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Voice of Silence, 1h9
Origine Iran
Genres Drame

Mir-Hashem is a young cleric whose wife has left him because of his angry creditors and his fertility problems. One of the creditors persuades Mir-Hashem to go for propagation and get the money from people.
The Fateful Day, 1h45
Origine Iran
Acteurs Ezatollah Entezami, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, Mehdi Fat'hi, Hamideh kheirabadi, Hossein Panahi

Abdullah is a young Christian who’s recently converted to Islam. He’s madly in love with a Muslim girl and has asked for her hand over and over again. On his wedding day to Raheleh, he overhears some tribesmen questioning the intentions of Imam Hossein by going to Kufa. And then a voice calls on him to help. He abruptly leaves the ceremony and goes from desert to desert in search of Imam Hossein to put his doubts to rest. And when he reaches Karbala on the eve of Ashura he discovers the truth.
Maryam and Mitil, 1h33
Origine Iran
Acteurs Hamideh kheirabadi

Maryam and Mitil is about Maryam who is a six-year-old girl, living in an orphanage who wants to experience life in a family to fill out the emptiness of her life. She has to face a lot of difficulties in order to depend to a great extent on her own determination.
Son of Maryam
Origine Iran

Rahman (Falsafin) Can is a milk delivery boy in a small village in Iran and is also the village's mosque crier. One day, he delivers some milk to the priest (Dergabrilian) living in the church on the outside of town. Amidst the villages preparations for Ashura, the priest's preparations for the Feast of Mary go unnoticed except by young Rahman. The young boy befriends the priest and spends his time sneaking his blind friend Davoud (Nainizadeh) into the church and helping the priest prepare for the feast, much to his father and grandmother's chagrin.