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Why Horror? est un film canadien de genre Documentaire avec John Carpenter

Why Horror? (2014)

Why Horror?
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Why Horror? is a 2014 Canadian documentary by filmmakers Nicolas Kleiman and Rob Lindsay. A work-in-progress draft of the film was screened in August 2014 at the Fantasia Festival and the official final version was screened on 3 October 2014 at the Feratum Film Festival. The documentary explores the psychology of the reasons why people enjoy the horror genre and includes interviews by several well-known horror icons.

Funding for the film was partially raised by a successful Kickstarter campaign.


The documentary follows horror movie fan and journalist Tal Zimerman as he tries to look at the reasons why people enjoy the horror genre. The genre is globally popular and is present in a wide variety of formats such as films, books, music, graphic novels, artwork, and video games, yet reactions to it can sometimes be polarized and in some instances Tal feels that the genre's fans are misunderstood. At the same time, Tal is conflicted over how he can be "disturbed by gruesome imagery showcased in the news, but thrives on blood and guts found in movies, books, music, graphic novels and video games" and as such sets out to try to find how horror affects his mind. For his research Tal interviews several different people, from genre filmmakers and writers to scientists and psychologists, to uncover why people enjoy horror and how perception, traditions, and beliefs help impact how horror is perceived and displayed in various countries and globally as a whole.


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