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Zui jie nan peng you est un film de genre Comédie réalisé par Wong Jing avec Andy Lau

Zui jie nan peng you (1989)

Zui jie nan peng you
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Durée 1h32
Réalisé par
Note48% 2.426552.426552.426552.426552.42655

Perfect Match is a 1989 Hong Kong romantic comedy film directed by Dennis Chan and starring Andy Lau, George Lam and Carol Cheng.


In the boardrooms and hallways of the fiercely competitive "Lok's Toy Company", where employees vie for the top management position while trading verbal barbs and romantic overtures. According to the passed director of the Lok's Toy Company, his properties were divided to his niece Lok Ka Kei and nephew Lok Ka Sing. However, Sing's share will be temporarily held by Kei until she marries. Sing then sends his followers to date Kei and hopes she will soon get married. However, all of them fail because Kei falls in love with the company's chief designer Peter Lai. Finally, after solving certain misunderstandings, Sing realizes his fault and decides to run the business on his own.


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Réalisé par Wong Jing
Origine Hong kong
Genres Drame, Thriller, Comédie, Action, Policier
Thèmes Sport, Le terrorisme, Arts martiaux
Acteurs Corey Yuen, Andy Lau, Alan Tam, Eric Tsang, Bryan Leung, May Lo
Note64% 3.2408853.2408853.2408853.2408853.240885
On the 25th Singapore National Day, the Daka Lama visits Singapore for an interview. However the Japanese Red Army terrorist group stages an ambush at Changi Airport and the religious leader is seriously injured. Big B, a vacationing triad member from Hong Kong, is also caught up in the attack and his girlfriend is also shot in the incident. Both are admitted to the same hospital and it is discovered that they both have the same type of rare blood type of which only three people have in the whole of Singapore.