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Tom White est un film réalisé par Alkinos Tsilimidos avec Colin Friels

Tom White (2004)

Tom White
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Durée 1h46
Réalisé par
Note65% 3.281993.281993.281993.281993.28199

Tom White is the third film directed by Alkinos Tsilimidos. The film was released in Australian cinemas on 19 August 2004 and played until 1 September 2004. The film premiered on 31 July 2004 at the Melbourne International Film Festival. It was also screened at the Cannes Film Market on 13 May 2004; the Pusan International Film Festival (South Korea) on 10 October 2004; Australian Film Festival (Singapore) on 11 March 2005; the Commonwealth Film Festival (United Kingdom) on 4 May 2005 and at the Saint-Tropez Festival of the Antipodes (France) on 20 October 2005. The film was scored by Paul Kelly and the Boon Companions: Dan Kelly, Dan Luscombe, Peter Luscombe and Bill MacDonald.


Tom White (Colin Friels) is an architect who chooses to make himself hopeless. Outwardly, he has all the signs of a successful life — large home, loving family, successful career. However, it soon becomes clear that not everything is as it appears at work. Tom chooses a different path and cuts ties with his normal life. He has chosen the streets, where those he meets, in spite of their position, have enormous self-dignity—the rent boy (Dan Spielman), an ex-junkie (Loene Carmen), a gentle-but-manly tramp (Bill Hunter) and a 14-year-old graffiti artist (Jarryd Jinks). Tom goes on a personal journey of his own as he plumbs outsider society, yet he discovers his own Dignity and gains an understanding of who she is.


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