dheer, Priyaman
Rôle Aunt
Note61% 3.051093.051093.051093.051093.05109
Rahul est un célibataire d'une quarantaine d'années qui vit à Mumbai avec ses grands-parents. Quand il embarque dans le Chennai Express qui le conduit dans le sud de l'Inde pour disperser les cendres de son grand-père qui vient de mourir, il est confronté à des différences de langue et de mode de vie ainsi qu'à la mafia locale. Fort heureusement, la charmante et déterminée Meena l'aide à surmonter ces difficultés.
சிங்கம் II, 2h45
Réalisé par Hari
Genres Drame, Thriller, Comédie, Action, Policier
Acteurs Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani, Amala Paul, Vivek, Radha Ravi
Rôle Kavya's grandmother
Note63% 3.198483.198483.198483.198483.19848
Doraisingam comissaire adjoint de la ville de Chennai se voit attribuer une nouvelle mission, celle d'enquêter sur les traffics d'armes qui se déroulent en dehors de l'Inde. L'officier de police à l'ascension fulgurante sera-t-il à la hauteur des attentes de ses supérieurs ?
Irumbukkottai Murattu Singam, 2h20
Réalisé par Chimbu Deven
Genres Comédie, Western
Acteurs Raghava Lawrence, Padmapriya, Raai Laxmi, Kaadhal Sandhya, Nassar, Sai Kumar
Rôle Keluthi Amma
Note57% 2.856652.856652.856652.856652.85665
The town of Jayshankarapuram, home of Tamil-speaking cowboys, is ruled by a one-eyed tyrant Kelakku Kattai (Nasser) (literally "Eastwood"), who rules over other villages as well, and is always surrounded by his assistants, a cowgirl named Pakki (Lakshmi Rai) and an outlaw named Ulakkai (Sai Kumar). In order to free their town from Kattai's rule, four men (played by Mouli, Ilavarasu, Ramesh Khanna and Vaiyapuri) travel to a neighboring town Sholaypuram to seek out a savior.
Singam (2010)
, 2h39
Réalisé par Hari
Origine Inde
Genres Drame, Comédie, Action, Policier
Thèmes La musique, Musique
Acteurs Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Prakash Raj, Nassar, Aachi Manorama, Vivek
Rôle Kavya's Grandmother
Note68% 3.4486553.4486553.4486553.4486553.448655
The film begins in Nallur, a small village in Thoothukudi district in southern Tamil Nadu. Duraisingam (Suriya), is the honest police sub inspector of Nallur, assisted by his bumbling colleague Erimalai (Vivek). He belongs to Nallur with his father having a respectable status in the village. His family business is provision stores and Duraisingam wants to join it, but he joined police due to his father's wishes. He resolves most of the problems in his village with non-violence and mutual counselling. He uses force only when the situation demands it, thereby gaining much reputation and love from the villagers. Mahalingam (Nassar) is an industrialist in Chennai and a friend of Singam’s father (Radha Ravi). He comes to the village with his beautiful daughter Kavya (Anushka Shetty). Eventually Singam and Kavya fall in love with each other.
Pen Singam
Pen Singam (2010)

Acteurs Uday Kiran, Meera Jasmine, Kovai Sarala, Aachi Manorama, Richard Rishi, Santhanam
Note42% 2.1448352.1448352.1448352.1448352.144835
A young man named Surya is friends with a man named Nagendran. Surya runs into a problem with Simha Perumal and the gang. Nagendran made a speech about a woman way of getting married off with no dowry, a woman way of getting married is education. So Mythilli falls for Nagendran.Mythilli is a rich woman of an inherited father. Surya and his mother helps Nagendran get married. On the first night of Nagendran and Mythilli, Nagendran demands Mythilli to give him money. Mythilli is shocked to find out that he is not the man of her dreams. Mythilli made a cheque but cancelled the cheque, so Nagendran blackmails Mythilli using the pictures. Surya is shocked that Nagendran is a bad friend all his life. Nagendran invites Simha and his gang for a drinking party. So Mythilli called Surya to stop him. There Nagendran and Mythilli started to fight.In the meanwhile Simha's gang shut down the power and Mythilli was on the floor shot in the head, and in Surya's hand there was a gun.Surya was confused how did the gun get in his hand. Surya is accused of shooting Mythilli. Meghala is on the case of Mythilli's death.
A Aa E Ee
A Aa E Ee (2009)

Acteurs Prabhu, Cochin Haneefa, Navdeep, Aachi Manorama, Aravind Akash, Monica (a) M. G. Rahima

Subramaniam (Prabhu), an Ayurvedic physician is a much respected man in his village. His only daughter Anita (Monica) returns home from Chennai after completing a course in fashion designing. Having lost her mother at a very young age, Anita is close to her father and they share a special bond. Soon Anita’s marriage is fixed with Ilango (Arvind), son of Vedachalam (Haneefa).
Arundhati (2009)

Genres Thriller, Fantasy, Horreur
Thèmes Religion, Fantômes
Acteurs Anushka Shetty, Sonu Sood, Aachi Manorama, Arjan Bajwa, Sayaji Shinde, Manorama
Rôle Chandramma
Note73% 3.6949953.6949953.6949953.6949953.694995
Arundhati (Anushka Shetty) is the great-granddaughter of the Raja of Gadwal, Mahasamsthan. Arrangements are being made for her marriage. Arundhati is the first female to be born since her great great grandmother and is especially revered in the family. Her grandfather, the head of the family, talks to her with respect as if she were older than him. She receives a misleading phone call in her fiance Rahul's (Arjan Bajwa) voice asking her to come to the fort of Gadwal, where she faces a horrible revelation. Learning the story from an aged servant maid, Chandramma (Manorama), Arundhati comes to know that she is a look alike of her great-grandmother Arundhati/Jejjamma.
Laadam (2009)

