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Journey to Self
Origine Nigeria
Thèmes Afrique post-coloniale
Acteurs Nse Ikpe Etim, Dakore Akande, Kalu Ikeagwu

The film tells a story of 5 childhood friends that converge at the home of the deceased Uche reading a series of letters she left that explains her struggles through life and eventually leading to their self discovery.
Lilies of the Ghetto, 1h24
Origine Nigeria

Ijaloko, an ex-convict and a ghetto chief, abducts five kids from his neighborhood: Johnnie, Small, Konkolo, Fryo and Bobo. He brainwashes them and induces them into using hard-drugs, thereby destroying all their humanity and turning them into a menace to society in order to achieve his wishes. Four of the kids die, one after the other. Johnnie, the luckiest of them all, survives and decides to quit being a gangster and go back to school. Ijaloko will do everything in his power to stop him.
Thy Will Be Done
Origine Nigeria
Acteurs Ramsey Nouah, Jide Kosoko, Mary Remmy Njoku

Thy Will Be Done is the story of Pius (Ramsey Nouah), a happily married pastor in charge of a large church in Lagos, Nigeria. But when his first wife (Mary Njoku) that he buried 7 years ago suddenly shows up, his world is thrown into turmoil. His present wife (Mercy Johnson) tries to fight her corner but Pius has a choice to make…between his calling and his wives; between old sins and new loyalties; between taking firm action and surrendering to God’s will. Weakened by guilt and overwhelmed by sensational revelations, nothing would have prepared Pius for how rapidly things would descend into violent chaos…for hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
ZR-7 :The Red House Seven
Origine Nigeria

The story is a classic life of boarding school adventure involving TJ with six of his friends while in 7th grade. The boys are initially shocked by all the hoops they have to jump in order to survive teachers, prefects, wicked seniors, dining hall food, thieves, cutting grass, washing toilets and all the other regular experiences anyone in a public Nigerian boarding school would experience. But when TJ and the boys accidentally see a man and two female students in a compromising position, what they do with that information is not their only problem in school, but the resulting scandal would change their lives far beyond their wildest dreams.
Iwalewa (2005)
, 2h25
Origine Nigeria
Acteurs Remi Abiola, Femi Branch, Khabirat Kafidipe

The film narrated the story of a young girl, Iwalewa who lot her parent at her earliest age but had to live with the agony of an orphan.
The White Handkerchief, 17minutes
Origine Nigeria
Acteurs Yemi Shodimu, Sola Asedeko, Khabirat Kafidipe, Idowu Philips

The film tells the story of a young village girl called Awero, played by Sola Asedeko, who lost her virginity as a result of rape before she met her childhood love, called Odejimi, whom she decides to marry. Odejimi must use a white handkerchief to evidence the virginal blood of Awero on their wedding night as required by tradition. Odejimi is disappointed when no blood is produced and this results in a war between the villagers of Awero and Odejimi.