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Tutto tutto niente niente est un film de genre Comédie réalisé par Giulio Manfredonia avec Antonio Albanese

Tutto tutto niente niente (2012)

Tutto tutto niente niente
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Durée 1h30
Réalisé par
Genres Comédie
Note52% 2.6081252.6081252.6081252.6081252.608125

Tutto tutto niente niente is an Italian film starring comedian Antonio Albanese as his famous character Cetto La Qualunque, a sleazy Southern Italy politician. Albanese also plays the roles of two other main characters: Rodolfo Favaretto, a racist secessionist native of Veneto, and Frengo Stoppato, an addict coming from a Catholic family. All three of them will become, despite a detention, members of Parliament thanks to a parliamentary immunity.
The film is a crowds portrait but not too much of Italy and its corrupt politicians.

It is the sequel to Qualunquemente.


He became mayor of Marina di Sopra (a small village in Calabria): now the corrupt and ignorant fugitive entrepreneur Cetto La Qualunque really wants to govern by doing nothing and relying on the support of his friends. But soon the police Cavallaro manages to trick him and send him to prison along with his entire gang, including the funny Pino "The Stranger" (as for the inhabitants of Calabria citizens of Apulia appear as non-EU citizens). In Veneto in Northern Italy, the manufacturer Rodolfo "Olfo" Favaretto (Antonio Albanese) dreamboat years, the project of unifying the Italian regions of Piedmont of Lombardia, the Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto by a long highway to the Austria. In fact, he, as a great secessionist what, he wants to bring Italy in the time of eighteenth century when Austro-Hungarian Empire dominated the entire North. One day he escort Venice in his bunker in a group of men blacks illegal dealing in the most inhuman in a speedboat guide for sea channels of the city, making them look like tourists not to be stopped by the police. When Rudolph arrives at his shipyard orders to illegal immigrants to get to work to build his "strap" (highway), but a black man falls from the roof of the yard and does not give any sign of life. Rodolfo to have no trouble really wants to put the body in a plastic bag and throw it in the channel, but the man is not dead and report it to the police. Frengo Stoppato (also Albanese) is a drug addict who lives happily in the Brazil until a call from the mother brings him back in Italy. It is a deception because the woman is arrested for forcing son to Catholic dune profound conversion, which should end with a beatification premature, i.e. before Frengo die, to be revered by all as a holy man.


Antonio Albanese

(Cetto La Qualunque / Rodolfo Favaretto / Frengo Stoppato)
Paolo Villaggio

(Presidente del Consiglio)
Fabrizio Bentivoglio

Lunetta Savino

(Mamma di Frengo)
Lorenza Indovina

(Carmen La Qualunque)
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