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The White Handkerchief, 17minutes
Origine Nigeria
Acteurs Yemi Shodimu, Sola Asedeko, Khabirat Kafidipe, Idowu Philips

The film tells the story of a young village girl called Awero, played by Sola Asedeko, who lost her virginity as a result of rape before she met her childhood love, called Odejimi, whom she decides to marry. Odejimi must use a white handkerchief to evidence the virginal blood of Awero on their wedding night as required by tradition. Odejimi is disappointed when no blood is produced and this results in a war between the villagers of Awero and Odejimi.
The Narrow Path, 1h35
Origine Nigeria
Acteurs Sola Asedeko, Khabirat Kafidipe

The film narrated the dilemma of a young lady called Awero, Sola Asedeko who must choose between two eager suitors: Odejimi, a brave hunter and Lapade, a wealthy man but found herself in a mess on her wedding day with Odejimi.
Iwalewa (2005)
, 2h25
Origine Nigeria
Acteurs Remi Abiola, Femi Branch, Khabirat Kafidipe

The film narrated the story of a young girl, Iwalewa who lot her parent at her earliest age but had to live with the agony of an orphan.