Réalisé par Prabhu Solomon
Acteurs Charmi Kaur, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Babu Antony, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Aachi Manorama
Note59% 2.9716152.9716152.9716152.9716152.971615
The plot is a lift from the highly rated comedy crime/thriller English Movie "Lucky Number Slevin". The plot has been indianized to make it relevant to Indian audiences. Everything else in the movie is similar except for the motive of the killings. There is no role for Bruce Willis Character in Laadam. Charmi's character is based on Korean flick 3-Iron.
സീതാ കല്യാണം
Réalisé par T. K. Rajeev Kumar
Genres Romance
Acteurs Jayaram, Bheeman Reghu, Jyothika, Geetu Mohandas, Siddique, Bindu Panicker
Rôle Sreeni's Mother
Note44% 2.204682.204682.204682.204682.20468
Sreeni (Jayaram), a simpleton has a high paying job in Bangalore. His mother, who is traditional to the core, is looking for the perfect match for him. Sreeni is a butt of the joke among his female colleagues and they tease him by pretending to flirt with him. The leader among them is Nimisha (Jyothika). Their relationship is purely platonic. Meanwhile, his mother succeeds in finding a traditional girl in Abhirami (Geethu Mohandas); brought up in an Aghraharam.
Krishnarjuna, 2h34
Réalisé par P. Vasu
Genres Drame, Comédie, Romance
Acteurs Akkineni Nagarjuna, Mamta Mohandas, Manchu Vishnu, Mohan Babu, Nassar, Hanumantha Rao
Note39% 1.958331.958331.958331.958331.95833
A mentally unstable pregnant woman runs inside a temple and closes the door. She gives birth to a boy at the feet of Lord Krishna’s idol and breathes her last. The doors of the temple are closed, as people believe that the birth of such a woman's child in 'garbhagudi' is a bad omen. The boy, named Arjun (Manchu Vishnu), grows up under the guardianship of his grandmother (Manorama). He goes to work as a bodyguard to Satya (Mamta Mohandas), the sister of landlord Pedababu (Nassar). Arjun and his grandmother live in the outhouse of Pedababu’s bungalow. Arjun is ill-treated by everyone. When an astrologer says that Satya’s first husband will be killed and she will live happily with her second husband, Pedababu plans to get Satya married to Arjun first. Then, he conspires to kill him and get Satya married to a rich man. However, Lord Krishna (Nagarjuna Akkineni) comes to Arjun's assistance. Arjun gains some powers from his companionship with the Lord and overcomes the evils that threaten his peace and family life. He also succeeds in reopening the doors of the temple. Arjun then dies by jumping off a tall building because of his faith in Lord Krishna who revives him a minute after his death. The film ends on a happy note.
Aalwar (2007)
, 2h42
Genres Thriller, Action
Acteurs Ajith Kumar, Asin Thottumkal, Keerthi Chawla, Aachi Manorama, Vivek, Lal
Note31% 1.572571.572571.572571.572571.57257
Aalwar is a traditional priest. He is devoted to his mother and sister. But the villainous elements Lal, Vincent Asokan, kill the sister and mother. Aalwar, with revenge ringing in his mind, ends up as Shiva the killer, even while working as a ward boy in a hospital. Shiva is out to make a statement against the venal forces. He sees himself as some kind of avatar — in fact, he bumps off the baddies under the get-up's of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. In climax, Shiva turns up as Lord Narasimha and bumps off the last villain by placing him on his thighs and ripping apart his bowels and chest with his sharp claws.
Réalisé par Gnana Rajasekaran
Genres Drame, Biographie
Acteurs Sathyaraj, Jyothirmayi, Kushboo Sundar, Chandrasekhar (Tamil actor), Aachi Manorama, Vennira Aadai Nirmala
Note82% 4.1312254.1312254.1312254.1312254.131225
The film details the life of Periyar right from a childhood to his marriage to Nagammal to his pilgrimage to Kashi which changed his life where he understands the cruelty of the Hindu Caste System that only Brahmins are welcomed and he was refused meals at choultries which exclusively fed Brahmins forbidding other Hindu castes. Having starved severely, Periyar found no other better way than to enter a choultry disguises himself with the appearance of a Brahmin wearing a thread on his bare chest but it is found out and is disgusted with life in Kashi. Periyar returns and joins his father's business and later becomes the Chairman of the Erode Municipality. Later, which he resigns from this post and joins the freedom struggle. He becomes the President of Congress party of Madras Presidency. Later he quits the Congress party and joins the Justice Party. He goes on to format the DK. His role in the Anti-Hindi agitation and Vaikom struggle. His second marriage and the formation of the DMK. It covers his entire life till death.
Réalisé par Priyadarshan
Thèmes Féminisme, Politique, Buddy movie
Acteurs Jyothika, Tabu, Sharbani Mukherji, Lakshmi Narayan, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, Major Ravi

Josephine (Jyothika), her best friend Radhika (Sharbani Mukherjee) and their friends are pranksters in a ladies' college. Like other college girls, they sing songs, break rules and wreak havoc. They also have a grudge against Gita, another girl from the college.
தாமிரபரணி, 2h34
Réalisé par Hari
Genres Drame, Action
Acteurs Vishal, Muktha, Aachi Manorama, Prabhu, Nadhiya, Rohini
Rôle Thangapazham
Note60% 3.0026553.0026553.0026553.0026553.002655
The story is centred on Bharaniputran (a.k.a. Bharani). This loud, angry young man, who doesn’t mind letting his fist fly furiously, is totally in awe of his uncle Saravanaperumal. Bharani and his mother Pechchikani live with Saravanaperumal and his mother Thangapazham. The villagers just venerate this big family in a huge way.