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Work In Progress est un film avec Richard Wilson

Work In Progress (2000)

Work In Progress
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Durée 5minutes
Note68% 3.4112353.4112353.4112353.4112353.411235

Work in Progress is a 2000 ILM computer animated short film directed by Tom Bertino


A tall, thin inventor with a wisp of white smoke for hair (voiced by Richard Wilson) is in a large workshop with his dumpy, cigar smoking assistant (voiced by Tony Haygarth) working on designing and building a huge gorilla. The conversation between them explains to the user that the pair have created all of the animals on their world, but only with the help of a small girl; except for one, the chihuahuaraffe, a chihuahua body with a giraffe neck and head, which has severe stability issues resulting in it tripping over constantly.


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Note69% 3.496723.496723.496723.496723.49672
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Note69% 3.496653.496653.496653.496653.49665
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