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Vaniusha and The Space Pirate est un film

Vaniusha and The Space Pirate (1990)

Vaniusha and The Space Pirate
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Durée 10minutes

Vaniusha and The Space Pirate (Russian: Ванюша и космический пират) is a 1991 Soviet Russian stop-motion animation film by Vladimir Danilevich. This film was produced by Soyuzmultfilm studio.
The film is about The Friendly Newcomer from another planet.
The film is The Third Film of the tetralogy, which tells about the adventures of The Newcomer Vaniusha and his friends. Other three films called "The Newcomer in The Cabbage", "Vaniusha The Newcomer" and "Vaniusha and The Giant".


The Alien Prince arrives on Earth, He asks for help Vanyusha. The Space Pirate kidnapped The Alien Princess. Vanyusha with His friends help The Alien Prince and save The Princess.

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