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Forgotten (2012)
, 1h50
Origine Taiwan
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Christopher Lee

Wei'an (Ruby Lin) and Pinzhong (Christopher Lee)'s marriage start to fall apart due to the lack of communication and personality differences. When Wei'an goes to meet Pinzhong for the couple's divorce negotiation, only to find the presence of his former lover, she storms out and gets hit in a traffic accident. Wei'an survives with some unexpected side effects: she has lost her memory, and reverted to the simple, endearing woman she was 10 years ago, reminding why he loved her in the first place...
Somewhere I Have Never Traveled, 1h36
Origine Taiwan
Thèmes Sexualité, Homosexualité, LGBT, LGBT

In a small lazy southern Taiwan port town, two lonely youths are desperate to escape their drab existence. The first half of the movie is humorous at times, with the child Ah-gui seemingly intent on being killed or maimed. Her father brings home naked mannequins in his drunken stupor, to replace the wife who left him. Ah-gui's world has always been different, and the adults around her don't know why. Her grandmother takes her to see a local shaman to find out why. The shaman says her spirit has gone, but it will return when she grows up. To Ah-gui the world is black, gray, and white and full of constant frustration. Testing at her school finally determines that she is completely color blind.
The Glass Box, 40minutes
Origine Taiwan

The Glass Box is based on the lives of two young women in Taiwan. Claudia is a 23-year-old North American who has reluctantly come to Asia with her boyfriend to teach English at a cram school. Yin-May, also twenty-three, was born and raised in Taiwan by her father in a fishing community on the island of Chijin. It compares and contrasts the two people from different cultures in an unusual set of circumstances.
Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing
Origine Taiwan

The movie centres around the lives of a speech-impaired army veteran and his adopted daughter. He works as a bottle recycler either buying used bottles or picking up discarded bottles with his tricycle wagon. He lives within a shanty ghetto part of the city with his woman companion who is dependent on him bringing back a bottle of saki every evening. He is affectionately known as "Uncle" in the ghetto.
Mother Mother, 2h
Origine Taiwan
Genres Romance

Yu Rou(Ruby Lin), a struggling mother who takes extreme measures in ensuring her daughter Xiao Hong (Ni Ni), who is diagnosed with Bardet-Biedl syndrome, to have good health. While working as a part-time taxi driver, Yu Rou eavesdrops on a conversation about the easy life of a rich man's mistress and decides to seduce the rich-but-impotent Jin Xiao Jie (Edison Huang)...
Let It Be
Origine Taiwan
Genres Documentaire
Thèmes L'environnement, Documentaire sur le monde des affaires, Documentaire sur l'environnement

This documentary records the lives of several old farmers (peasants) in Chheⁿ-liâu Village, Āu-piah (i.e., Houbi Township), Tainan County (now part of Tainan City). It generated discussion and debate in the Taiwanese civil society about the impact on agriculture due to its membership in the World Trade Organization.