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Mortimer Folchart

Mortimer Folchart
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Mortimer "Mo" Folchart is a fictional character in Cornelia Funke's Inkheart trilogy. He is a bookbinder and has the ability to bring fictional characters to life in the "real world" by reading aloud from books. He has a daughter named Meggie who also has the talent to bring characters out of books. His wife, named Resa, had spent some years in Inkworld when sucked into the book Inkheart. Mo is portrayed by Brendan Fraser in the Inkheart film. Funke has said that she wrote the character with Fraser in mind. Fraser provides the voice for the Inkheart audiobooks.


In the books
In Inkheart, Mo has a small house with his daughter Meggie. One night Dustfinger arrives and warns Mo about Capricorn. They drive to Elinor's house and Mo entrusts Inkheart to her. One night Capricorn's men come and capture Mo to take him to Capricorn. He is thrown in a bare house and later is reunited with Meggie and Elinor. They are rescued by Dustfinger and they go to find Fenoglio. He returns to Capricorn's village again only to discover Meggie has been captured. At the end of the novel, Mo runs out to Meggie and finishes Fenoglio's words, thus killing Capricorn. Mortola witnesses this and swears vengeance on Mo. Mo is then reunited with Resa and leaves to live with Elinor.

In Inkspell, Mo, Resa and Meggie are still living happily in Elinor's house. However, Mo is constantly arguing with Meggie on account of her live revolving around the Inkworld. Mo leaves for a week, to cure some books, but is soon called by a frantic Meggie when Farid arrives warning them about Basta. Mo resolves to come home that night. He becomes deeply distressed when Meggie reads Farid, and herself into the Inkworld. In the mists of the panic, Basta, Mortola and Orpheus barge in; Mortola is determined to take revenge on Mo for the death of Capricorn so decides to take Mo to the Inkworld where she believes Capricorn is still alive. So Orpheus reads Resa, Mo, Basta and the Magpie into the book but upon arrival it is clear Capricorn is dead. In her rage, Mortola shoots Mo in the chest, leaving Resa by his side. A moss women finds them and takes then to the secret camp of the strolling players. Mo develops a fever and is constantly visited by the white women. The players believe him to be the bluejay, a master thief. For this reason, Sootbird betrays them to the Adderhead.
Upon arrival at the castle, Mo is locked in a tower to recover, for the Adderhead has planned a special execution for him.
Meggie arrives and convinces the Adderhead that Mo can bind a book of immortality for him. After the book has been made. Mo strikes a bargain for the book in return for the prisoners to be free. The Adderhead agrees.
After receiving the book, the Adderhead writes Firefox's name in it and asks Mo to kill him, Mo refuses. Once Mo is allowed to leave, he picks up Firefox's sword. On the journey to the outlaws, they are ambushed, Mo fights and kills Basta. Back in the mines, the Black Prince, gives Mo the Bluejay mask.

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Cœur d'encre, 1h47
Réalisé par Iain Softley
Origine Allemagne
Genres Drame, Science-fiction, Fantastique, Fantasy, Aventure
Thèmes Inspiré de l'univers des contes et légendes, Magie
Acteurs Brendan Fraser, Eliza Hope Bennett, Paul Bettany, Helen Mirren, Rafi Gavron, Andy Serkis
Note61% 3.0522053.0522053.0522053.0522053.052205
Resa, Mortimer (alias Mo) et Meggie forment une famille heureuse, et sont férus de lecture. Mo possède cependant un don. En effet, lorsqu’il lit un livre à voix haute, les personnages et les objets issus de l'histoire prennent forme dans le monde réel. Mais ce pouvoir magique respecte le principe de l'échange-équivalent et lorsque quelque chose ou quelqu'un vient dans notre monde, quelque chose ou quelqu'un doit prendre sa place dans le livre.... Mo ignore qu'il détient ce pouvoir jusqu'à ce que Resa, sa femme,disparaisse dans le livre Cœur d'encre, laissant place à Capricorne, Basta et Doigt de poussière, respectivement des brigands et un saltimbanque aux pouvoirs magiques.